"Oh, you two know each other?"

I couldn't answer my uncle. Instead, all I could do was simply keep staring at you.

The woman that was standing in front of me was different from the one I'd met all those weeks ago in New York. Long gone were the ripped jeans, tank top, and sneakers. Instead, a designer dress and red sole shoes were in their place.

But it was your eyes, your hair, your voice — fuck, even your sweet scent that had me rooted to the spot, my teeth grinding and my fists tight with tension.

There you were, standing right next to my uncle, like you belonged there.

You looked so different, but at the same time, so beautifully the same.

"We met in New York once… a long time ago," you finally answered, your voice carrying a longing I wasn't sure if I had imagined or not.

I swallowed and rubbed the back of my neck. "Yeah, a long time ago."

You cleared your throat and turned to the woman next to you. "This is my adoptive mother, Sasha."

I look down to the woman in the wheelchair. She was very pretty, short wavy hair and sharp dark eyes.

"Adoptive mother?"

"I'm actually her aunt, but I adopted her when my sister and brother-in-law passed away."

I nodded in understanding. "Pleasure to meet you, ma'am." I shook her hand, noticing the dried skin and weak grip. "I hope you feel like home here."

My uncle grinned widely, and you gave me a thankful glance.

I put a smile on my face, while I was burning on the inside.

I was burning alive, because the one woman I had felt like chasing wasn't free to be chased.

She was married to the man that had given me everything.

Dinner was a pretty uneventful affair. Jay took the news pretty well, but later confided in me that he was gonna ask Jenks, our lawyer, to do a background check on you. I wasn't sure how to feel about it, so I simply stayed silent, not agreeing nor denying.

After all, how well did I really know you?

You keep sending me looks, and at one point, I thought I felt your feet bumping mine under the table. In that moment, the need to leave was pressing down on me, choking me. I knew I couldn't see you with him, because as much as I loved my uncle, I knew deep down I wanted you too much to stay away.

I was going to try, though. With every fiber of my being, I was gonna fucking try and beg whatever deity out there that was listening to help me get over you.

Unfortunately, it seemed like fate was in a mood to fuck me over.

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