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The Blu Scout looked up in surprise at his team's Medic. They won? Something must have happened out there while he was temporarily down for the count, because when he was chased into this janky old shack, they were getting their collective asses kicked. Hard.

"Ah- ay there, first things first, c'mere and pry this fuckin' bullet outta my leg." He motioned for the still-confused Medic to come over, which he did.. Albeit a bit hesitantly. Kneeling down near his injured teammate, he directed the medigun's beam to the gunshot wound and allowed the device to do its work. But even as he operated the medigun, his gaze never left the Pyro- not only was he surprised that the youngest member of his team was able to pull off a stunt like this, but he was also fascinated by the Red Pyro's facial structure. He knew immediately that he simply had to get a closer look at that metal apparatus. Meanwhile, the Scout grimaced a bit as, with the help of the medigun's healing properties, the bullet worked its way out of his flesh and the wound itself began to sew back together. As soon as the relatively quick process was complete, he stood up and stretched out a bit, bending his leg experimentally and finding the Medic's work satisfactory. Grinning, he slapped the Medic's back in a friendly manner- though perhaps just a bit roughly.

"Thanks, doc." The Medic straightened his glasses with a tight expression, appreciative of the sentiment but not /quite/ so much the way it was expressed. The Scout picked up on this but decided to try and blow past it by pretending not to notice.

" Mhn.. So .. How in zhe vorld did you manage zhis..?" The Medic asked, looking back down to the subdued Pyro. The Scout, taking this as a great time to build himself up a bit, grinned self assuredly.

"Wasn't that hard, got 'im right where I wanted 'im and dropped a crate on 'is head. Out like a light." While it sounded absurd, and far more controlled in nature than it likely had been, the outcome was the same either way.. And the Medic was, as much as he loathed to admit it, impressed.

"Vell.. Gut.. Gut vork, Scout. Let's get back to zhe base and.." He paused, glancing down at the Pyro. "Figure out vhat to do from zhere." The Scout nodded in agreement, immediately turning to nudge his captive with his foot roughly.

"A'right, c'mon. Get up." The Pyro flinched a bit at the foot coming in his direction- he still fully expected to be beaten senseless at some point or another in the very least. He remembered several instances right off the top of his head where he'd set the Blu Medic ablaze, and even laughed as the man scrambled around on the ground to put out the fire that was quickly consuming him. He couldn't help but think that some sort of recompense was very soon to be put in his direction..
This didn't go unnoticed, and the Scout retreated a bit, allowing the captured Red team member to slowly get to his knees, then stand to his full height- which wasn't impressive, being a humble five feet and three inches. The Scout watched him, then grabbed his arm again, turning to haul the Pyro out of the building- but was met with a bit of resistance he didn't expect.

"Nh.. W.. Wait.." Both the Medic and the Scout looked at him simultaneously. The Pyro's gaze went downward immediately, his stomach dropping similarly. "I.. May I have my mask back.. Please."
The silence that followed his request, punctuated only by the lonely whistling of the wind outside, served to raised his stress in a slow but steady way.. So much that he almost jumped a bit when the Medic, undoubtedly recalling those many many times of being set ablaze, offered a vaguely curt,

"I am not sure I owe him zhat kindness.." There was a short moment of agreeing silence between the Medic and the Scout, and the Pyro's stomach sank further.

"But I suppose it ist zhe honorable thing to do..?" The statement, while surprising, sounded more like a question, casting light on the Medic's trepidation to be 'honorable'. Knowing the captive Pyrotechnician was uncomfortable without his mask was a delicious way to get revenge.. To drag him back to the Blu base, exposed and under scrutiny would definitely deal a blow that his ego would have trouble recovering from; to have a chance to see his panic and horror. That /would/ be much more satisfying than simply beating the snot out of him. Psychological bruises took much longer to heal than physical ones..
But.. At the same time, he felt as if that was taking more from the Pyro than he owed.. No, there were other ways to handle this situation. Without making eternal enemies. The Scout seemed to follow this train of thought just as well, and when the two of them glanced at eachother, it was clear they were on the same page. Silently the Scout trotted over to pick up the gasmask, coming back over with an air of purpose and none-too-gingerly pulling it back on the Pyro's head.

"A'right let's get outta here." The Medic nodded, walking out first as the Scout gripped the enemy Pyro's arm once more and shoved him forth, heading out in the direction of the Blu base.