"…Happy birthday to you!" we all sang along.

Birdy blew out the candles, and I clapped with the rest.

Suddenly, a glob of frosting was smeared on my cheek, and I gasped.

"You've done it now," I growled.

Birdy squealed as I grabbed her around the waist and smashed a piece of cake on her face.

"Edward!" Esme reprimanded, but the smile she was sporting was worth it.

I laughed, and my girl was quick to rub her cake-covered cheek against mine.

Wait… My girl?

Before I could process that thought, your laughed called my attention. Carlisle had smeared frosting on your lips, and he was leaning in to kiss you.

I looked to the side, not wanting to see.

I felt her hand in mine, squeezing and showing me comfort.

It made me smile.

"Here," Esme said, holding two plates with cake.

She looked so tired, and I let go of Birdy's hand for a minute to take the plates from her.

"Thank you."

Birdy's birthday had been a relatively calm affair. She had refused a party, saying instead she wanted a family dinner. With Jasper in town, she had been glued to his side since he had come home.

"I just want to spend my birthday with my favorite men," she had said, her message clear.

You weren't welcomed.

But alas, Carlisle couldn't ask you to leave. This was also your home after all.

But Birdy sucked it up. She was a gracious host too, handing out the cake along with Esme.

In spite of the lively affair, I could still feel the tension coming from Jasper. His sharp eyes were on my uncle all night, and there was something there ‒something in his face that screamed contempt.

"Ed, you gonna eat your piece?" Emmett asked, grabbing my attention.

"Of course I am!" I said, raising the plate high above my head when I saw his little fork near my plate.

"Aw, come on. Mae won't give me more cake. Can't you share?"

"Here. Have some of mine." You pushed half your cake onto his plate, earning a glare from not only Esme but from me, as well.

"Are you insane?" I screamed, picking up the plate before Emmett could dig in. "You know Emmett already struggles with his sugar levels. The last thing he needs is more sugar."

I looked around for Uncle Carlisle to back me up, but he wasn't in the room.

"Edward, it's just a piece of carrot cake," you said with a chuckle. "I asked the store to make it with Splenda, anyways."

"That's even worse," I said, pushing a glass of water into Emmett's hands. "And you didn't say anything about the frosting."

Emmett pouted, but he drank the water, knowing it was for the best.

"Fine! Be that way." You stood up and stormed out of the room.

I sighed and pinched the bridge of my nose.

"You shouldn't be mean to her," Emmett said in a little voice. "She didn't mean any harm."

I looked down at the little boy next to me, and I knew he was right.

Tossing my napkin on the table and giving an apologetic smile to both Birdy and Esme, I left the dining room to find you.

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