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Days ago, Temperance Brennan didn't even know that her partner, Special Agent Seeley Booth, even had a son. Something she wasn't going to let go of, nor did she know exactly how she felt on it... him not having told her and the fact itself. She had seen them together back at the lab, the young blonde boy brought by the mystery known as Sid. She had stood and watched the personal moments shared not only between father and son, but friends as well.

Still yet, seeing them together like this was different.

Brennan smiled as she heard Parker yelled out "Daddy!" His voice being so excited. She watched as Booth and his son shared a quick kiss, the way they interacted, spoke. She watched as the young boy's face lit up, as did Booth's.

Brennan knew there was something very special there, and it did not surprise her one bit.

A small tug on her heartstrings came as the young boy told her Merry Christmas, as Booth looked as happy as she had ever seen him in all the time she'd known him, as she waved happily.

There was no question that Seeley Booth was a good father. She hadn't even needed to see it in the flesh to know that. Of course he was. But seeing it... that was something else.