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A while back I ran a poll, more people voted for me to try this, so there you go. This is a re-writing of the original story "A Backwards Story" though with some changes. This is a test run to see if anyone is interested in me continuing...

If this story continues then it will be a rewriting of the anime.

So important notes:

1) Allen will be a girl in this one.

2) The 14th stuff in the past never happened. (this hasn't changed from the old story)

3) Mana will be taking Mightra's place as the Thirteenth.

4) Pairing will still be Poker Pair

It was a cold and windy December night, snow falling from the dark clouded skies above. The streets of the small Britain town were empty, except for one lone young man that slowly followed the only pair of foot prints in the freshly falling snow. Among the foots prints were drops of blood, the harsh red a violent contrast to the white of the fresh blanket of snow that covered the path before him.

The young gentleman's pace was even and purposeful, his black long coat buttoned up to the highest button, collar turned up to help ward off the winds chill, his white gloved hands pushed deep within the coats pockets. The young man's straight black hair now a mess from the biting december wind.

The man's posture was hunched as he walked further and further down the poorly lit street. The young gentleman was in his early twenty's and was ruff looking in appearance, and even though the young man displayed poor pasture, he still carried himself with a grace that fit a nobleman.

A tired sigh broke the silence of the cold December night. The young man turning his dull blue eyes up from the snow covered ground. His eyes following the path of uneven foot prints and blood trail to an old run down church that stood almost forgotten to his left.

The young man's mouth curving down into a cold frown as his feet slowly took him to the rotting wood doors, one door slightly agar, the only sign besides the foot prints in the snow that told him that someone else had been here.

The trail of uneven foot print and blood that he had been following led into the old abandoned church, and if the young man listened he could hear quiet sobs drifting out from the crack in the door. Apparently the one he had been sent after and sought refuge in the churches rotting and decaying walls.

Maybe the woman hand been looking for aid from her god, seeking protection from evil on holy ground. Or maybe she had sought out this place so she could beg for some kind of forgiveness for her sins?

But then, that didn't matter. No amount of begging or praying would save her from her fate, the young woman could call out to her God all she wanted and there would never be an answer.

He had his orders, and he had delayed for to long already...

The young man carefully placed a white gloved hand upon the old rotting wood of the already slightly open door, gently he pushed it open, the old wood swinging on its rusting hinges with little effort and surprisingly little sound. He slipped in through the opening and just as gently closed the door behind him.

There was no need to have what was about to take place heard by any who might happen to pass by.

His footsteps where loud to his own ears, the young gentleman slowly made his way toward the injured young woman. The woman laying half on the ground and half on the dais at the front of the rundown church. The woman's once blue dress was wet and stained with red, the wound in her shoulder bleeding heavily to where the young man had to wonder how she had made it so far with such much blood loss.

She lay on her side in an unconvertible position, clutching at the wound at her shoulder. The young woman's skin was now a sickly pale. Her gold colored hair wet and plastered to her face from sweat, her breathing coming in pained and short breaths.

None of it had any effect on the young man as he came to a stop before the obvious dying woman. The sight of the young woman's rounded belly however made the gentleman's own stomach drop. Children where always the hardest for him to deal with, and this woman looked to be only a few months along...

The life was draining from her quickly. The young man was grateful for this at least. At this rate he wouldn't have to kill her himself, he could just stand by and watch as her life-no, as their lives came to and end. The woman's terrified silver-blue eyes turned to him then, her almost blue lips pulling into a shaky smile, her body trembled and then everything seemed to drain from her.

"it's a…. demon… my punish…punishment…" she gasped out, "For wanting…wan…to see my…husband…again. I only wanted to …have…" the woman whispered horsily, her life fading from her as she forced out her last few breaths. The woman's body sagging lifeless against the cold floor of the rotting church.

The young man smiled coldly down at the body of the woman. She was dead and the Earl had nothing to worry about now. The young man didn't understand way the Earl had sent him after the woman in the first place. No one ever survived a dealing with the Maker.

It no longer mattered that an Innocence had supposedly interfered with the completion of the contract. The First could have been mistaken in what he had seen. The Earl had said that a white cloth type entity had wrapt around the woman and saved her from the Akuma that was made from the woman's husband.

The Earl had to be mistaken, because the young man couldn't sense any Innocence in the general area...

The young man sighed tiredly again and turned to leave the old decaying church. The man deciding to let the humans deal with the body, the Akuma skeleton had already crumbled since the contract wasn't completed. The young man started back up the aisle and back to the exit, the man only making it three steps before he felt it.

A cold electrifying shiver ran up his spine, the hairs on his neck raising, the feeling leaving him with a mellow simmering anger burning within his veins.


There was Innocence close by.

Very close.

The muted wail came then, a soft and pathetic cry sounding from within the pews to his right. He turned unbelieving dark blue eyes in that direction. His feet taking him cautiously closer and closer to the source of the cry, and there on the cold dirty floor of the old falling down church, was a new born infant. The infant girl was still wet from birth, and so very small, the baby at most five or so pounds. Her skin was a pale, but otherwise healthy, peach and her hair a snow white.

The young man stood there stupidly for what felt like hours as the infant continued to cry and wail, the sound seemingly filled with loneliness and sadness, the sound heartbreaking.

Though the gentleman's dark blue eyes didn't miss the black left arm the infant bore, or the pulse of green that was coming from the cross on the back of her tiny clenched hand.


This was the Innocence that the Earl had seen.

A parasitic Innocence to be sure. The young man had never heard of a human being born with an Innocence. The man somehow knowing that it shouldn't be possible. The young man also knowing just how significant this would be to the war.

The young man forced his suddenly heavy feet closer to the crying infant and slowly crouched down. His blue eyes narrowed as the man knew what would have to come next.

He would have to kill her.

The Order didn't need anymore Exorcists and the Earl would demand it.

He brought his hand forward, it starting to glow blue with power as he prepared to do what he knew he must. The young man reaching for the still wailing baby when his hand paused, the gentleman feeling his heart ache at what he was about to do.

Children where always the hardest for him, and the young man had to force himself to take a breath to steady his hand. The man resigning himself to having to kill this poor defenseless baby...

He could taste bile in the back of his throat rise as his hand started forward again.

The infant suddenly stopped wailing, her eyes opening just slightly to look right at him, like the infant had felt his presence and turmoil. Striking silver eyes looking up at him, the silver flickered to gold for a breath of a moment and then they were once again silver.

The young man paused.

A new feeling ghosted across his mind as the infant started to wail again, the young man finding a confused frown twisting his features. His glowing hand returning to normal as he moved to unbutton his black overcoat quickly, the young man then reaching out to lift the baby from the cold ground once that was done.

The new born infant's sad wails slowly starting to lessen as the young man held the baby against his shirt covered chest. The man wrapping the infant in the loose folds of his black long coat to help keep the infant warm and keep in his body heat. "Well, what do we have here?" he asked softly. "Your an interesting little thing aren't you?"

The infant cooed as her silver eyes closed, the infant falling asleep wrapt in the warmth of the young mans coat. The man's frown growing as a gloved finger traced the pinkish-red birth mark that ran from the baby's forehead to the bottom of her left check. The top of the birth mark in the shape of a upside down star...

A pentagram.

"What is that you have there, my dear Mana-kun?" a voice asked happily from the now opened doorway. The young man, Mana, turning his eyes to the one who had spoken. The young man surprised that he hadn't heard the old doors open.

The Millennium Earl stood at the threshold with that ever present grin on his face. His golden eyes looking at him through his small round glasses curiosity. Mana slowly and carefully made his way to the large man that waited patiently at the doors. Once he reached the Earl, Mana showed the infant to his waiting eyes.

The Earl's narrowing gold eyes peered at the infant for a long moment, then his ever present grin grow wider and more sinister. "Noah?" he spoke, his tone showing his surprise and pleasure.

"Yes, and Innocence…" Mana said as if the word left a soar taste in his mouth.

"Yes, yes indeed. Truly intriguing." The Earl mumbled in thought, rubbing at his chin. Mana holding the infant back against his chest when the small baby started to whimper at the loss of his body heat. The young man frowning deeper at the Earl, waiting and dreading the order to kill the infant that he knew would come any moment. The young gentleman subconsciously holding the infant girl closer as his eyes turned to the sleeping baby in his arms.

The Earl watching this with calculating gold eyes. After a moment of silence the Earl smiled at the young man with amusement. "The new addition to our family will need a name, don't you think Mana-kun?"

Mana looking up at the Earl with surprised dark blue eyes. "We're not going to kill the Accommodator?" Mana asked carefully, the man feeling hope growing within his heart.

"No, no, there will be no need. This child is also Noah after all." the Earl spoke again, appearing lost in thought as he turned to leave. "Now, bring her along." Mana shuddering at the other man's words. He could only imagine what Road would do to the poor infant when she saw her.

Mana continued to stand where he was as he watched the Earl walk away, the man unsure if he should speak up about 'the other thing' or not. the young gentleman's eyes returning back to look at the infant before looking back to the Maker. Mana then choosing to follow the other man out into the cold after making sure the baby was protected from the December chill.

He needed to ask, Mana needed to point out the very obvious thing the Earl seemed to be forgetting. "What about the Innocence..?"

The Millennium Earl paused, the rounded man turning to look over his shoulder for a long moment, if possible his smile pulling even wider. A white flash of light in front of the Earl signaled the appearance of an Ark gate. "It's of no consequence Mana-kun. Now, lets return home." The man chuckled, before he entered the white glowing gate.

The confused young man, and the infant in his arms, following a few steps behind.

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