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Valentine's Day

"Valentine's Day is the best," said Nagisa, biting into his chocolate.

"Except that we have to buy them gifts in one month's time," said Rei, glumly. "It's not beautiful..."

"Cheer up!" said Nagisa. Swallowing his mouthful, he rummaged in his bag and tossed small packages to Haru and Rei. "There!"

Rei flushed and spluttered. "Girls give chocolate on Valentine's Day, Nagisa-kun!"

Nagisa glared. "It's friend chocolate!"

"Then why doesn't Makoto get some?" asked Haru.

Nagisa blushed. The package he handed to Makoto was considerably bigger.

Makoto blushed in turn, already wondering how to afford an appropriate White Day gift...

In Japan, girls give chocolate to boys on Valentine's Day - most of it is giri choko, obligation chocolate, given to male friends, classmates, co-workers, etc. (There's also cho giri choko, ultra obligation chocolate, for people you really don't want to give chocolate to.) Then there's honmei choko, favourite chocolate, which is often homemade and only given to a special someone. Tomo choko, friend chocolate, is also apparently a thing. (Usually it's girls giving chocolate to their female friends, but I've read of one boy giving it to his friends who didn't have girlfriends.) White Day, the 14th of March, is the day when boys return the favour. Usually the gifts are higher in value than what the girls give the boys. /lesson

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