A/N: This is my first story, so please be gentle. Grammar is not my strength and English is not my first language, so feel to correct me.


Chapter One – Gotta Be Ready

James Bond was doing something he never thought he'd do. He was shopping for children's car seats.

"This one lookes good." Eve Monneypenny pointed to a black Chicco's car seat priced at 199 pounds.

It was the best looking one in the store, but he was still reluctant to get a car seat for a toddler into his beloved Aston Martin. He sighed deeply. What had to be done, had to be done.

"Fine I'll take it." He paid for it and they left the store with him looking rather sinister. He had gotten himself into trouble big time.


James hadn't been this nervous in a long time. He was sitting in M's office waiting for her to give him all the finalized papers. After that he would have a two year old daughter. He still couldn't believe it. He had only found out four days earlier about her.

M handed him a stack of papers. He eyed them over his eyes stopping at her name, Louella Bond. Her last name had been changed to his since her mother was dead and she was still small. He would probably never have known that she even existed if it weren't for her mother's death.

"Are you ready?" M interrupted his toughts.

"Yes." He nodded, getting up from his chair.

"See you in eight weeks Bond. Try to behave, for her sake."

He left her office to see the little girl sitting on the sofa with a social worker. Eve shifted her eyes briefly onto him before continuing her work.

"I wif you now?" She asked.

"Yes. You live with me now." He put his hand out for her to take, "Come on, let's go."

She took it and they left.


Louella was the most beautiful two year old he had ever seen. The girl had blond, soft, slightly curly hair which bounced with each step she took. Her eyes were even bluer than his own with little silver flecks, appearing like a deep ocean, but with that innocent look of a child. Her cherub face only added to her cuteness.

James' life had changed so dramatically in four short days. On monday he had first found out about her and met her. On tuesday M had already fixed him up a new flat which was painted on wednesday. He had spent those two days mostly in shops, buying furniture and things for Louella. On Thursday Eve helped him at the flat. Each day he had spent an hour with his daughter and another one being coached into parenthood by a social worker. How he would ever manage, he didn't have a clue.

You will learn with time, just like any other parent. Don't get worried if you're clumsy at first. You're a good man Mister Bond, I am sure you will be fine. Those were the last words of the woman.

James Bond didn't have a lot of experience with children apart from his own childhood which he partially spent in an orphanage. Louella was cute, yes, but she was too old for anyone to adopt her. She would have either been tossed around foster homes, maybe even be abused or then she would have been put in an orphanage. But she was not an orphan and James would never willingly send his own child to one. The only option left was to take her.

They arrived at the house and he drove his Aston Martin into the driveway. James' loft had been changed into a townhouse with two big bedrooms and one small one.

He freed the little girl from her car seat and took her inside.

Louella inspected the dining room she was seated in carefully while James started making a snack for her. He set the small bowl down infront of her.


"Yes, apple. Do you like apples?" James didn't know what foods, toys or books she liked, but apples seemed like a fairly save choice to him.

"Uh-huh." He watched her eat the chunks with her tiny hands. She even reached to give him one.


At six James started to get her ready for bed. He poured at bath and went to fetch the girl from the living rom.

"Time for a bath kid." Louella grabbed hold of his hand. He had noticed that she was rather shy with him. She had quickly grasped the concept of what a father was and she had gotten really exited a few times. But now she was very quiet and seemed to get anxious whenever he left the room.

He took off her clothes and set her in the bathtub. She seemed to enjoy the small layer of foam that had formed from the bubble bath he had pored into the water and the few bath toys that floated around. James managed to get her hair washed pretty well without getting too wet himself. He lifted her out of the tub onto a towel on the floor, cocooning her in a second one.

After he carried her to her room he dried her and got her dressed in a light pink night gown. Brushing her teeth was a little trickier and he got toothpaste all over her cheeks and his hands. Finally he cleaned her face with a wash cloth and set put her down in her bed.

James pulle dthe covers to her chest. Her eyes were heavy with sleep, making her blink slowly. Her hair was still a little wet, sticking into little sections.

"Good Night Louella." He brushed a few locks off her face and planted a gentle kiss on her forehead.

James got back up to leave the room, but was stopped by her little voice.

"Daddy no go" Louella had tears building in her eyes.

He came back to her side and sat on the floor. "I'll stay until you fall asleep, okay? I'll be right in the nex room, okay?"

She nodded her head a little before closing her eyes.