Love Gone Wrong

Chapter 1

Hey guys! Here's a romance story of Muiri and The Dragonborn! I'm going to make a few changes to the quest, 'Mourning Never Comes', by changing how the Dragonborn gets the mission. Also, she doesn't perform the Black Sacrament.

Hope you like it, and enjoy!

Bryan Side-Swing stepped into The Hag's Cure. He closed the door and walked down one staircase going down, then another to the right. He came around the corner to the left, and saw the shop's owner.

"Hello Dear, what brings you to The Hag's Cure today?" The owner greeted him.

"Bothela, right?" Bryan asked.

"Yep, that's me," She replied with a smile.

"I was wondering if I could buy a couple of small healing potions?" The Dragonborn asked.

"Yes, you may, let me go get them," she told Side-Swing.

He nodded while she moved around the counter, and his eyes followed her. Stopping on a stunning lady leaning on an Alchemy Table in a stall, arms crossed, looking down at the floor with a grim expression. Bothela disappeared from sight, entering another room.

Bryan stood there, mesmerized by her beauty, after a few moments, he snapped back into reality.

He couldn't help, but find himself curious, of what had her in this state. He walked over silently and leaned on the wall with his shoulder.

"Hey, Something wrong?" Bryan asked the young lady.

"Yes, very wrong," she replied, not changing her gaze.

"Is there any way I could help?" He asked.

"I don't know if you could..." She told him.

"Come on, try me," he said to her.

She gave a sigh, then looked at him.

The Dragonborn got a good look at her, then. Remembering her light blue eyes and her face paint. He knew it was going to scar him, but in a good way.

Before she could explain, Bothela stepped back into the lobby, carrying three health potions.

"You aren't trying to hook up with my assistant, are you?" She asked, laughing.

Both, The Dragonborn, and the girl blushed madly.

"Wait, What? No!" The assistant told Bothela.

"Uh, yeah," Bryan said, rubbing the back of his neck, "I was just...uh..."

Bothela laughed again, "Look at your faces! Anyway, Here you go, darling," she said, smiling and handing the potions to Bryan, who took them with nervousness.

He put them in a pouch on his waist, and pulled out his coin purse, giving Bothela the sufficient amount.

"Thank you, Ma'am," Bryan said to her.

"Anytime, oh, and take the kissing to another room, if you please," Bothela said as she began laughing again, heading back over to the counter.

"Bothela!" The Assistant told her, red flooding her cheeks.

"What, Muiri?" Bothela asked innocently, giving her puppy eyes as she leaned on her counter.

The Assistant shook her head.

"Come on, I'll explain in here," Muiri said, walking into the same room Bothela left.

Bryan followed.

Muiri closed the doors, and they turned to each other.

"Alright, so, what's the problem?" Bryan asked.

"This man, Alain Defont, I want him dead!" She told him, shouting at the end.

Bryan nodded, "Ok, and where is he?"

"He's in the ruins of Raldbthar. Along with his friends. I don't care for them, only for Alain to be slain!" She told him.

"May I ask what has happened between the two of you?"

She sighed once more, but not a irritated one.

"One night, I was in Candlehearth Inn, drinking my sorrows away after Nilsine's sister died. I was in a close relationship with them, until I met Alain. He was...handsome, and charming. But, He used me! And I fell for him! He used my relationship with the Shatter-Shields to try to steal several valuables of theirs, and when they found out, they chased me here to Markarth. He took my life, now, I'm taking his!" She explained.

(I think that was the Inn? I'm not sure.)

Again, Bryan nodded, "I understand now, is there anything else?"

"This isn't part of our deal, but, If you want to do it, I want Nilsine dead as well," she told him.

"I think I can do that," Bryan said as he smiled.

"I have these Lotuses Extracts if you can use them," she told him, pulling to small bottles of poison out to him.

He took them, examined the orange-brownish containers, then put them in a pouch, separate from his healing potions.

"Ok, I can make good use of these," Bryan said to her.

She smiled at him, but it quickly faded away. Something that took him back to his fantasies, but quickly got out of it.

"I should be back within the week, if not, I will try to make it," Bryan told her.

She nodded, "As long as you get it done, please."

He nodded back, "It'll get done, I promise you."

Once again, she nodded.

Both of them exited the small room, Bothela giving them a teasingly look.

"Nothing happened in there, she was just explaining something...personal," Bryan said to the older woman, stopping at the bar.

"It's ok, dear, I was only poking at the two of you," Bothela said to him, smiling.

He smiled back, "Well, thank you for the potions, I've got to run."

She nodded, "Be Careful."

"I will," was Bryan's response. He began making his way up the stairs with Muiri's eyes tracking him.

And there's one!

This is a Teaser, I will continue 'Love Gone Wrong', when I'm through with Mass Effect! Thanks for Reading, and please, leave a review!