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He stormed into the lair with both fists clenched tightly at his sides as he entered. He could hear the rest of his brothers behind him, mumbling and huffing in his direction. He could only guess what they were on about. Leonardo began to unstrap his shoulder belt even when his fingers trembled in rage and frustration. He felt like ripping the leather off his plastron, but managed to keep himself cool.

"What are you doing?" Raphael asked as he plopped down on the sofa along with Mikey. His little brother avoided eye contact but Leo could tell that he was listening.

"A shower, unless you think that's another bad idea?" Leo shot back angrily.

Raphael let out a low growl in response. However, Donatello boldly interrupted, "Can we please drop it already?"

"No." Raphael quickly said. "That was a stupid choice, Leo, and you know it."

The blue clad turtle glared at his brother. "So I was suppose to go in charging without thinking of the consequences, Raph? It might be your style, but I'm not going to jeopardize the safety of the team-"

"Blow it out your shell!" Raphael shouted. Mikey winced.

Leo sighed, feeling a bit annoyed and beyond aggravated. "Donnie? You can't really believe that Raph is right, right?"

Donatello hesitated, which surprised the older turtle. Was Donnie seriously considering it? "I'm not saying Raph is right, Leo, but maybe we should have taken a more practical approach."

"My way wasn't practical?" Leo snapped back.

"You're asking for my opinion! Don't start yelling at me!" Donatello shouted.

"I can't believe you. You guys don't know how hard it is for me. You think being a leader is a walk in the park? I'm sick and tired of you guys not appreciating me, not appreciating what I do for this team. What I do revolves around your safety and making sure the job is done right."

Raphael made a loud 'pssh-' while Mikey shifted uncomfortable, staring into the television with his hands glued together in thought. Donatello had walked away from Leo, his anger boiling up to a peak and decided to seek refuge in his lab before he lashed out again.

"You know, Leo, I hear from you is 'blah blah why me'. For such a fearless leader you sure do whine all the time." Raphael said coldly.

Leo stared at his brother, completely speechless and a bit hurt by his words. What hurt most was that fact that Mikey didn't even speak up to at least defend him. So they all felt like this? Was he really just whining? He frowned a little and grabbed at his shoulder belt again before turning away from his brothers.

He walked into the bathroom and quietly closed the door and locked it. He unhooked the belt from his shoulder, then around his waist. His mind lingered on his brother's words, the mental image of his silent brother and Raphael's retaliation. He began to unwrap the bandages around his hands and feet slowly. Lastly, his bandana.

Was he really a bad leader? He just wanted his brothers to be safe; he didn't want to rush in, but he blew it. Like many times before, he missed. Leo sighed and tossed the dirty bandages to the ground and turned on the water. He tried not to think about it as much. It was done with and he couldn't change the past.

He watched the water fill up slowly, it was warm but not to hot as he put a finger under the faucet. Once it was filled, he got inside and washed himself. Anger still flooded inside him, scrubbing angrily at his skin to get rid of the dirt and sweat. What did Raphael know about being a leader? He already knew he was a terrible one. Why did his words sting at him so viciously. And Donnie! He was suppose to be the smart one, why didn't he-

"Ugh! Stop thinking about them." Leo growled to himself. "You did what you had to. Even though the mission was a complete failure... at least everyone got back in one piece." He said sadly. He ceased his scrubbing and rinsed himself off with clean water. Once he was finished, he climbed out of the tub and drained the water. He felt a little better now that he was clean. He grabbed one of the towels from the rack and dried himself off. He really needed his shell to be scrubbed, but really didn't want to ask for one of his brothers considering they were all upset. It was such a pain to ask for too.

He disguarded his bandages into the bin and grabbed his mask and equipment. He stepped out from the bathroom and risked a looking over towards the main room. Raphael and Mikey were gone. He was kind of hoping to catch Mikey by himself to ask him what he thought about the whole thing. He was actually a little scared to hear it though. He was already guessing what his little brother would say. Raphael was so easy at manipulating the younger brother to his side.

The main room was empty so he plopped down in front of the television and flickered through the channels to try and see if his favorite series was on. The search didn't last long since they only had a few channels to surf through. He reluctantly stayed on the afternoon news, then began to put his padding and belt back on him. He tried to ignore the quick set of footsteps coming into the main room.

Leo easily identified them as Raphael and scowled at the screen unintentionally. He could practically feel the red clad turtle's eyes burn at the back of his head. A sudden obnoxious 'hmph' sounded behind him.

"Something wrong?" Leo dared ask the hot headed turtle but kept his eyes on the screen.

"Besides you stupid and crappy leadership skills. Nah." Raphael took a seat behind Leo and slumped back into a lazy position. Leo let out a slow and controlled exhale to calm himself then remained silent.

"Oh, sorry, and the fact that you didn't apologize." Raphael added.

Leo turned his head towards him with a glare, "Apologize?" He repeated and laughed. "About what? If anything you should be the one apologizing."

"To you? Yeah right!" Raphael barked.

"So I'm the only one at fault here? Everything is my fault?"

"I guess it is because, hey, you really are a stupid leader to begin with. You make the stupid decisions."

Leo shot up to his feet quickly, still glaring at his brother but deepened into a look of pure fury. Raphael was unfazed by his brother's sinister look, but he was ready if Leo decided to do anything. Predictably, Leo didn't.

The blue turtle grabbed his swords once he fixed his belt around his shoulder then tucked them away. He needed a bit of time to himself, away from the lair and away from his brothers. He felt like he was going to pop from Raphael's constant bickering.

"Running away? How noble!" Raphael shouted back as Leo made his way out from the lair without another word. His breathing became heavy as he walked through the abandoned subway station. Walking wasn't helping him so he broke out into a run.

Leo ran through the tunnels, jumping and climbing, anything to keep his mind from gushing overboard with anger. He clenched then unclenched his fists before grabbing hold of the ladder. He lifted himself up and climbed up. Some fresh air would do him some good. Definitely a must.

Leo hauled himself up and out from the hole then placed the cover back on. It was nearly ten at night outside and very dark. Perfect time to go out and relax for a few.

As he cautiously walked through the alley way, he felt his mood immediately lift. His anger was slowly washing away at the feel of a calming and just right breeze surrounding him. His body didn't shake nor did his hands. He felt completely relaxed in his own moment. He sighed and gave a small smile. A rooftop run would be great.

He climbed up to the roof of one of the apartments that wasn't too far from where he had first entered. He made his way up before pausing and taking in the night scenery.

Leo began to stretch out his arms and legs. Working out the kinks before racing across the rooftops and towards the inner city. It was a lot more crowded, but at least it gave him something to enjoy and look around to. As he felt himself relax and ease up, he failed to notice another presence behind him from a distance.

The body stepped a little closer, wielding a short blade behind them and a mask covering her mouth.