Time Phase

Snape X Hermione

Chapter 1: Time Turner

Snape began turning the time turner for the new mission Dumbledore gave him. It was truly annoying; Albus was such a demanding, frustrating, old man and this time Albus didn't even both explaining what his job was. All he was told was that he was to time travel to the past. He rotated the time turner several times and instantly something felt wrong. The sensation was wrong, this was his first time using this machine but this was definitely wrong. It shouldn't feel like this, this felt similar to apparition. His body began to ache and the splitting headache made him shut his eyes. After a while everything stopped and he opened his eyes. He looked around and he was still within Hogwarts. He sighed in relief, it seemed like nothing terrible happened. With his usual habit, he ran his hand through his hair. Wait. His hair was shorter. He frowned and looked at his hands as well; they were smaller. What the bloody hell was going on. He looked down at his feet and a lot of his clothing was loose and his cloak was pooling beneath his feet. He gripped on his clothes so they wouldn't fall off and stared up at the ceiling. It was higher than usual. Dread and anger filled him as he kept his oversized shirt from slipping off his shoulder. He stormed to Albus's office.

When he entered the wizard's office, Dumbledore looked bewildered. Snape knew he looked furious and ridiculous but currently he needed explanations and help from Albus. Dumbledore rose from his chair and approached Snape slowly.

"Is that you Severus?" asked Dumbledore.

"Yes, it's me. I'm from the future and the future you sent me on a mission and now I look like this," he seethed as he threw the time turner onto Dumbledore's desk.

"Merlin's beard, this is fantastic Severus!" shouted Albus.

Did he hear correctly? Did Albus just describe this awful situation, fantastic? That was the last word he would use.

"In the future I succeeded in creating this unique turner! I always hoped to craft this time turner but unfortunately it does look broken right now," explained Dumbledore.

Hippie, hurray good for the bloody old man but he shrunk! Every word coming out of the man was adding fuel to his anger.

"I made this just for you, Severus," and Dumbledore was about to continue his sentence.

"Wait. You intentionally shrunk me," said Snape calmly.

"Well yes," answered Dumbledore.

"Albus, you better be joking otherwise I just might start hexing you this instant," vehemently threatened Snape.

"Quit being so cynical Severus and hear me out. I did this for you because I believed that our plan for defeating Voldemort was too dangerous on your account. Therefore I made did device to make you younger," explained Albus slowly.

"For what purpose?" Snape asked coldly.

"This way you could become a student. This year Harry Potter is arriving to Hogwarts and now you may be in the same grade as him. You wished to protect Lily Evan's son and this way seemed much easier for you. You could become his friend," smiled Albus.

"I don't want to be that brat's friend. I can't stand the boy!" hissed Snape.

"Severus, you haven't even met the boy yet," said the headmaster.

Snape raised his eyebrows. "I'm from the future. I know what he's like and I hate him as much as I hated James Potter."

"Very well then. I won't ask you to be his friend but do watch over him?" pleaded Albus.

"Is this my mission?" questioned Snape.

"Yes," replied Dumbledore.

"Then I don't have a choice," answered Snape bitterly.

At the moment Minerva entered the room.

"Oh my, who's this?" asked Minerva.

"It's Severus. He's from the future," explained Dumbledore.

"But he's so young!" cried out Minerva.

Snape stayed in the shade and glared at the two of them as Dumbledore told the story from the top.

"That's rather complex," said Minerva.

"It is quite complex as you say so could you explain this to the staff but the younger Snape should not meet the older Snape. We don't know what kind of phenomenon would occur if they were to meet. Also please get Severus some clothes that would fit him properly," demanded Albus.

"Of course," curtly replied Minerva as she exited the office.

When she returned, he was given the Slytherin sweater with jeans and a black cloak.

He went to the washroom to change. He stared at his reflection from the mirror. Snape looked just like when he was thirteen year old. His hair only reached to his cheeks and he sighed. He couldn't believe he was a teenager again; he dreaded his teen years. Every teenagers were emotionally, physically, and mentally unbalanced all due to the raging hormones and he had nothing but miserable memories of his student years; nothing but wrong choices like calling Lily a mudblood.

He slowly took off his baggy clothes and stared at his body. He looked at the mirror, his body wasn't completely muscular or scrawny but he was lean. His skin was pale and smooth. He was taller than most average people. He put on the sweater and the jean on; they were a bit tight. Only the black cloak fitted him perfectly. Then he realized he had to go shopping for clothes. He hated shopping with people buzzing around everywhere. All the shoving and noise bugged him but he had no choice but to get clothes that would fit him properly. He got out of the washroom and went back to Dumbledore's office.

"Dumbledore, ask the older me to give me the Gringott's key," ordered Severus.

"Of course, I'll be right back." Dumbledore quickly left the room and returned with the key. With the key he left Hogwarts. He was about to apparate until he remembered his current age. It would be illegal for him to apparate. There was no way that he was going to walk all the way there. Snape knew all the passwords and traps laid throughout the school. He went to the broom storage and he was about to take one of the brooms until he heard a high pitch of whistle. He looked back to see Rolanda Hooch marching towards him.

Once she arrived, she firmly gripped onto his wrist. No one dared to touch him and he wasn't about to allow Rolanda to touch him. He used his other hands to grab her wrist and because he was slightly smaller than her, he easily slipped behind her. Rolanda began to struggle and reach for her wand. He tore his arms out of her grip and managed to wrap his arms tightly around her. He whispered into the frantic woman's ear, "It's me, Severus. Calm down unless you do so, I won't release you," he ordered. She stopped struggling at once and he released her as promised.

When she turned around, her face was red. "Why's your face all red," he asked.

"I didn't realize it was you Severus and you were whispering in my ears so you know; I guess my face got red. Anyways I heard couple of minutes ago that you turned younger but wow you really look different! You actually look much more handsome and who knew you were this strong," she continued ranting on.

What was this woman talking about? Either way, he wasted enough time as it is and he had no interest to hear her ramblings. "Enough," he said coldly. She did as she was told and coughed to hide her embarrassment. "I just needed a broom," explained Snape. She didn't utter another word and passed him a broom. He got on the broom and flew to Gringott.

Hermione walked into the wizarding bank; it was honestly frightening to see the goblins working. She read about them from her muggle storybooks when she was younger. Yet she never expected to see them. It was her first time in the wizard world and because her parents were muggles, they couldn't come here. She had to change her muggle money to wizard money so she could buy her supplies for Hogwarts tomorrow. She approached one of the goblins and the goblin just plainly stared down at her.

"I need to change my muggle money to wizarding money," she replied. She honestly didn't know how to progress all this because she didn't know the currency. Before she was aware, there was a long line behind her. This was turning embarrassing. Suddenly a tall boy with long black hair stood beside her. He was strikingly handsome and he had a mysterious aura around him. It was alluring. He was clicking his tongue in annoyance presumably.

He began to change her muggle money into gold, silver, and copper coins. "There you go." He handed the coins to her. She didn't dare to move after their eyes met. His eyes were deep black slightly covered by his long black eyelashes. His eyes had the ability to pull people in. He took out a key and the goblin got out of his seat. "Come with me, sir" said the goblin. He strode away and she followed since he seemed to know a lot about this entire place.

"Why are you following me around?" he asked.

"Because I don't know anything about this world," she replied.

He didn't bother to look back at her but he didn't seem to have anything against her following him so she continued to follow him. Hermione didn't like the silence and she thought she should explain to him why she didn't know this world.

"I'm a muggle born, that's why I don't know this place," Hermione said. There was still no reply.

Man she's annoying with her endless chatter. Yet the word muggle-born stuck with him. He peered back at her without moving his head and their eyes met; her large, warm, brown eyes. He cursed that she resembled Lily so much; although he's taught her for several years, he's forgotten that she was a muggle born. He thought deeply; they are both muggle born, Gryffindor, talented, clever witches. It truly felt like the universe was messing with him. She seemed to be waiting for him to saying something.

He sighed and gave her what she wanted, "Is that why your parents aren't here?" She lit up brightly and smiled that he was answering back. He smirked; she was such an easy going, foolish girl in this way.

"Yeah, I was really surprised that muggles with no magic power couldn't pass the border line. It was quite sad actually," she whispered her last sentence.

"You shouldn't rely on people too much including your parents," he replied. He meant it, being too dependent on people could hurt sometimes especially when they let you down. Since he was a child he solely relied on his strength only; that's what his parents taught him. They always neglected him so he had no choice but to survive on his own.

"So you don't rely on your parents?" she asked quietly.

"They're deceased," he said.

"I'm sorry to hear that," she whispered.

"Don't be", he answered and he meant that statement. He never needed pity and he hated that emotion.

They reached his vault and he gave his key to the goblin. He looked down at the girl standing next to him. Her eyes were shining with curiosity and excitement and with a click the vault slowly opened. He smiled at her reaction as her mouth dropped. He got rid of his smile and entered his safe and grabbed a bag of gold, silver and copper.

"How do you have so much money?!"She asked.

His next action surprised her. He gave her a charming grin and got his index finger in front on his mouth as he said, "That's a secret." Afterwards they exited the bank. She was surprised by his smile; from all the smiles she's seen his was the best.

"What are you going to buy?" Hermione asked. If he was withdrawing so much money, he had to be buying something.

"Stuff." The boy continued to give her only short, vague answers. He walked off and grabbed a broom. She raised her eyebrows and asked another question, "Is that broom yours?"

"No, it's borrowed," he answered.

What amazed her more was the symbol on his cloak, Hogwarts! Was this boy attending the same school she was entering tomorrow?

"That's the Hogwarts symbol on your chest! Are you also going there?" she eagerly asked.

Snape was going to go insane; this girl was bombarding him with questions. "Yeah, I am," he replied.

"By the way what's your name? I'm Hermione Granger," she extended her hands as she introduced herself.

He frowned as he was getting a headache from all the chattering. "I'm Severus….," shit, I can't give her my real name. The headache distracted him and he was about to automatically give his real name and that was prohibited.

"Severus…" she was waiting for his last name. He made it certain that she wouldn't tell his emotions but honestly he was panicking. His strand of hair fell down and covered his left eye.

"Severus Black," he answered. Damn it, I just named myself after a fleabag that I hated. The colour of his hair was black so he just gave whatever popped into his head at the moment.

"Can I call you Sev?" she asked innocently and all of his muscles tensed up. Only Lily called him that but Hermione just chose that nickname for him.

He darkly asked, "Why did you choose that?"

She smiled, "Do you like it? It just came to me instinctively I guess. Since your name is Severus, I thought Sev was cute."

That's all he needed to hear to swiftly turn on his heel to go to the shops. Hermione's answer was similar to Lily's answer from several years ago. But Granger just called me cute. A lot of adjectives were used to describe me but it was the first time someone decided to use the word 'cute'. Absolutely ridiculous.

"You're ears are red, Sev" she pointed out.

"No, it's not," he snapped.

He could hear her muffled giggles behind him and he rolled his eyes. When they approached Diagon Alley, she ran next to him. Her eyes began to sparkle with excitement and she grabbed his sleeve as she ran into the busy crowd. She was about to rush off again but this time, he grasped onto her wrist.

"Quit, running off. It'd be a pain if you were to get lost around here. You said it's your first time being here, right? Then stick close," he ordered her. Maybe it was because he was her teacher that he felt some responsibility for her welfare.

"Can we go see the potion shop?" she asked.

"Why?" he asked curiously. He didn't recall having any of the first years purchasing anything except for a cauldron for potions.

"I haven't done any potions before but I already feel a connection to it," she explained shyly.

He understood what she meant, that was like him when he first saw the arts of potion. He had a small smile on him for a minute but it was left unnoticed by Hermione who was too focused at the shop.

"It's really weird of me isn't it?" she asked.

"Not at all," he muttered silently.

They entered the potion shop and they were surrounded by all the ingredients known to the wizard world. The store clerk came rushing out from the back door and greeted them, "Ah, first years for Hogwarts. You two are looking for cauldrons I suspect."

"Yes sir, we need two cauldrons that's standard size two" Hermione responded happily.

Severus was already looking at the brands the store had in stock. He picked up one of the cauldrons and flicked his finger at the bottom of the cauldron. Hermione stood next to him and picked up the grey cauldron.

"This one looks good," she said.

"Don't buy that one. The bottom is thin; it won't be durable for some of the potions. It wouldn't last long either, it's better to buy this one," he concluded as he passed the one in his hand.

"You've got good eyes lad" commented the clerk.

"It has nothing to do with the eyes, more like experience" he explained.

"Experience?" asked Hermione.

"Um…yeah. I brewed potions before," he answered. It looked like she had more questions to ask but she held her tongue. Instead of asking him more, she passed him a cauldron.

"I don't need it," he said as he passed it back to her. I wouldn't need it since I won't be taking potions. The older me is there so I'd be forbidden to attend my own class.

Now she couldn't help but ask him, "Why not?"

"Because I finished the entire subject," he spat. He didn't like being questioned so much and he wasn't lying either. He graduated Hogwarts quite a while ago.

"That's unbelievable! That'd make you a genius or something," she shouted. Hermione was getting so excited by this news and Severus was enjoying her reaction until it got too annoying.

"Just don't go off telling everyone else," he said.

"Okay, I promise Sev," she smiled as she agreed. Although he didn't buy a cauldron, he bought some ingredients: Angel's trumpet, asphodel, bezoar, boomslang, dragon blood, nightshade, and star grass.

As they exited the store he turned around to face her.

"Here," he passed a small bag of the ingredients that the first years would need.

"Why are you giving it to me?" she asked. Indeed, why am I giving something to her? Maybe it was because of their promise or something. He wasn't entirely sure himself.

"I don't know, just because," he shrugged as he walked off.

Afterwards they purchased all their textbooks and time passed quickly enough.

"Sev, do you want to go for lunch now?" she asked as she pointed at one of the restaurants. He decided it was about time to go grab something to eat. They sat on the patio as the two plates floated over to their table. They both reached for their sandwiches; Hermione took a great bite out of her lunch unlike her companion who slowly chewed on his meal. He wasn't entirely interested in his meal and observed those passing by. Hermione took a peek at Severus who didn't seem to be paying attention to anything. Over their time together she learnt that he wasn't the type to have pointless conversations but he could be considerate if he felt like it. She also noticed that he was always guarded; she could tell from his eyes but he was finally starting to relax around her. Although he never expressed any emotions on his face, his eyes were dynamic. She studied his visage and his actions as he stirred his cup of tea. His eyes met hers suddenly and she froze as he reached over and brushed a napkin over her mouth.

"You had stuff all over your mouth," and he looked away again; she could breathe again. She definitely didn't expect that and needed to distract herself from blushing, "What house do you think you'll be in?"

"Slytherin," he gave a short answer.

She opened one of the books she bought, "That means you value ambition, resourcefulness, and cunning. The colours of that house are green and silver and this book also mentions that the house element is water."

"You have a problem with that?" he asked.

"Not at all, I respect all the houses and I think they are all respectable in their own ways," she shrugged. Severus's loose hair fell from the side and he focused on the girl before him. How was it that she could say so many similar things as Lily Evans did? It truly bothered him and as an excelling occlumen and legilimen, it was for certain that she wasn't lying or making it up. Yet it was the same for Lily but her belief changed over time. He wasn't close with Ms. Granger but he was already afraid and cautious. Then he remembered what Dumbledore demanded of him, be close friends with either Harry Potter or his friends. He quickly thought over his options; he couldn't deal with Potter since he resembled James far too much along with their similar personality, as for Weasley, that would be torture, he couldn't stand idiots. He mentally grimaced as his best option was the girl sitting in front of him; Ms. Granger.

"I wonder what House I'll be in," he heard her wondering out loud.

Without thinking he whispered sadly, "You'll also be a Gryffindor just like her."

"Like whom?" she asked.

He popped his head up and asked, "What?"

"You just said…," he interrupted her; "I think you're too tired, I haven't said a word." His face was expressionless.

"If you say so," she shrugged.

"Are you done with your food?" he asked.

"Yeah, but I was waiting for you to finish yours," she replied.

"Then we're leaving," he said as he grabbed his belongings. He didn't wait for her and he approached a waitress. She came running to his side.

The waitress smiled at Severus and passed him their bill. He gave her 15 sickles and obviously Ms. Granger had to intervene, "Um.. I can pay for my own meal." He rolled his eyes is annoyance; his patience was running out for the day and he wanted to return back to Hogwarts. "Just be quiet and let me pay," he clicked his tongue. He left the restaurant quickly since he had to go buy clothes that would fit and suit him.

"Where are we going?" she asked.

"Gladrags Wizardwear," he answered as they both entered the shop. He rummaged through the store and picked out a couple of black sweaters and white dress shirts along with jeans and black pants. He also grabbed several belts.

He entered one of the change rooms and wore the dress-shirt and put the sweater on top. Then he secured the belt around his waist over his jean. He walked outside to look at his reflection from the mirror. As he was staring at the mirror, he saw Hermione staring at his back. "I'd rather not have someone endlessly gawking at me. Or do you like what you see?" he teased. Her face has turned scarlet and he smirked. The girl was far too innocent. His smirk faded away and it was his turn to be shy. "You do look really good in those clothes," she admitted. It was the first time that anyone complimented him so honestly for his looks. He scratched his head before he silently went back into the change room. He was going to only purchase what he chose but Hermione had a different idea.

"You looked really good in those outfits but they're all dark. You need more colours, don't you think so?" she asked.

"No," he wasn't interested to wear any bright colours.

She frowned and attempted to drag him around by his hands. He absolutely refused to have anyone touch him familiarly especially one of his students. "Don't touch me," he ordered.

"I won't if you'll try out some of the clothes I picked for you," she challenged Severus. She definitely wasn't going to back down easily and he was not going to argue publicly with a teenage girl. At the end of the day he had lime-green shirts and sweaters, a wine-red dress shirt, and blue and purple dress shirts. The girl might as well have coloured him into a rainbow. She was quite pleased by her achievement of making him agree to buy them but he was semi-amused and semi-annoyed.

When they left the shop, he was quite exhausted from the long day. He hardly ever went outside to socialize. Hermione turned around to see him and she was smiling happily. He never expected this but she gave him a quick hug that made him tense up. For a minute or two, he knew that his heartbeat changed, curse the teenage hormonal stage in life. He glared at her; she crossed the line.

"Sorry if you didn't like that," she whispered but she continued to speak, "but I was really glad to have made my first friend. Even in the muggle world other kids didn't like me because I was different somehow. You are my first friend and I really liked that we got to spend time today. It was a lot of fun. Thanks and see you tomorrow at Hogwarts Sev." With that she left him.

He took a deep breath from the spot and left. He took the broom and flew back to Hogwarts. Once he arrived, he went to the Syltherin's boy dormitory and slammed the door behind him. He heard other staffs call out to him; he hated attention and people following him. He pointed his wand to the door, "Silencio." Once silence returned, he collapsed onto a random bed and he fell into a deep slumber.