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Identity Part One

The doorbell rang loudly in Titans Tower, drawing the attention of the residents to the door.

Cyborg looked at the other Titans, "You guys expecting anyone?" He asked. The other Titans shook their heads. "Maybe it's free pizza!" Cyborg said excitedly, rubbing his hands together.

Cyborg ran to the door and pulled it open. Before him stood a man dressed in a suit holding a few documents.

Cyborg groaned, "Aw, man! You're not the pizza guy! What do ya want?"

The man adjusted his tie and in a businesslike tone said, "I am looking for a Mister Richard Grayson."

"Sorry, don't know anybody with that name." Cyborg said, looking confused. "I'll go ask the others if they know him."

Cyborg walked back to the common room. "Hey, guys, there's this man who wants to see a Richard Grayson. Any of you heard of him?"

"Oh, most certainly! He is the boy I saw in a magazine. They described him as having a lot of heat!" Starfire answered.

"I think you mean 'hot', Star." Beast Boy said.

"But that does not make any of the sense. He is not perspiring or sick!" Starfire said, looking bewildered.

"Uh, yeah, but it can also mean he looks handsome and sexy. Like you think Robin looks hot." Beast Boy said, smirking slightly.

"Beast Boy!" Robin hissed.

"What?" Beast Boy asked innocently.

"I think I understand now, friend." Starfire said, blushing slightly.

"So why did the man want to see Richard Grayson?" Raven asked, interrupting the other Titans conversation.

"I dunno." Cyborg shrugged. "I forgot to ask."

"Typical." Raven said, rolling her eyes.

Robin cleared his throat. "This seems very important. I'll go talk to that guy. The rest of you stay here." He said, walking over to the door.

A few minutes later, Robin returned with a package in his hand.

"What's that? Is it for us?" Beast Boy asked, jumping up.

"No! It's for me! I mean, uh, for someone I know." Robin said quickly.

"Lemme see that!" Cyborg said, snatching the package from Robin's hands.

"Hey! Give it back!" Robin cried, trying in vain to take back his package.

"You know this Richard Grayson guy?" Cyborg asked.

"Yeah! Uh, I mean, I know someone that knows him." Robin amended.

Cyborg shook out the contents of the package, ignoring Robin's angry protests.

There was a pause as the Titans looked at the documents and photos that dropped out.

"That face looks most familiar, does it not?" Starfire asked, squinting at the photos.

"Very familiar. But I can't remember where I seen that face." Raven said, also staring at the photos.

Beast Boy made a 'hmm' sound and picked up a photo. Then suddenly he laughed, "No way! It's Robin! Dudes, look at this!"

"That's impossible, Beast Boy! I mean, me, Robin, Richard Grayson, rich boy? Pff, don't make me laugh." Robin said, throwing his arms up at the ridiculousness.

"I am unsure of that, Robin. I can see a certain resemblance to the Richard Grayson and you." Starfire said.

"Except for the mask and hair, the two of you look alike." Raven said.

"That's not me!" Robin said angrily.

"Yeah, suure. Oh, wait! I have a better idea!" Cyborg said, grabbing another photo from the floor.

"What are you doing?" Robin asked cautiously.

"Scanning this Grayson person's face and your face." Cyborg replied, tapping his arm screen.

"Dude, don't even bother. I am sure that's Robin 120% positive!" Beast Boy said.

"Yeah, like that time you said giant chickens were attacking the city." Raven said sarcastically.

"And what about the time you said there was a zebra on my bed chewing my Starfire toy?" Robin supplied, receiving stares from the other Titans. "Um, see, uh, that's why you shouldn't trust Beast Boy's word!"

The rest of the Titans ignored him and continued watching Cyborg's arm screen.

Suddenly, Cyborg's arm beeped loudly.

"Hah! 100% Match! Richard Grayson is Robin!" Cyborg exclaimed.

"See? Told you!" Beast Boy said triumphantly.

"What wonderful news! I believe we have discovered Robin's secret identity! Please, friend Robin, can you remove your mask now?" Starfire asked.

"What?! No! I'm telling you I'm not Richard Grayson! Cyborg's scanner must have a defect or something!" Robin yelled.

"Hey! My scanners never have a defect! It's your brain that has a defect!" Cyborg retorted angrily.

"So, what do those documents say?" Raven asked, breaking up the argument before it can escalate further.

Beast Boy picked up a few papers and read out, "Richard John Grayson is nearly 17 years of age and must sign a few legal documents in order to obtain his inheritance. Therefore, he must …blah blah blah…register something…blah blah blah…due to the fact that he is the ward of Bruce Wayne."

"Hold it! You know Bruce Wayne?! The Bruce Wayne?! The richest man in the world?!" Cyborg yelled.

Robin opened his mouth to protest, but finally gave in and sighed, "Yeah, I'm Richard Grayson. Bruce adopted me when I was nine."

"So how did you figure out he's Batman? Or did he tell you?" Beast Boy asked.

The rest of the Titans looked at Beast Boy in confusion, save for Robin, who paled.

"What?! I never said Bruce Wayne is Batman or anything!" Robin said, hyperventilating a little.

"Didn't have to, dude. I knew you were Richard Grayson all along!" Beast Boy replied.

"A likely story." Raven said.

"Ha ha ha! Good one, BB! Pretending you're smart!" Cyborg said, cracking up.

"How did you know who Robin was? Did he tell you? Why did he not tell us?" Starfire asked, looking upset.

"I didn't tell anybody who I was! Beast Boy is just trying to look smart!" Robin said exasperatedly.

"Then how did I know Bruce Wayne is Batman, huh?" Beast Boy challenged.

"Oh, come on, Bruce Wayne, millionaire playboy, is Batman? Ridiculous!" Cyborg said, laughing again.

"How did you know?! Did you listen in on my conversation with Bruce?!" Robin said angrily, directing his question at Beast Boy.

"Wait, wait, Bruce Wayne is Batman?" Cyborg asked, finally stopping his laughing fit.

"Beast Boy is actually right for once?" Raven asked, looking surprised.

"Who is this Man of Bats? Does he have the appearance of a bat? Or a man who can communicate to bats?" Starfire questioned.

"Dude, I didn't even know you still talk to Batman. I heard you guys had an argument or something. Anyway, I know who you are because I did research on the Internet on all of you. You just have to put all the pieces together to figure out your identity." Beast Boy said.

"Did the Internet say what my identity is?" Robin asked, looking alarmed.

Beast Boy waved his hand. "'Course not, dude! You think the people on the Internet are as smart as me?"

"Then how did you know who Robin was?" Starfire asked.

Beast Boy sat up, looking serious for once. "Okay, listen closely. Number one: Robin and Batman are from Gotham. Number two: Batman needs money to build all his expensive weapons and the Bat cave. Number three: Bruce Wayne is rich and is from Gotham. Number four: Robin appeared shortly after Bruce Wayne adopted Richard Grayson. Number five: Robin can do acrobatics. Therefore, Robin is Richard Grayson and Bruce Wayne is Batman. Complete puzzle."

The other Titans were silent as they digested this information.

"There are also other bits and things that all fit in." Beast Boy continued. "For example, Bruce Wayne's parents, Thomas and Martha Wayne, were murdered by a mugger when he was eight. I think this would make him want to fight crime, you know. To prevent things like this from happening to other people."

"I never realized our identities were so easy to find out." Robin murmured.

"I don't think even I could've found out Robin's identity even if all the clues were right in front of me." Raven said, looking mildly impressed.

"I find it impressive that friend Beast Boy could decipher friend Robin's identity when we could not." Starfire said.

"So, Tin Can, what do you have to say, huh?" Beast Boy asked, smirking triumphantly.

Cyborg did not answer, but a female robotic voice came out from his mouth and said, "Information overload. Please wait for 5 minutes for information to be processed."

"Wait, you said you did research on all of us." Raven said slowly.

"Yup, you didn't think I would join a team without finding out who are my teammates, did you?" Beast Boy asked rhetorically.

This is Part 1 of Identity.