Chapter 1

"Stay away from mommy you big stupid head!"

I screamed this as I kicked Gabe in the shin trying to get him away from my mom. My mom was already on the ground and Gabe was trying to take all her clothes off after he beat her so I did my best to get his attention. I finally managed to garner enough strength to gather hit attention after giving a stiff jab to the ear. It was a simple move that my mom taught me in self defense. Gabe quickly whirled around towards me and pulled the switch on his freshly drawn blade his eyes were fires of rage. I flinched at the site of the same blade that has caused me so much pain in such a short period of time. He grinned at me evilly as he stepped closer to me, "Oh what was that boy? Did you want to take some of that pain, do you think your a man?"

I stood my ground as bravely as I possibly could. I was mostly just frozen in fear so that helped to. My mom laid in the corner bruised and battered she tried to get up to help me, but she was just to weak at the moment. Gabe was now down at my level and he was running the knife around the scar on my cheek, he then moved the knife to my hair and I trembled lightly. He just laughed and I stepped forward and kicked him right in the private area. He yelped then doubled over in a short attack of pain. My own eyes widened at what I had done. I ran out of the room as fast as possible hoping to reach my bedroom in time. It was all false hope though when I made it and attempted to slam the door shut, unfortunately the door was fired back at me with much more force I fell to the ground clutching my arm in pain. It felt broken.

Gabe roared in anger as he slammed my head into the ground causing blood to erupt from my nose, he screamed, "You little brat! All I do is provide for you and that is how you repay me! Maybe you want a couple new scars is that it?"

I cried out for help, but no one came, no one ever did. Gabe punched me across the face making my front tooth pop straight into the back of my throat. Tears were streaming clearly down my face as blood trickled down in multiple places on my body. Gabe slashed at my already bruised arm and cut a huge piece of skin out. I was becoming sick and exhausted with all the blood I was losing. He then put the knife to my throat and said, "Any last words boy?"

I tried to say something brave, but I was just to torn up, I was just in to much pain. Suddenly a new voice entered the room, "Don't touch my son you son of a bitch!"

A giant frying pain came swinging down at Gabe, but some how the fat rat managed to turn around and impale his attacker, before the pan could ever reach him. I stared in horror as the blade pierced my mother's stomach. I saw the lights leave her eyes, I saw her lifeless body fall to the ground with a heavy thud, I saw her reach out for me one last time, but it was to late. My blood boiled and I let out a heart wrenching scream, and water erupted from underneath us and turned into a jet as it hit Gabe straight in the face.

I looked in shock at what I had done. Gabe stood up a little lopsided and I new I was dead. He began to run towards me, but suddenly a new person entered the scene, this man was wearing a very business like outfit, it was the typical suit and tie that you would see a successful or rich business man wear to work. The really offsetting thing about his outfit though was the shoe. They had wings on them and they were some kind of sandals. It certainly didn't match the rest of his outfit. He had a weapon in his hand as well and it was unlike anything I had ever seen before. It was a long maybe five foot staff type object, but then the handle of the blade had snakes on it that looked alive. Of course that could be brain damage coming from my end, so I can't really say for sure. The man said, "Take one more step against this child, mortal and it will be your last. Be lucky I am merciful!"

Gabe roared in anger as he attempted to impale the man, the winged foot man easily just stuck his hand out and caught Gabe's knife. He swiftly chopped my former step father's arm and then flipped him on to the ground hard, "Strike two you arrogant mortal, strike three will cost you your life."

The man stepped away from Gabe who began to stand up. As the man walked over to me, Gabe drew a gun out of his pants and I was in so much pain all I could was point. The man whirled around and saw what Gabe was doing, but instead of attacking he stood in front of me protectively. Gabe emptied the clip into the man, but when Gabe realized the bullets were having no effect on our mystery guest he stopped and stared in awe. The man just smirked and fired a golden bolt of what looked like raw power straight in to Gabe, he flew threw the wall most likely dead.

The man turned and looked at me with no expression on his face, he tried to get closer to me, and I wanted to move, but I was just in to much pain. He saw the look on my face as he bent down and looked over me. He swore in what sounded like an awfully old language, then he got a funny look on his face like he was trying to use the toilet. Suddenly a beam of gold light joined us in the room, the man grinned widely, "Mercury my brother, what's cracking? Its been a while!"

Mercury gave his 'brother' a weak smile and brought him in for a hug. The man then eyed me and his eyes widened as I laid on the floor covered in blood. He immediately came over to me and ran his hands just above my body. I felt some of my wounds seal and I felt some energy return to my body. I tried to sit up, but he kept a hand on my chest, "Take it easy little buddy you have some nasty wounds. You should be chill for a while. What kind of monster did this to you anyways?"

The man named Mercury began to explain to his brother the events that had taken place before and after his arrival. I cried when he reminded me that my mommy laid dead in the house somewhere. I know they didn't mean to, but they both looked down in guilt and tried their best to comfort me. Apollo looked in to my eyes for a split second and then he gasped, "He's a son of Neptune! The first one in maybe a hundred years. Dad's going to be pissed!"

Mercury nodded, "Look into his memories Apollo, we can't turn him in."

Apollo looked at his brother in shock though I am not sure why. I am not really sure why he called me a son of Neptune. I didn't know my father, nor did I really want to. Apollo looked back into my eyes for a few seconds, before a single tear rolled down his face, he then brought me in for a hug that I just relished in. You would think it would be awkward hugging an adult stranger, but I was strangely comforted by the man named Apollo! Apollo said, "Where is this mortal, I am going to kill that fool!"

Merucry smiled his brother, "I gave him a nice taste of Godly energy, he will be going to our uncle the hard way I believe. Actually that is where I was going until I heard this one cry for help. It wasn't the average cry, I knew the boy was in trouble and made quick work to assist him."

Apollo gave his brother a sad smile, "You did what you could and broke the ancient laws doing it. You couldn't have done anything more without causing trouble on Olympus!"

They both nodded sadly at that. I was lost in their conversation I didn't know what to make of it. Part of me wanted to run to my mommy, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it. Her body was out of site anyways, and I wasn't exactly sure where it went!

Mercury looked at me sadly, "My brother and I are not going to hurt you young one, I am Mercury and your cousin. This is Apollo my brother and of course also your cousin. What is your name?"

I looked at him sadly, still not getting over the death of my mommy, I wanted to fall distraught in tears, but I knew now was not the time. I had to be strong for mommy, "My name is Perseus mister. Thank you for saving me from the stupid head."

Mercury gave me a sad smile as he stepped closer to me, "I am sorry I was not faster. It seems that you are an orphan now. Was that man your step father?"

I nodded and spat on the ground in disgust. Apollo asked, "How old are ya kid?"

I held up seven fingers to imply I was seven years old. They both gasped at the revelation, I looked at them questioningly, Mercury said, "We are gods Perseus, we have seen the hardships you have faced, we assumed you were older by the way you handle yourself."

Apollo then look at his brother desperately, "What should we do with him? If we leave him he is going to die out there."

Mercury nodded his head slowly. Then I could see a light bulb go off in his head, "Apollo lets message Uncle Pluto for permission to enter his domain. I can do it anytime, but you can't without breaking the ancient laws."

Apollo looked at his brother like he lost it, "You want me to go visit our uncle in his home territory? Have you lost your mind? That doesn't answer the question of what we are going to do with Percy anyways!"

Mercury gave his brother a crooked grin, "It does if you had half a brain. Just do it Apollo!"

Apollo glared at his brother and then summoned a rainbow and asked for a Lord Pluto. A face appeared and there were words exchanged, but I didn't understand them due to them speaking a new language. Suddenly Mercury put his hand on my shoulder, "How would you like it if we gave you a new home Percy?"

I looked over to where my mommy once laid and then I looked at the house. It was in ruins and I had no home or family any more. I guess in ways I never did anyways. I looked back at Mercury and nodded at him sadly. He grinned as he told me to close my eyes. There was a quick burning on my skin, but then it quickly disappeared. I heard Apollo's voice and he told me I could open my eyes. I opened them and then they widened to the size of dinner plates. We were now sitting in some kind of room for a king and queen. The room was very nicely decorated with pictures of apparently famous people on the wall. That wasn't the strange part about this moment for me though. The strange thing was there were skeletons in the room openly conversing like it was good to be alive! I stared in awe of the place when my two friends bowed deeply. I spun around to look at the man who was sitting on his throne. He wore dark black robes and he gave off an aura of blackness that radiated power. I looked at him in fear and cowered behind Mercury. The man asked, "Why have you brought this child before me, nephews?"

Mercury stood up straight, "Uncle I have done you many favors in our life time of friendship and now I ask you to hear me out before you decide to act. I beg you to listen to my story and the boys before you act harshly. Please uncle."

Mercury's so called uncle gave him a weak nod and motioned for him to continue. Apollo drew his weapon and stood protectively in front of me. Mercury sighed, "The boy is a son of Neptune!"

The whole room darkened and the man's eyes lit up with anger, I cowered behind Apollo's leg trembling profusely. He cried out, "You dare bring that boy, into my presence did you want to schedule an execution today Mercury?"

My new friend stood unwavering and confident, "I asked you to hear my stories uncle, before you act. If you still wish to kill the boy by the end of story time, then I will allow it!"

Apollo looked like he was going to kill brother, but Mercury shot him a silencing glare. Pluto still looked enraged, but was now clearly intrigued by a over confident Mercury, "Very well nephew let us hear the story."

Mercury went on to tell my story of the day, and asked Pluto to look into my eyes for the rest. Pluto did as was suggested and he shook his head at the end of the memories, "Maybe I should just the put kid out of his misery. No one deserves the kind of punishment he has gone through. He will have to live the rest of his life with what has happened. You say the boy is only seven?"

Apollo and Mercury nodded. Pluto then pondered for a moment before asking, "So why did you run the risk of bringing the child before me. What if I had killed him before hearing you out, now that I have I will not, but I am curious!"

Mercury gave him a small smile, "Your reputation betrays you uncle. I know you have a good heart despite what the rest of the Olympians think. I have seen it. I had faith!"

Pluto grinned widely, "Thus why you are my favorite nephew. Now what is it you wish me to do for the boy?"

Apollo pouted at his uncle's words and Mercury sighed, "Give the boy a home and family."

Pluto's eyes widened, "You expect me to give Asylum to my ass hole brother's child? Why should I?"

Mercury said, "Ask Percy how he feels about his father."

Pluto looked at me and asked the very question my blood boiled at the very thought of him, "I don't have one."

Pluto then grinned widely, "I see what you are getting at now nephew."

Mercury cleared his throat, "I expect you to not take advantage of the boy Pluto. I want Percy to seek nothing more than mental retribution on his father. He is not to attempt to harm his father physically in any way, thus putting him in danger. Swear it on the Styx uncle."

Pluto thought for a moment, before making the oath. Thunder rumbled above and I flinched at the sound, not liking it one bit. It didn't take a genius to figure out a big promise was just made. Apollo said, "The boy is a Roman, train him for five years then you can part ways forever if you wish. Send him to Camp Jupiter and he will rise to power as a son of the big three. His strength is unparalleled when we were in the house he pulled water from an aqueduct that over a hundred feet under ground. I used to know full grown son's of Neptune that could not do that. He will be a powerful ally to your house Uncle."

Pluto nodded happily clearly with evil thoughts swirling in his mind. He said, "I agree to this on two conditions, one I get to adopt this child here and now. If I am going to raise him for the next five plus years he will be one of my own. The other condition is that the two of you give him your blessings. So if he is ever sat down in front of the Olympian council, they will see that he is the blessed warrior of two Olympians that should keep him out of trouble on Olympus."

Apollo and Mercury looked at each other before they both nodded. They walked over to me and placed hands on my shoulder. They muttered words quietly and I found new energy coursing through my body. Apollo said, "May your skills over Archery and Music enhance."

Mercury said, "May your speed and wits enhance, they will serve and guide you well. Our blessings do more than meets the eye, but those four things will be the biggest."

I nodded at them still baffled by the events of the day. Pluto then stepped forward and place a hand on my forehead. He chanted in an ancient language when he then said, "Does the power of Olympus agree to this adoption."

Mercury was about to say something when Apollo took a stab at it, "We do!"

Another round of powerful energy entered my body, and I thought I was going to black out on a power surge. All my wounds were now perfectly healed, my scars still clearly evident though, which was a little disappointing. Pluto said, "Rise Perseus Jackson, Prince of the underworld, and my new son!"

I looked at the man in awe, before I jumped towards him and threw my arms around him. Apollo and Mercury both looked shocked and so did Pluto. But he did put a hand around me and patted my back causing my two friends jaws to drop even further.

Pluto looked at me, "I will raise you to be the most powerful demigod to ever live. When the time comes you will bring justice to my Roman persona. Give our family the recognition they deserve in the Roman legends! Mercury and Apollo are your cousins and family to you Perseus. They will come by and visit you when they can, because they both have open invitations into my domain. No one can hurt you while you are down here with us though, I swear it on the Styx."

Thunder boomed and Apollo looked like he might just faint from shock. Mercury just smiled widely, "I will be back with a weapon for Perseus, he will be a sword fighter I can see it already."

Apollo shook his head, "Greatest archer to ever live, just watch. I will bring Perseus a bow by the end of the week and start practicing."

Pluto grinned, "You two idiots get out of here. Remember this is our little secret for the next several years. The time will come when Olympus will know but that day is not one anytime soon. Thank you boys for bringing me a new son. I missed the presence of children down here."

My cousins bowed to Pluto before they gave me one last smile before flashing out of the room. Pluto and I sat around a warm fire in the throne room as he called it and explained the real world to me. Gods, monsters, demigods, speaking of monsters though, none were worse than my father. Pluto told me very little about him, but not much other than he was his brother. He also told of the danger and hardships I would face. He promised to keep me under his wing for now, but a day would come when I would have to be able to save myself and possibly the world. He also explained how his youngest brother Jupiter would love to kill me if given the chance, so I was not to leave the underworld. By the end of our conversation I was dead with exhaustion and sadness of my mommy's death fresh in my brain. Pluto showed me to my new room and left me to catch some sleep. I stared at the ceiling as sadness enveloped me. I cried and cried, before I fell asleep though I swore on the river Styx that one day, my father would rue the day that he left my mother and I to rot!

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