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This is an addition to my line of (probably most if not all unrelated) stories based on lyrics from every MB20 song.

"You're So Real"

Sometimes, You're The Best Time
I've Ever, Ever Known
A Pretty Girl With A Wicked Smile On
But I've Cried
For The Last Time
Something Just Don't Feel Right

Liam Angelus been told he was "too sensative" his entire life. From his parents to other members of his family, friends to lovers, teachers to mentors, coworkers to just about everyone else.

And hell, maybe he was.

But that didn't change the fact.

Buffy Summers was a great time. She was beautiful, funny, she was smart. She held a conversation, she had a good job, she was great in bed. They had more amazing days together in the time they'd known one another... But he wanted more. And she had made it all too clear she didn't.

Random phone calls out of the blue weren't cutting it for him anymore. Spending a weekend in bed or getting a call asking if he wants to fly away for a week and go have a mini vacation wasn't enough.

He wanted more.

Truth be told, he wanted it with her. He wanted her to change her mind about becoming an actual couple, trying this out, seeing where it all might lead. He wanted to be able to truly express to her how he felt, how she made him feel. He wanted dates, inside jokes, sleeping together every night. He wanted rituals, habits. He wanted to call her his, know he was hers. He wanted them living together, holidays spend together, and so much more.

Somewhere in all the running around with her he'd fallen. He'd tried to bury it, ignore it, even erase it. But nothing worked. And he knew it never would. And he was tired of goodbyes, of hiding how he felt, of waiting around for something not going to happen for him.

He was going this weekend, meeting up with her and most likely spending most of their time together in her apartment. But for him, he knew this was the last time, and then it would be over.