(Note: This story is purely fiction, and how I portray these actors, is not how they are in real life. They are both very nice boys!)

In a Parallel Universe, there lived two regular Twins, James and Oliver. In this Parallel Universe, It is not so uncommon for families to still do arranged marriages. The Phelps twins grew up next door to a girl named Laylah. Laylah, had known the twins sense she was born. Her mother, and their mother, were best friends growing up. The twins were 4 years older than Laylah; she was the only daughter of Michael and Jessica Lynch.

When Laylah was born, Michael and Jessica made a deal with the Phelps. When Laylah turns 18, she will marry their oldest son. Oliver, was older than Fred, by thirteen minutes, so it was he which Laylah was promised too.

Laylah and Oliver, grew up not knowing what was planned for them in the future.

Chapter One.

I grew up playing with the two boys next door, James and Oliver Phelps. James, was very nice to me, and we always had great fun playing games together. Oliver, on the other hand, was more like an older brother to me. He was always pulling pranks on me, and sometimes even making me cry.

One day, when I was only 9 years old, Oliver, waited until I was at the door of his house. I was coming over to play. He stood up on the above balcony, ducking down so he was not be seen. Waiting until I was in range. Suddenly, a water bomb fell on my head, but only, it was not filled with water. It was filled with bright, blue paint. It got into my eyes and it stung like crazy. I cried out, yelling for my mum, as I ran back to my house in tears. I was cleaned up and my mother took me over to the Phelps, so Oliver could apologise.

"Are you okay?" James asked me, as I stood behind my mother's legs. I did not want Oliver to see that I have been crying. There was Lumps of blue paint still stuck in my hair. James was always nice to me; unlike his twin brother.

I nodded and slightly smiled at him. 'Oliver, is a jerk, and I will never forgive him for this. He went too far this time.' I could see a smirk on his face, proud that he had made me cry. I avoided him as much as possible from that day on.

3 years later (at age 12) I was sent off too an all-girls boarding school. It was both my parents, and the Phelps idea. They thought that way I could not meet any boys, and it would give both Oliver and I space from each other to grow up. That way when I finished high school, and we meet again, it would give us a chance to get to know a more mature version of each other. Giving us a better chance of falling in love, so the arrange marriage would work.

The Phelps always went away on vacation whenever I would return from school for the holidays, so for the next 5 years I did not seem them once. I was sad about not getting to see James at all. I really missed him.

At Boarding School, I made lots of friends. We use to sneak out of the school at night, and go into the city nearby, on our bikes. It was a half hour ride.

There was a group of boys we use to hang around from the public high school, in town. There was a bit of flirting, but I was never really interesting in dating yet.

Taylor, was my best friend, she was nearly a year older than me, and in the grade above me at school. She was the most beautiful girl in school; tall, slim, with gorgeous straight brown hair, she made me feel very unattractive. In my final year, she had finished school, so I had to do it alone.

My graduation came along before I knew it. I was 17 years old, and heading back home for good.

"Mum!" I said excitedly, and hugged her tight, out the front of the airport. I had not seen her since midyear holidays. I gave my Dad a hug next, and he took my luggage to the car for me.

"I'm so glad to be home for good now," I smiled.

"It is good to have you home darling," Mum said, and my Dad nodded in agreement.

"We have some big news to tell you when we get home," Dad said glancing at my mum.

"Really what is it?"

"We will tell you when we are home sweetheart."

It was a 20minute drive home from the airport. I wonder, what possibly the news, my parents were going to tell me would be. 'Maybe Oliver moved away while I was at school,' I thought with smirk on my face. I had not forgotten how he treated me when I was a little kid. However, I was excited to be able to see James again, he would be 21 now. He was only 16 the last time I saw him.

My dad brought my luggage upstairs, and placed it on my bedroom floor. It was so good to be home, I smiled looking around my room. Nothing had been touched, since the last time I was home, I was happy about that.

"If you want to freshen up, or anything? Do it now, we are going over to the Phelps in about an hour," my father told me.

"What for?" I asked curiously.

"You will see," he left my room, and went back down stairs. I got changed into a nice black skirt, which came just above my knees, and a dark pink top that hung loosely over me.

I brushed out my long brown-blonde hair, redid my makeup, putting on simple foundation and black eyeliner. I never liked to go overboard with these things. I was always afraid people would think I tried too hard, when it came to my appearance. Maybe some times I did try too hard. But then, every girl wants to feel pretty every now and then.

About an hour later, we were walking next door to the twin's house. "How are you Laylah dear?" Mrs Phelps hugged me. "It's been so long since I last seen you."

"I'm fine, thankyou," I gave her a hug back, feeling a bit awkward as I did. I had not spoken to her in many years, after all.

"So today's the day for the big news?" Mr Phelps asked my dad, and he nodded.

'What are they up too?' I thought annoyed.

"Oliver, honey can you come here please?" Mrs Phelps yelled out from the bottom of the stairs.

I heard footsteps coming down. "We told Oliver the other week," Mr Phelps informed my parents. 'Told him what? What is going on here?'

Two brown haired boys came down the stairs; they stood next their parents. 'Wow! They have changed so much since I last saw them.' I was not sure which one was which, they were both extremely tall, and fit. One of them caught my eye more than the other. He had such a soft, friendly face, his short hair was spiked up, and he was very handsome. The other one was ok looking, but looked a lot rougher.

"Laylah, the day you were born we had made a deal with the Phelps. Your hand in marriage was promised to their eldest son, Oliver," My father told me.

I stayed silent, taking in what I just heard. It had too been a mistake; maybe I heard them wrong. All I knew is, that this could not be real.

"What?" was all that I had managed to say?

"This time next year, you and Oliver will get married. You have one year to get to know each other."

"I already know him! He's a jerk, and I'm not marrying him!" I spat.

"You will be marrying him, and you have no choice!"

I looked over to the twins 'God I hoped the handsome one is Oliver than,' I pleaded in my mind.

"Which one of you is Oliver?" I asked the Twins. To my displeasure the rougher looking twin stepped forward.