Harry rolled over and fell out of bed. Hermione laughed hysterically.

"What did you do that for?" Harry said angrily.

"Aww, come on honey. I was just having a bit of fun." Harry could never resist that face.

"Okay, fine. You know I'm not mad."

Hermione giggled and kissed him. "We don't have that long, I told dad I would get you and then we will go."

"Okay, just let me freshen up." Harry raced off to the bathroom.

"You had better hurry, don't make me drag you out of there." Hermione teased. "You are taking so long, what are you? A girl?"

"I'm going to pretend I didn't hear that yea?" Harry replied to the doorway.

"Just hurry please. Good to go? Alright, lets get out of here." Hermione was out the door before she finished her sentence.

They got down to the taxi and said their good mornings. Harry couldn't help but noticed being quietly observed by the older Granger in the car. He would have to be on his best behaviour.

"So Mr Granger, you are a dentist back home?" Harry asked, trying to engage some conversation.

"Oh yes, well I was, we sold the practice to move out here. For some reason Jean decided she hated dentistry and wanted to open up that stupid cafe. Oh well, lets hope she snaps out of it once we get her back. Are you guys sure this will work?" The last question was directed at his daughter.

Harry answered for her. "I see no reason why not. It will work. Your daughter is an amazing witch, if anyone can do it it is her."

"I see, well you know I have every faith in you darling." Dan Granger took his daughter's hand.

"Well." Dan said upon exiting the car. This is the place, and we have made it in one piece."

"Yes we did." Harry said.

"That was my part, time to let the magic happen." Mr Granger chuckled to himself for his joke.

"Really Dad? Let the magic happen? That is the best line you have got. Your jokes have gotten worse." Hermione sighed.

"And worse the joke the better it is. Let's go in." Mr Granger led the way.

"Hang on Dad, we need to talk about this." Hermione stopped her Dad from going in.

"Okay, what is it?" Mr Granger said with an air of impatience.

"Okay so you are going to go in and on the count of three you are going to take her left hand in yours, I am going to do the same on the other side and cast the spell at the same time. You know what you have to do?" Mr Granger nodded. "Okay, any questions."

"Why are we holding hands?" Mr Granger asked.

"We think it will provide a stronger family bond, enough to overpower the memory charm." Harry chimed in.

"Okay, fair enough, that makes sense. Are we ready to go?" Dan Granger asked.

"I believe so. Lets get this over with." Hermione said.

"I am going to wait out here. I'll come in if there is an emergency." Harry said as they went through the door. He sat against the brick wall.

Hermione and her Dad entered the cafe to a ring from the door sensor.

"2 seconds." A female voice from out the back called. She entered the room and Hermione gasped, she wouldn't have believed her mother was here. She never saw her last time, it was only Harry. "Are you okay dear?"

"Uh, yea, of course. Um we were just wondering if you had a table for 2 in here?" Hermione asked.

"Sure, I'll just set it for you. Its early in the morning see, I haven't had time yet. I am not usually this unorganised." Monica said.

She walked out from behind the counter. What happened next was so fast that Monica didn't really have time to process what had happened. As soon as she had gotten level with the father and daughter they grabbed Monica's hands and Hermione uttered the spell. There was a massive flash of light and a bang as all three of them were thrown against opposite walls. Hermione felt a dull pain before she passed out.

Harry saw a flash of light out the corner of his eye and the wall behind him shook. He was on his feet before he knew it and had his wand at the ready. He flew through the door and was stunned slightly by the sight of destruction. There was debris scattered around the room, bits of plaster ripped from the walls and his first sight was of Mrs Granger with a cut on her forehead laying up against a wall. He rushed over to her.

"Are you okay Madam?" Harry crouched to ask her.

"I am but Hermione isn't, she is unconscious." Jean replied.

"What?" He spun around and saw her on the ground. He ran over and scooped her up into his arms. "No no no no no no."

Harry checked her vitals, she was still alive. Check one. She didn't look in too bad a shape. Check two. No signs of physical damage. Check three. He came to the conclusion it was magical exhaustion. By this time Jean and Dan were both standing over him, concern lining their faces.

"I think she will be okay." Harry said to their relief. He made his decision. He pointed his wand at her chest and uttered the incantation. "Rennervate."

Hermione spluttered to life. She coughed and Harry sat her up. "Woah, what happened here?" She said as she took in the mess.

"Hermione." Her mother exclaimed.

"Mum? You know who I am."

"Of course I know who you are my baby." Hermione had tears in her eyes and Harry stepped back as mother and daughter embraced.

Dan Granger and a smile from ear to ear watching his two girls chat along like they always did, catching up and filling each other in on what had been happening. He would have his chance to talk to Jean later. He turned to Harry. "I want to thank you."

"For what sir? Hermione made this happen." Harry replied.

"Sure she did the magic, but you made this all happen. She told me last night about how you gave her the strength to track us down, not to mention funding it every step of the way. I can not thank you enough. You sound like a wonderful person Harry and I am glad my daughter has someone like you in her life." Dan Granger said

Harry shook his hand. "Thank you sir, that means a lot. I am just happy that Hermione has her family back, and that you and Jean have your old lives back."

Hermione stepped back from her mother and Dan raced in to kiss Jean and make up for the last few months. Hermione came over to Harry and grabbed him in a tight embrace. "I can't put into words how grateful I am. This has been the biggest thing anyone has ever done for me and I will forever be gracious. Thank you."

"You really don't have to thank me." Harry said. "I wanted to do it."

"I love you Harry." She whispered in his ear.

"I love you too Hermione."



Fin (For now)

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