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Leo had spent the day resting. He was still too weak to get up, move his arms around, or even stay awake for long periods of time. Donnie wanted his brother to rest though, and he kept a close eye on him. He changed Leo's bandages and checked his vitals every now and then during the day. Mikey was glued to Leo's side and gently held onto his arm as he slept. The tension had lifted, but the waiting part and recovery was even more stressful.

Kirby and April decided to freshen up and return in the afternoon. He still had work and she still had class to attend to.

Raphael carefully set down the bowl of chicken broth at the table beside Leo's bed. There was also water and cherry flavored Jello, easy stuff for his brother to swallow down and take in. Raph placed his hand over Leo's forehead and stroked to the back of his head. He was a little warm at the touch but nothing alarming. At least, that's what Donnie had told them.

Leo's eyes opened into thin slits, slowly being roused by the touch.

"Hey," Raph said softly to him. It sounded more like a harsh whisper to him but it was enough to catch Leo's attention. Leo opened his eyes up more and looked at Raph. A weak smile formed and his eyes closed again.

"Hey," Leo replied back.

"I, uh, got you some broth. Think you can eat now?" Raph asked him. He grabbed the spoon in the bowl and twirled it around.

Leo nodded and licked his dry lips. He tried moving his arms in, but found something was holding his arm back. Mikey was still hugging on to his brother as if he were going to fall. His mask was askew and over his forehead, revealing his sleeping form and droopy eyes. Mikey grumbled lightly at the movement and nuzzled into Leo's bicep.

Raph huffed and leaned over. He flicked Mikey's nose with his finger, hard enough to startle Mikey into the world of living.

"Ah! Whoa! Raph… what the shell, man?" Mikey griped. He rubbed his beak and shot a sour expression at the hothead.

"Good. Now that you're up, you can help." Raph nudged his head towards Leo's still groggy form with a grin. Mikey's eyes widened a bit more, a look of joy to see his brother awake now and alive.

"Leo!" Mikey hugged Leo carefully and laughed. "I'm so happy! Leo, you're okay now!"

Leo's hand lightly tapped on Mikey's elbow, holding onto his forearm with a loose grip; but he liked the small welcome. Mikey moved away and sat up. Raph handed Mikey the warm bowl of broth.

"I'm gonna hold him, you feed him." Raph said.

Donnie watched from afar nervously. He watched Raph lift Leo's upper half up and into a gentle hold. Leo looked like a rag doll and was still pale and limp. Donnie sighed softly to himself. Leo was going to be fine. He entered the room and watched as Mikey fed Leo. He was a bit sloppy at first until he got the hang of it. Leo's body was stiff and still uncooperative, but after a few more days he would be okay.

Donnie grabbed the tissue box from the desk and walked over to the cot. He sat down next to Raph and grabbed one of the tissues. He cleaned Leo's mouth much to Leo's annoyance and moved his head away.

"Give me…" Leo mumbled to him.

Donnie didn't argue and gave the tissue to Leo so he could clean himself. Donnie could tell that Leo wasn't liking the idea of them feeding him and babying him. But he was just going to have to suck it up until he was ready to do things on his own again.

"Here comes the train!" Mikey said excitedly. He dipped the spoon into the broth again then up to Leo's lips.

Leo gave a small scowl to his little brother as Mikey made train noises and effects. He opened his mouth and just accepted the last spoon full. Once Leo was finished, Donnie quickly took his vitals again and checked over his condition. During this examination, Leo had fallen asleep, now full with warm broth and a comfortable embrace.

Mikey left the cot to go and get something to eat himself and stretch out a little. Donnie took Mikey's spot, sitting in front of Raph, who was protectively hugging Leo with his beak lightly pressed at the top of Leo's head.

"He told me," Raph mumbled gravely.

Donnie blinked, "Told you what?" he asked.

"It was Karai. Leo told me Karai did this." Raph's eyes narrowed dangerously at the mention of her name. Donnie listened, suddenly wide awake and troubled.

"That's what he was trying to say in the beginning," Donnie muttered to himself, looking away in remembrance. Karai had poisoned him.

"I'm going to tear her apart!" Raph hissed. The muscles of his arms tensed up as his temper flared, though he was breathing hard to try and calm himself back down. He didn't want to wake up Leo. "If I would have kept my mouth shut. If I had just shut my mouth for one damn second none of this would-"

"Stop," Donnie quickly snapped. "This isn't your fault. It's Karai's. Snap out of it, Raph."

The hothead looked down at his sleeping brother, his tension slowly vanishing, though his anger was still visible. "I would have gone berserk if… if I lost him." Raph whispered. He curled up a little more with his brother in his arms, his face hidden in Leo's cheek and no doubt tearing up at the frightening thought.

"He's okay now. Don't worry, Raph. We will get our revenge," Don said firmly. He placed his hand on Raph's shoulder, squeezing it reassuringly before letting go. They would make Karai pay for what she had done.

After the cure for the poison had been found, it was now time to start fixing Leo's plastron.

Donnie found the materials that he had to use, and with Leo under sedation so he wouldn't feel pain from patching up the serious wound in his plastron, he went to work. He made sure nothing was pierced too badly and there had been some slight punctures on an organ, and he sewed it up, then went to patching up the plastron.

He used some epoxy glue and a fiberglass bandage to put on over the injury. The injury itself would take up to at least 6 months to heal. Leo would have to take it easy for quite awhile. He might be able to train again in a few months, but until the bandage was stronger on him, he would just have to relax until he healed some more.

Some bandages were wrapped around Leo's middle while he recovered for the next few days while the fiberglass got more stronger.

The next few days were for Leo's rehabilitation. He was weak and his body had lost a lot of weight during his sickness. Mikey was Leo's energizer bunny and encouragement. Though Donnie didn't want Mikey helping Leo around because of how excited he would get from just seeing his brother up and around again. Raph usually ended up picking Leo up after a few failed tries of a task, and plopping him on the sofa or bed.

"That isn't going to help him," Donnie fumed.

Leo's face was bright red from embarrassment. Raph enjoyed picking him up in a fireman carry just to make him angry. It was a bit of a normalcy that he needed to hear again from his brother.

"He's tired. You'd rather he hurt himself?" Raph snapped back at Don.

"Guys," Leo interrupted, "I'm fine. I am tired, but I'm okay. Don't fight right now."

Raph began to relax a little though he shot Donnie a growl to back away as he settled next to Leo.

Master Splinter had joined in to check up on Leo and his sons. He was very serious about their health since they were so focused on the eldest. They needed their balance again which had been lost during the panic. Donatello especially.

"Before you rest up, Leo, I wanna get rid of those bandages," Donnie said to him happily.

Leo smiled, carefully getting up on his feet by himself, he followed after Donnie to the lab. Raph watched like a hawk, making sure he was ready to pounce when he saw even the slightest buckle in Leo's walk. Donnie stayed close to him as they walked into the lab, then the infirmary.

Leo sat on the table and moved his arms away from his sides so Donnie could start getting rid of the bandages around his shoulder and plastron. The deep cut was healed, though an ugly scar was still visible. His shoulder healed quickly without any trouble, but it left him with another scar.

"I'm sure they'll fade over time." Donnie reassure Leo. The eldest smiled, rubbing his shoulder and rolling it a little. Freedom.

"Thanks, Don." Leo muttered. Donnie shrugged with a timid smile as he then checked the fiberglass on Leo's plastron, to see if it was strong enough. Leo grabbed Donnie's wrist, stopping him from moving and making the genius look up. "No. Really, Don, thank you."

"You know none of us would ever give up, Leo."

"I know. I wouldn't either if it was any of you guys." Leo pulled Donnie in for a hug, which was returned without hesitation. They were stuck together in a comfortable embrace for a while before moving apart.

"Keep still for a little bit longer then I'll leave you alone." Donnie said as he began to apply the ointment again on Leo's shoulder.

Once he was done, Leo walked out of the infirmary and back out into the main room. Raph was sitting up with his head back snoring softly. His position looked uncomfortable, but Leo knew better than to wake Raph up. He didn't get a chance to tell him thank you. He guessed he could wait until he woke up.

Leo sat down next to him with a soft smile, watching his brother sleep. His head lolled the side a little and rested on Leo's shoulder.

Leo rested his cheek on Raph's head and closed his eyes. He could use some sleep himself.