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This is an addition to my line of (probably most if not all unrelated) stories based on lyrics from every MB20 song.

"All Your Reasons"

Why Don't You Just Go Away
I Can't Seem To Get My Head Straight

It was like he was everywhere.

Derek Shepard was everywhere and he would not go away.

She dreamt about him. Her first thought in the morning was of him. The first smile on her face in the day was became of him, as were the first tears that quickly followed when reality hit. She'd hear a song and think of him.

Going to work, there he was. Everywhere. Walking in in front of her. He was in the operating rooms, the hallways, patient rooms. He was in meetings. He was on the elevator, in the stair well. He was outside, inside.

He was in her head. What would Derek do? What would Derek think? How would Derek handle this? How I wish I could talk to him, get advice from him, cry on his shoulder.

She would leave, one last glance of him. She would drink, think of him. She would take some random guy home, picture him. And she would fall asleep... and the cycle would repeat.

He was everywhere. And it was killing her.