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Spoilers: There will be some if you have not seen all of the anime.

Timeline: Six years after the first 2 chapters.

Pairing: Eventual Tyki Mikk x Ellen Walker

Warning: None

Original Story: A Backwards Story

So important notes:

1) Allen is genderbent in this story. So Allen is a girl.

2) The 14th stuff in the past never happened. (this hasn't changed from the old story)

3) Mana will be taking Mightra's place as the Thirteenth.

4) Pairing will still be Poker Pair, so Tyki/Ellen.

Her feet hung over the ledge of white marble, the young six year old girl curling her toes and lightly swinging her bare feet back and forth. Ellen's hands gripping the ledge as she sat as close to the end of the marble as she could, if she moved forward just a little (not even an inch) the six year would slip off her perch and fall. She would plummet down all eighty four stories of the tallest tower of Noah's Ark and to the white stone bellow.

The gentle breeze lightly tossing her short chin length white hair, young Ellen's silver eyes looking up from the ground that was so far bellow her, the girl's eyes raising to look out over the full expanse of her home. The young Fourteenth closing her silver eyes and taking a soft breath, the child listening to the melody that sighed into her ears on the warm breeze. Ellen feeling the beat of the lullaby thrumming beneath her hands...

The young girl wasn't afraid of falling, the Fourteenth knowing within her heart that she didn't have anything to fear.

The Fourteenth's lips twisted into a soft from when the six year old child feeling a door within the Ark open, young Ellen could hear it swing on its hinges and could feel it as three people stepped through the gate and boarded Noah's Ark. Ellen opening her curious silver eyes to look back out over the white town bellow her. So lost in trying to pinpoint which gate was being used, that the young girl didn't hear the door to the piano room open.

Ellen not hearing the even and slow footsteps approaching her precarious perch. The young girl not realizing that she was no longer alone within the piano room until a curious but conscious voice spoke up from behind her. "You shouldn't sit so close to the edge, Ellen-chan. You'll fall." The Millennium Earl's voice spoke up from behind her.

The six year old girl gasped, and turned swiftly. Ellen almost slipping from the ledge, but at the last second the white smooth marble beneath her seemed to shift just a little, allowing the white haired girl to keep her balance on its surface.

This phenomena going unnoticed by the Fourteenth, but not by the other person present. "Earl-sama!" The young Fourteenth gasped, and quickly stood and ran over to the rounded man, the child wrapping her thin arms as far around his middle as she could, Ellen giving him a welcoming hug. The girl barely not reaching his middle even when she stood on tiptoes.

The Millennium Earl chuckled and patted her head. The seven foot tall man not moving his narrowed and sharp golden eyes from the place that Ellen had just been sitting. Not until the girl took a step back and offered him a happy smile. Ellen happy that the Earl came to visit the Ark today, the man having been absent from the Ark for over three months with only short visits every few weeks. "It looks like you've grown a few inches since I last saw you Ellen-chan!" The Earl chuckled good-naturedly.

Ellen pouted at the other Noah's words, the girl feeling her pale cheeks heating. "I grew two inches..." the girl whispered, the six year old knowing that she was short and slight for her age. The young Fourteenth's right hand griping at and fiddling with the left sleeve of her long white, hand woven, soft robe. The black fingers of her left hand barely visible from the white sleeve. "Are you and father done with your 'outside business' now?" the girl asked timidly.

The Earl simply gave a lightly amused laugh, the man's golden eyes filled with mirth at the dismayed child that stood before him. The Earl lifting a finger and wagging it at her like he was going to scold her. "Two inches is better then no inches!~" The man sang in amusement as the six year old girl blushed a little darker, but nodded. "We're all done. Mana-kun just arrived-"

The Millennium Earl didn't get a chance to finish as the white haired girl gasped in excitement. "Father is back?" Ellen breathed out, her lips pulling into a wide happy smile. Her father having also been away on business for the Earl for the last two weeks, leaving Road, Tryde and Lulubell to watch over her in their absence. At least one of the three always kept her company when her father was away. Ellen giggled and ran passed the smiling Earl, only to turn back to grab her white shoes, then the child was out the still open door of the piano room without another word.

The young Fourteenth out the door and on her way down the many flights of stairs. The girl would then exit the tower and thats where she would no doubt wait for the Earl to join her, because the six year old child would realize that she didn't know which gate the Noah of Talent had used to enter the Ark.

Sure enough young Ellen stood at the entrance to the center tower looking like a lost and forlorn child. The Fourteenth turning hopeful silver eyes to the still widely smiling Earl, the First Apostle of Noah answering the child unspoken question with tickled amusement. "Gate 236, Ellen-chan.~"

Ellen smiled wider and was off again, the young girl barely taking a few moments to slip on her white shoes in the process and her hurry. Her baby blue dress brushing against her shins as she ran down the white paved street, the young girl instinctually knowing which streets to follow to reach her destination.

The young Fourteenth coming upon the last right that she would need to take to reach gate 236, her beloved father would be just around the corner and the six year old was so excited to see him! Mana had never been away from the Ark for so long and young Ellen missed him greatly. She couldn't wait to play her new song for him that she was working on since he left-

"So this is the fabled Noah's Ark?" A voice that the girl didn't recognize spoke up from around the corner. The new voice stoping the young Fourteenth from running around the street corner like she had planned. The six year old feeling an anxiousness twist her stomach into a tight knot at the realization that her father must have brought a newly awakened Noah to the Ark.

That must have been the important business that her father and the Earl had to take care of. The young girl remembering Road telling her that another Noah had recently awoken and that's why the Earl was going to be gone from the Ark for a while...

Ellen cautiously and timidly peeked around the corner of the last white building on the street she was currently on. The white haired girl first only seeing her father's back and the side of the other person that he was with, Mana Walker still wearing his black long coat.

Standing next to her father, and only a little shorter then the man, was someone that the girl didn't recognize. This new man was obviously the Noah that had just awakened, because Ellen didn't know him and he had the Noah grey skin and seven stigmata crosses on his brow. "Yes, there are over three hundred and fifty gates that are active at the moment. Than there are 'rooms'..." Her father said trailing off and turning to look in her direction.

His gold eyes looking around in wander, but then the man paused and seemed to blink in confusion, the man turning his golden eyes to also look her way.

They must have fell the presence of her Crown Clown.

The man looked to be fairly young (maybe somewhere around twenty-one to twenty-three?) and was dressed in a nice pair of black pants, a navy blue button up dress shirt, a nicely pressed black vest, and dark brown long coat that was just a little different style than her father's. The other Noah's long hair was a dark, dark blue and was tied back into a low ponytail, his long bangs that fell to his chin parted and framed his face in a well groomed style.

Her father also turning to face more fully in her direction, and once he had moved a little more, the young Fourteenth saw the third person that she had felt enter the Ark. The other man that stood behind her father was much younger than the other new gentleman. "Ah, that would be our Fourteenth." Mana said, in a pleased sounding voice. "Come over and introduce yourself Ellen." her father called her.

The young six year old felt a new wave of anxiousness surface, the child always found meeting the new members of her awakening family hard...

The young Fourteenth hesitated, Ellen remembering the last new member of the Noah Clan that she had met. The Noah of Wrath, Skin, had almost attacked her because of her Innocence. The six year old child could remember how terrifying it had been. The Earl had explained that was just the nature of Wrath, that it wouldn't happen again and that she was safe with her family, but Ellen couldn't shake her hesitance.

Crown Clown was always vibrating with unease whenever she met a newly awakened Clan member also, and that really didn't help with her own anxiousness.

"Come child, its rude to keep our new family members waiting.~" The amused voice of the Earl sang out from behind her suddenly. The child turning her wide silver eyes to meet the patient golden eyes of the Earl. The man ushering her around the corner and to the group of men waiting at the now closed Ark Gate.

Finally they came to a stop, Ellen's silver eyes glancing up from the curtain of white bangs that obscured most of her vision of the group before her. Her right pale fingers fidgeting and lightly tugging on the left sleeve of her white robe nervously.

The Millennium Earl walking around her to pat the first man that she had seen on the shoulder, "This is Sheryl Kamelot. The newly awakened Fourth. And this lad here," the Earl gesturing to the younger gentleman that Ellen hadn't really taken notice of because her father's taller frame had been blocking her view of him. Young Ellen finally looked up fully when she felt the reassuring hands of her father settle on her thin shoulders.

"Is his younger brother, Tyki Mikk. The newly awakened Third." The Maker of Akuma finished, sounding pleased. The six year old girl offering the two new members of the Clan of Noah a hesitant smile. The young Fourteenth taking note that the younger gentleman looked to only be around fifteen or sixteen.

Tyki Mikk and Sheryl Kamelot definitely looked like brothers, the family resemblance was clearly seem, but unlike his brother, Tyki's hair was a short unruly mess of loose dark purple curls. The younger man dressed in a simple button up white shirt, a dark brown pair of pants, and his black over coat had already been taken off and was hanging from his right arm, his hands in his pants pockets. His golden eyes watched her passively, the young man then offering her a friendly smile after a short moment.

Ellen quickly realizing that she was staring at the to new members of her family, the young girl blushing in shyness over her rudeness. Her hands taking a light hold of the edges of her baby blue dress and giving to two men a polite curtsy. "My name is Ellen Walker." The young Fourteenth stammered out, her father giving her right shoulder a proud pat.

"Ellen is my daughter." Mana said proudly, "She will be accompanying us as I show you around the Ark."

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