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"It is early morning," Hanji whispered to herself, peeking in through the doorway, her hands placed on her knees. "At this time, the young titan is going through his daily routine of feeding. He does so, like a normal human. He has come to the usual feeding area, perhaps in the hopes of finding another to interact with."

"Hanji," Mike said, tapping her on the shoulder. "What are you doing?"

Hanji gasped and looked up at him, falling against the door. She fell into the room and Eren spun around, knocking over his food.

"I've been spotted. The young titan is frightened," she cried, jumping to her feet. She darted out of the room before another word could be said.

"The young titan is at work in the stables now," Hanji said, poking her head around a bush. She watched Eren closely as he shoveled hay into the horse stalls. "Still new to the herd, the older humans make him do the dirty, unwanted work to show his true loyalty and earn a proper place. He does not seem pleased by this, but the young titan is compliant."

Petra stopped walking. She was carrying a canteen of water, on her way to see Eren.

"Umm…Miss Hanji?"

Hanji spun around and glared up at Petra. "What?"

"What are you…doing? Are you spying on Eren?"



"It's research."

There was a silence. Petra slowly nodded and waved the canteen.

"Well…I'm going to go…give this to Eren…," she said softly, smiling and hurrying off toward the stables.

Hanji lowered her head again and watched them.

"A female human approaches the young titan, bringing an offering of water. The young titan accepts this token of friendship. He is capable of human interaction."

"And now we continue the research of the young titan. Though not completely accepted into the human herd, one has taken a sort of liking to him. The leader of said herd; the small statured alpha male."

Levi glanced over his shoulder at Hanji. She ducked down by the footboard.

"I've been spotted."

"Hanji, stop."

"The herd leader has engaged the young titan in a human mating ritual. Although resistant to the small alpha, the young titan seems to be enjoying himself."

Eren was on his back, gasping and moaning and grabbing at Levi's shoulders. The corporal rolled his eyes at the both of them.

"Hanji, stop narrating."

"It's for research!"

Eren whimpered and grabbed the pillow, pulling it over his face.

"You're making him uncomfortable," Levi hissed, snatching the pillow from Eren and throwing it at her. "Either shut up and do your research quietly or leave. Joining is not an option. And stop fucking crying already Eren, she can't even see you."

"The small alpha is possessive over the young titan," Hanji whispered. "He has claimed it as his own."

Levi pulled away, tugging up his pants. He got off the bed and Hanji jumped to her feet.

"The alpha has marked his territory. THE ALPHA IS AGGRESSIVE!"

"The young titan brings his eventful day to a close, taking refuge in his cage," Hanji whispered. She crouched low to the ground, peeking into the cell Eren was being held in. He was already asleep on his bed, curled up in the sheets. "After a long, tiring day, the young titan goes to rest. He has been given this area to reside in, until the herd has fully accepted him and given him their trust. But the young titan does not complain too much. Slowly, day by day, the titan makes progress. And tomorrow will be no different."

"Hanji! Please stop!" Eren shouted, sitting up angrily.

Hanji squealed in delight, running down the hall.

"G'night Eren! See you tomorrow!"

End Notes: I am planning a sequel type thing to this since there have been a lot of comments about it. I can't promise when exactly, but expect one in the future. :)