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This is a one-shot word challenge prompt deal from FF Writer's Unite group. 'Coffee' was the basis.

Truer words had never been spoke. These were the simple pleasures in life.

These had been a couple of long days, then today... to top it all off. It was a rough reality.

This had not been how he wanted to spend his weekend, any weekend.

But this was exactly how he wanted to spend the rest of it as it were. Right here, sitting at this bar, Bones beside him. Even though he had made it clear this was his, the Squints could take the booth... tonight, that was okay. Tonight, he liked having her close.

Sid brought them their food and walked away after his words of wisdom were shared.

It was mostly in silence, but that was nice, too.

It wasn't until after they'd eaten, gotten a fresh mug of coffee each, that they fell back into conversation. It came easily, as it usually did with them, even when it didn't come to work.

He found himself smiling, despite everything, a lot through their talk.

When they finally decided to leave, Sid came over with a mug. "Coffee," he said to Brennan.

Bones help up a hand. "I'm going home and to bed."

The big man smiled.

Booth shook his head, leaning in to her. "Don't argue with the man," he told her, not for the first time.

She started to say something, but then just reached up to take it.

As they walked out, she got a phone call.

Booth gave her a knowing look.

"How does he..." she started, then again shut her mouth. Booth could see those Sid-related wheels turning before she told him she needed to get back to her lab and a different set came rolling in.