Music Inspirations: You Should Be Dancing, sung by Blaine, Brittany and Mike. (Saturday Night Glee-ver ep of Glee S3 Ep16.)
Rating: M. Adult themes.
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~ Converting Kurt E Hummel ~ Ch 1 Roller Coaster ~

Black lace up shoes, black socks. Jeans, brown belt. Purple short sleeve shirt. Yellow with purple love hearts bow tie.

Yes, Sex on a Stick. That is Blaine Anderson.

Kurt used to absolutely adore him. He was the centre of his gravitational pull. Kurt was right into guys from as early as he could remember. Others like him, guys, like him. That's what he always wanted comfort from, love from, more than just friendship. They are what he was attracted to, that's what used to make him twitch.

Sebastian had the same inclination. Blaine was the epitome of desire, lust driven urges. Conquering the beast in his heart, who would pound harder than just beating was painful, so too the pounding in his jocks.

And so too did Sugar believe about Kurt. Her biological chemicals bubbled like a soda drink. She played dumb really well. He was what she wanted, and she always got what she wanted. Sugar was sweet, very, very rich and the epitome of patience and ultimate femininity. Kurt might have seemed more feminine to others, but to Sugar she could only see the masculine demon to her angelic being.

When the suggestion of the roller coaster came up, she was really, absolutely petrified. Kurt noticed her concern and worry. He promised to help her through the day.

In line he held her hand, very tightly. Their palms were closer than he'd ever known with another guy let alone a girl. She shivered, he drew her in more and held her tight with his arm wrapped around her. Her perfume stirred a memory in him. Unsure of his reality, thinking of his Mum, but something wasn't right, he was not really sure of himself.

She pushed her face into his chest. "I really don't want to do this Kurt. But if you promise not to let go of me, I'll try."

"Sweetie, I'm here for you. Honestly, I know it's scary but once you are over that first hill it is exhilarating and an absolute blast. Trust me, please?" Kurt couldn't remembered when he felt challenged by needing someone to believe in him.

Blaine was comfortable, safe and sure. Sebastian was predictable and boring. Guys, Boys, Men were becoming very boring.

But girls, in particular Sugar, well she was intriguing and a certain challenge that was making him twitch. At first he thought it was because she'd wear her father's cologne. Her Dad had been away and missing him, she'd worn his familiar scent.

But now, with Kurt's nose buried in the top of her head he breathed in, very deeply, her shampoo and conditioner and light hair products. Nothing like Blaine at all.

Her clothes were so soft, cashmere sweaters made him twitch more. Fabric softener was so slightly noticed, in her clothing all delightful perfumes were so very slight, gentle and barely there. But Sugar smelled absolutely adorable.

She was so pretty to look at. She was so pretty, no she was so beautiful a person, now.

When her annoying presence was initially made, he could barely stand being in the same room as her. He tolerated her, she was no competition to his song. She was on the outer fringe in all ways in their Glee club, and he could just share the fact that she existed.

But now, unsure of when or how she penetrated his perimeter comfort zone, Kurt was so aware of his heart being warmed and the flow of his blood coursing through his being, when he would be oh so gently aware of her being nearby.

And so he supported this whiny voiced, delicate girl. It felt so wrong to like her, he thought he was turning into a gay-hater. It should have repulsed him to be liking a girl. They were never liked, he was generally repulsed by them. He loved Rachel and Mercedes, but they were more like mates than girls.

Blaine was his boyfriend, he was supposed to be devoted to him. He was supposed to think of no one but Blaine Devon Anderson. They were to be soul mates and lovers for ever. They were going to fight city hall and go to protest marches, fighting the cause for equality of marriage and all those rights.

Women were detestable. Stereo typically they were the ones that would just have a guy/boy/man so as to feed off their wallets. They were selfish creatures, power driven bitches. They'd be competition for careers and fashion. They beared the children and were to do the house work and fetch the water. That's what all the other classmate/boys in his Health and Human Development class thought as well.

Girls, women were to be subservient and very nearly not noticeable. They were kept in control by being kept in the education ignorant dark and made to be reliant on their fellas. Good for sex, if you were that way inclined.

Kurt wondered if he was getting very sick. His stomach would wind up when the other classmate/boys would talk of their conquests and stereo typical ism's of what a female was to be.

He felt nothing but security, before. People of his gender were delightful, like and like. But now, he must be coming down with a virus. Even before today he was aware of not feeling the same, therefore he must be getting sick.

But with Sugar, it didn't feel wrong anymore. This change he was so aware of now, whilst in line for the ride of her life, ride of his life, ride of their new life. This was a new magnetic pole development.

~ Shit, wtf! ~