Apologies for the delay, guys. Four of my fandoms had new things and I was comprehensively distracted. Won't happen again, I hope - or at least, I'll warn you before I disappear next time.


The police officer's cap is lopsided on Nagisa's head, but frankly Makoto had been expecting something like this when Nagisa had turned up with that bag from the costume store.

"You're under arrest for being too cute," declares Nagisa. He'd found a pair of plastic handcuffs as well as the cap. "Now put your hands where I can hold them."

Makoto meekly extends his hand. Nagisa snaps one ring of the handcuffs around each of their wrists and grins. "Gotcha," he says, somewhere between sunny and smug.

It's probably a crime to kiss your arresting officer. Makoto does it anyway.