Chapter twenty: Final

James was out getting his suit for the wedding, and I was home alone with Oliver. I sat on the lounge and turned on the TV, not knowing what else to do. "What are you watching" Oliver's voice came from behind me.

I turned and looked at him with a frown, he looked tired, but not drunk for once. "Nothing" I replied to his question, and turned to face the TV again, flicking through the channels.

Before I could decide on something to watch the doorbell rang, I got to my feet. "I will get it" Oliver said walking past me to the front door. I sighed and sat back down on the lounge. What is up with him? I thought to myself. Oliver was acting a lot nicer to me than usual, and it was a little weird.

"Laylah, someone is here to see you" Oliver said as he walked into the lounge room, with a girl following behind him. I frowned at the person who stepped out behind him, it was Taylor.

Oliver looked between us, I looked angry, and Taylor had a nervous, guilty look upon her face. "I will give you girls a minute to talk" Oliver said before leaving the room, so now we were alone.

"Why are you here?" I asked her rather harshly, and she winced.

"Honestly, I miss you" She said looking down at her feet, "I know what I did was the worst thing a best friend could do, but just know I have felt bad ever since, and that I am so sorry, and I have wanted to talk to you for ages. Forgive me?"

She looked up at me, pleading me with her eyes to forgive her. I still felt angry at her. I thought about it for a second, I mean I never really was in love with Oliver or anything, and thanks to what they did together, I now get to marry the love of my life, James. So really I should be thanking her.

Truth be told, I was missing my best friend, when James and I got engaged I really wanted to ring her and tell her about it, but I was too proud to do that.

Taylor was waiting nervously for me to answer her. I walked over slowly to her, and threw my arms around her "Of course I forgive you" I said as she hugged me back, I could feel her body finally relax at my words.

"Thank you so much Laylah" She smiled as we pulled apart.

"Just don't go sleeping with James, he's mine" I joked, and she giggled.

"He's all yours love" She said sitting down on the lounge and I sat next to her "Where is James?" She asked.

"Getting his wedding suit fitted" I said, joining her.

"Oh. My. Gosh! Congratulations! When is the wedding?"

"This weekend" I informed her "How long are you in town for?"

"Not sure yet" Taylor shrugged "I am staying at a hotel not too far from here"

"Well, I would be honoured if you would be my bridesmaid" I smiled at her, and she beamed back at me.

"I would love to. I got to go buy a dress though" She got to her feet.

"Well, get something medium blue and ankle length. The wedding is blue themed" I told her and she nodded.

"Great, I will go now, and come back and show you"

"Wait a one second" I said and got up leaving the room. I went up the stairs and found Oliver sitting in his room, on his laptop, and to my surprise he still did not have a drink in his hand.

"Hey?" He said when he spotted me standing at his door.

"Hey, did you want to go hang out with Taylor while she buys a dress for my wedding" I asked him hopefully. Oliver got to his feet and smirked mischievously at me.

"Are you trying to hook me up Laylah?" He asked with raised eyes brows.

I shrugged and smirked "Maybe" I walked into his room and grabbed his arm pulling him out "You are going, and you do not have a choice" I pulled him down the stairs with me "You need to have a little fun, and I think Taylor likes you"

"Alright, alright, I will go" Oliver pulled his arm free from my grip and walked into the lounge room where Taylor was still waiting.

"Found you a shopping buddy" I winked at Taylor, and she blushed, looking up at Oliver.

I waved to them bye as they drove off from the drive way, Just as the left another car pulled in. It was James's car.

James hopped out and smiled at me standing in the driveway. "Who was that in the car?" He asked me, grabbing a clothing back out from the back seat, I assumed his suit for the wedding was in it.

"My friend Taylor"

James walked inside and placed his suit down on the table "I thought you hated her for sleeping with Oliver?"

"It would be silly for me to hate her, for sleeping with someone that I don't love"

"Good point" James kissed my cheek.

"Oliver has gone with her to get a dress for the wedding" I told James and he frowned.

"Why?" He asked grumpily.

"Thought he could use a date, help him get over everything and have some fun, maybe stop his drinking. Besides, Taylor and him are very alike, they might start seeing each other more often" I winked and James laughed.

"At least that would get him off our backs" James pulled me close to him and pressed his soft lips up against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him back, and smiled into the kiss.

"I love it when you kiss me" I mumbled, closing my eyes, enjoying being in James arms.

Tomorrow was the wedding, the back yard of the house was all set up, ready for tomorrow. Taylor and Oliver had been spending the last few days together, and I had not seen Oliver pick up a drink once since she has been here.

"I think your plan is working" James whispered in my ear, as we all ate dinner at the dining table, watching as Oliver, and Taylor laughed together. Taylor was staying the night, tonight to make it easier to get ready for the wedding in the morning.

"I am great at match making" I smirked. I leaned over closer to James and whispered in his ear "Maybe you should talk to Oliver tonight. He is your brother, and I know he has been an arse the last few months, but it is time you too make up and move on"

James sighed "I will talk to him after dinner"

I nodded and smiled, happy with how everything seemed to be coming together nicely. I had a great fiancé, soon to be husband, and I had my best friend again. Hopefully by the end of the night, James will have his brother again as well.

After dinner, Taylor and I went up to my bedroom with a bottle of wine and two glasses, to have a drink together before my big day.

We sat on my bed and Taylor pours to glasses of wine "Are you nervous?" She asked me as she handed me the glass of yellow wine.

I nodded taking a sip from my drink "Heaps nervous. What if I trip or something walking down the aisle" I giggled.

"Well, I will be right behind you, too catch you" She laughed, and I joined in. As we drank the bottle of wine, and catched up on the last few months, I wondered how things were going with Oliver and James.

My question was soon answered as there was a knock at my bedroom door. "Hello ladies, mind if we join you?" Oliver asked, as James opened my bedroom door. They both had smiles on their faces.

"We would love that" I invited the brothers in. James sat next to me on my bed, and Oliver joined Taylor, who blushed as Oliver placed his arm around her shoulder.

"So Oliver is going to be my best man for tomorrow" James told me smiling over at his brother.

"That's great news" I beamed.

The four of us had a drink together, before we all went to bed. Taylor winked at me before she left my room, telling me that Oliver had offered her to sleep in his room with him tonight. I rolled my eyes at her with a laugh "have fun" I teased as she left.

James and I slept in separate rooms tonight, as he was not allowed to see me in the morning before the wedding.

First thing in the morning, Taylor, my mum, and James's mum where in my room, helping me get ready for the wedding.

My mum was great with hair and she did it for me. Taylor did my makeup for me, while James's mum assisted with everything.

I stood in front of my floor length mirror, butterflies in my stomach as I looked at myself in my wedding dress. I had to admit I looked and felt very beautiful today. Mum had put my hair half up and curled it. My makeup was simple, but still made my eyes stand out so much.

"Thank you so much" I smiled at the girls, as they all finished getting ready. My mother hugged me "I can't believe my baby girl is all grown up and getting married"

"Don't cry mum, you will smudge your make up" I laughed and hugged her back as she used a tissue to wipe away the stray tears of happiness.

"Alright girls, it is time" Mrs Phelps said and we walked out of my room and down the stairs. I waited until we were at the bottom of the stairs before I put my high heels on. I inhaled deeply as my mum and Mrs Phelps, gave me a hug before they went outside to take their seats before the wedding.

"You look beautiful darling" My father smiled at me as he walked out of the lounge room. He linked his arm with mine and I smiled up at him "Ready?" He asked and I nodded, putting on my blue tiara that matched Taylor's dress, with a vale that hung down over it, covering my face.

Taylor stood behind us as the doors to back open up and revealed family and friends sitting on white chairs, with blue ribbons tied around them, which were placed either side of the white carpet place down the centre.

At the end of the carpet I could see James standing with his brother beside him with a smile on his handsome face.

The wedding music began to play, we had a band playing, instead of having the wedding tune played on piano. It gave it a more of a rock tune to it, something both James and I agreed on.

Everyone stood from their seats and we made our pace down the aisle, every step sending nervous butterflies flying in my stomach.

James reached his hand out for me as we reached the end, and my father smiled handed me over to him. The music stopped and everyone sat down again, waiting for the minister to start talking.

James and I stood face to face, holding each other hands, while Taylor and Oliver stood either side of us. This was it, I was about to be married to love of my life. From the look on James face I could see I was not the only nervous one.

"I love you" James mouthed to me as the minister spoke. I was too busy eyeing off how handsome James looked, that I was not really hearing any word the minister was saying.

"I love you too" I mouthed back to James, as the minister cleared his throat getting our attention.

"I said do you, Laylah Lynch, take this man to be your husband?" This minister asked again, and I blushed.

"I do"

"And do you, James Phelps, take this woman to be your wife?"

"I do"

James and I exchanged rings, as the minister continued to talk "I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride"

James lifted my vale as everyone in the crowd stood up and cheers. James pulled me in close to him pressing his lips, up against mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck kissing him back with just as much passion.

"You look, so beautiful" James smiled at me as we pulled apart. I blushed and hugged him.

James and I signed our wedding certificate, while people took pictures. Straight away, people began setting up for the wedding reception. Tables were set up where the wedding was just held. Many people were hired for the day to do the setting up and the cooking, and serving of drinks.

We took our seat at the long table that was placed in front of the other many round tables. Food was served, roast chicken or fish was the choices, and drinks were served.

Everyone chatted as we ate and drank, when everyone was done. James and I got up to the middle of the cleared spot which was made the dance floor.

It was getting dark, and the blue and white fairy lights, lit up that were hung up on poles around the wedding.

Our first dance as husband and wife was to the song 'Truly, madly deeply', by 'Savage Garden' chosen by me. It was one of the most romantic, good feeling songs, I have ever heard and I knew it would be perfect for the wedding.

James held my waist with one hand and grabbed my hand with his other, and I placed my spare hand one his shoulder. The music started and we began to dance slowly to the music. After a minute, everyone else joined in. Taylor and Oliver danced together, making me smile.

We danced and drunk the rest of the night away. Today was more perfect than I ever thought it would be. One by one the wedding guest began to leave, giving James and I there congrats before going.

By midnight, it was only our two families left, and Taylor. My parents kissed us good bye as they left to go next door home.

Mr and Mrs Phelps came over to James and me, with smiles on their faces. Mr Phelps held out a pair of keys to us "Our wedding gift to you" He smiled, and I frowned confused.

"It is to your new home together" Mrs Phelps smiled hugging us both "And it is all set up ready for your first night together as man and wife" She winked.

I blushed hugging them both in thanks. After they gave us the address to our new home, we hoped into a limo that took us there. Taylor stayed back to spend the night with Oliver. During the night I even heard them discussing Taylor moving down this way, so they can see each other more often.

The limo pulled up at a big, beautiful two story home, with a huge front and back yard. It was about a 15 minute drive from where we just were and in a very nice and expensive neighbourhood.

"It is so beautiful" I said in awe as we got out the limo. We walked inside the house and switched the lights on. In my surprise to see it was fully furnished. On a table near the door, a note laid. I picked it up and read the note.

I hope you like your new home

Feel free to change anything you like with the furnishing

We thought this one would be big enough for the many grandchildren I hope you will give us.

Lots of love

Mum and Dad Phelps

I blushed at the comment about the kids and could feel James reading the note over my shoulder.

"I guess we better get started on making those babies now" James whispered seductively in my ear, as he picked me up bridle style in his arms. I giggled and blushed as James carried me up stairs, until we came across the main bedroom.

James laid me down on the king side bed and got on top of me.

"This is it Laylah, The start of our new lives together. I love you"

"I love you too James" I leant up pressing my lips against his own.

I have never felt happier in my life than I did in this moment, I knew we were going to be very happy here, and I was so happy I get to spend the rest of my life with the love of my life.

I hope everyone enjoyed the last chapter of this story. I met James and Oliver Phelps when they came to Australia last year for supernova. I waited two hours in line to get there autograph and when James smiled at me it melted my heart. It was that day that gave me the motivation to write this story, and hopefully they will come back one day so I can see them again and hopefully have to motivation for a sequel.