A/N: I know I am probably a little slow on this but I only realised when writing this chapter that I write differently to 90% of my readers. Just to clear it all up I am Australian therefore I naturally write in Australian English. While this doesn't mean I use phrases like "G'day mate" and "Chuck a shrimp on the barbie" (which I have never heard anyone say) I do use the British spelling of words like colour and flavour. I also have the british version of the books so I guess I am still writing in the Harry Potter style ;)

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"What is master doing?" Kreacher asked as he entered the kitchen.

Harry looked at him with a saucepan in hand. A look of realisation crossed Kreacher's face.

"No master, no. That is Kreacher's job, I will..."

"Kreacher, you make me meals all the time, I am repaying the favour. Please take a seat." Kreacher made a move towards the saucepan. "Kreacher that is an order."

"I am sorry master. But Kreacher wants to make breakfast for you." Kreacher explained with his head, eyes at the floor as he sat down.

"Kreacher listen." Kreacher looked up at Harry. "I want you to feel like part of this family, the Potter family, and in the Potter family we do things for each other. I want to make this breakfast for you."

"Okay Sir." Kreacher replied.

"Anyway." Harry continued. "I have cooked a pretty full English breakfast. What would you like?"

Harry and Kreacher chatted about what was coming in the day as they ate, Kreacher having some cleaning duties and Harry off to Hogwarts.

Kreacher insisted that he cleaned up so Harry let him. He enjoyed it after all. He picked up his jacket and took a step out the front door. The sunlight hit him in the face and he squinted a bit before his vision adjusted. It was a warm day, the sun was beating down on his skin. He rushed back inside to put the jacket away, he wouldn't need it. He stepped outside again and apparated to Hogsmeade station.

He could see Hogwarts in the distance, it was in a better state than when he left it but there was still a long way to go. He ran as fast as he could down to the gates of the school, eager to help in the clean up. Luckily one of the younger students was down by the gate to let him through. He walked for what felt like a while until he got to the castle. On closer inspection maybe it hadn't fared so well. There was debris everywhere. He approached the west side of the castle and saw two blonde headed ladies with their wands out, discussing something. Harry caught the tail end of the conversation as he got closer.

"Si nous le faisons ensemble, cela devrait fonctionner, n'est-ce pas?ยน" The older which explained to her sister. Harry didn't understand a word.

"Fleur, Gabrielle. How are you?" Harry asked.

The girls spun around to look at him. "'Arry, 'ow nice to see you." She swooped over to kiss him on both cheeks. "I am good thankyou, 'ow are you?"

"Well thankyou Fleur. How are you Gabrielle?" Harry asked the youngest Delaclour.

"Very well thankyou." Gabrielle replied shyly.

"So what is going on here?" Harry asked.

"We were just discussing 'ow we are going to fix this wall, its too big for Gabrielle to do on 'er own so I thought I would come and 'elp 'er."

"Alright well on the count of three?" Harry asked, they nodded and pointed their wands at the wall. "One, two, three."

"Repairo" The three of them chorused. Right before their eye's the wall put itself back together. It was like watching the explosion in reverse, as all the bricks flew back into perfectly realignment.

"Wow. How about that aye." Harry said.

"Thankyou 'Arry. But we 'ave lots more to do." Fleur started walking towards the bridge, what was left of it anyway. As they approached Harry could see there were a few people gathering around it.

"We need to find a way to put ze bridge back together, no?" Fleur said, more of a statement than a question.

"All of this manpower should be able to do it I think." Harry said. "Where is Bill?"

"'Ee is at Gringots. 'Ad to go back to work." Fleur replied.

"Ah okay, fair enough then. Neville, how are you going buddy?" Harry spotted Neville near the bridge.

"Harry. I am doing good thanks. How was Australia?" He asked.

"Beautiful country, but it is good to be home. How has life been over here?" Harry asked.

"Yea pretty busy to be honest, with this whole clean up thing. You should have seen the castle a couple of weeks ago, it was such a mess." Neville said.

"I can only imagine. It was a big fight. How is Luna?" Harry questioned?

"She has been really good, really really good. She is getting back tonight from her wrackspurt tour with her dad. She misses you." Neville said.

"I miss her too. It will be good to catch up with her." Harry explained.

Harry and Neville walked over to where the Delaclour's were standing, next to the gaping valley where the bridge used to be. A couple of the professor's were on the other side of the valley.

"We do it on three Harry." Professor Flitwick called out. "One, two, three."

They all cast repairo and watched in wonder as the bridge pulled itself out of the water and mended itself in the air, before settling itself back in place. Harry tentatively put a foot on the bridge. Seeing that it held his weight he crossed it to meet the professors.

"Hello Professor." He said to Flitwick.

"Good to see you Harry. Thanks for the help with the bridge." Flitwick said. "We are offering lunch in the Great Hall later, hopefully you will be there?"

"Wouldn't miss it sir." Harry said as the professor walked off. He returned to Fleur and Neville.

"Hey guys I have been thinking. What are you both doing tomorrow night? I want you both to come around to my place for dinner. Bring Luna and Bill of course. It should be a good night." Harry asked.

"Sounds good Harry, me and Luna will be there." Neville exclaimed.

"Awesome, Fleur?"

"I am not doing anything tomorrow, I will 'ave to check but Bill should have the night off." Fleur smiled.

"Alright, well, you know where I live so lets say 6?" Harry asked.

"We will be there." Neville said. "Should we go and get lunch?"

They walked into the Great Hall to a feast of food prepared by the elves. He only realised how hungry he was, time had flown since breakfast. They sat down at the Gryffindor table. Harry gazed upon all of the food and decided to dig in. Harry and Neville got into a conversation about Quidditch which Fleur only half listened in on. Being a Quiberon fan from the Ligue de France, she wasn't familiar with British Quidditch.

The three of them spent the rest of the day wandering the grounds, fixing broken parts of the castle. Gabrielle had gone off with one of her friends. By the end of the day Harry was exhausted from the magical effort. He bade Neville and Fleur goodbye. He walked to Hogsmeade, making sure he was outside the magical pull of Hogwarts before apparting to Hermione's house.


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