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T-Dog stared at Adrianne with expectant eyes, watching patiently as she struggled to come up with an answer.

"Hershel, uh, wanted me to keep working for something," Adrianne answered truthfully, avoiding his eyes. T-Dog threw her a pointed look and shifted his weight to his other leg.

"Working for what?" T-Dog asked, his expression showing his doubts and his disbelief in her. Adrienne slowly reached down to pick up an armful of straw to toss into the wheelbarrow just to avoid looking T-Dog in the eyes.

"Anything. A vaccine, a cure, a treatment," she trailed off, finally meeting his stare.

"And did you find anything?" he asked, his tone hopeful. Adrianne fell silent as she straightened up and subconsciously scratching her temple, then slowly shook her head back and forth as she gave him a sympathetic look. T-Dog nodded in disappointment.

"Of course. We shouldn't have so much hope in fighting whatever this is anymore," he told her, reassuring her.

"It's not that," she replied, "It's just that I'm only one person. I can't do much by myself, especially since I don't have any supplies or equipment." T-Dog just examined her, his struggle to find something to say showing on his face.

Adrianne cleared her throat and bowed down to scoop up another armful of straw and threw it into the heaping full wheelbarrow.

"There's no reversing dead tissue. Once someone's turned they're - gone," she added in an acquiescent tone as she glanced over at the man. Then she stepped over to the handles of the wheelbarrow to take it over to the burn pile.

"So," T-Dog started after a few moments of dead silence, which made Adrianne drop the handles of the wheelbarrow. "That's your way of saying there's no hope, right?" he asked pointedly

"Well, only after the person dies," she explained, trying to sugar-coat it as best as she could. "I'm not sure of much else." She gazed over at him, gauging his expression. She realized how heavy this probably sounded to him, especially since she hadn't told anyone else; not even Hershel.

"You can't tell anyone else this," she added suddenly.

"Why not? Everyone should know that we're all gonna die like this," he responded, his voice cracking as the weight of what she had said sank down on him.

"Really? You really think people wanna know when and how they're gonna die?" Adrienne retorted in defence, memories of her professional life coming back to her. "You really think it's easy for someone to hear that we've given up on them? That there's nothing we can do?" She stopped when she felt her own words getting to her, taking a deep breath.

"Fine," T-Dog gave in, holding one hand up in surrender, "I won't tell 'em." Adrianne exhaled loudly in relief and closed her eyes for a brief moment.

"Thank you," she breathed, biting her lip.

"But you are," T-Dog added, glancing down at the ground while he talked. Adrianne stared at him, perplexed. "You can't keep this from the rest of the group. They need to know."

"Need to know what?" Rick's voice suddenly sounded from the left of Adrianne, his loud voice causing her to jump in surprise. Adrianne glanced from T-Dog to Rick, her mouth opening and closing as if she were going to say something. T-Dog raised his eyebrows at her and made his way back into the barn to push out more of the straw.

"Nothin'," Adrianne finally answered, shaking her head as she offered a smile. A suspicious look crossed Rick's face, but he didn't question her.

"Hershel needs you," he said, the suspicious look not leaving his face. Adrianne nodded and began to move around the wheelbarrow to start for the house, when T-Dog's voice made her halt.

"Adrianne's got somethin' she wants to tell ya," he said, his voice loud so Adrianne would turn around. She did, and as she faced them, they were both staring at her expectantly.

"I've been doin' some stuff down in the storm cellar," she began, scratching her temple. "Yeah, that's it," she added and sped off to the house out of nervousness. She could feel their eyes on her back; she knew Rick was going to ask her about it later. At that point, she would have no choice but to tell him the truth. Seeing the hope drain out of T-Dog's eyes crushed her and made her want to work hard for, at least, something to cure the vaccine while the subject is still alive. There was one thing that she was going to keep to herself for as long as she could - what Dr. Jenner presented to the crowd of the best researchers, microbiologists, doctors, and scientists just before everything spiraled out of control at the CDC. If only she knew if any of them, even just one of them, were still out there. All it would take was another mind to come up with something to test or try to put an end to this like smallpox.

Adrianne reached the porch and hopped up the steps, skipping every other one. She made her way into the dining room in search of Hershel, pushing her remaining racing thoughts out of her head.

"Hershel?" she called, her voice bouncing off the walls of the house.

"In here," he called back, his voice muffled. She followed the sound to the kitchen, where Hershel was standing at the sink washing the dirt off of his hands.

"What's up?" she inquired as she made her way beside him, then leaned against the counter and crossed her arms over her chest. Hershel stared out the window as he dried his hands on the towel he had sitting on his shoulder.

"I need you to make a run into town," Hershel began.

"What?" she exclaimed, and he gave her a side-eye at her interruption, "You said that place was overrun!"

"You and Maggie both. You girls are the fastest people we've got, and I know you can make your way through without getting hurt. You've done it before," Hershel explained calmly, meeting her eyes as he brought the towel off his shoulder to set it next to the sink.

"Yeah, I didn't get hurt, but someone did," Adrianne retorted with a scoff. Hershel stayed silent, avoiding the subject of Adam.

"You were also hesitant to kill a walker," Hershel pointed out, his use of the word 'walker' taking Adrianne aback.

"Did you just say 'walker'?" she asked, tilting her head to the side.

"That's what they are, right?" he questioned, already knowing the answer to that question.

Adrianne rubbed her forehead as an unbelieving smile pulled at her lips. "I never thought you would lose hope," she mumbled, gazing at the floor. First T-Dog, now her uncle, who was very persistent in her research, who kept their family in a barn while she tried her hardest to come up with something. An uneasy feeling crept up into her stomach.

"There was never hope," Hershel responded in a flat tone, causing Adrianne's eyes to drift over to him. Those were some strong words he just said - they were the same words that kept ringing through Adrianne's mind since this all started. She never wanted to hear those words come out of Hershel's mouth; she knew that if they ever did, then there really was not a single drop of hope left.

"Adrianne, I need more medicine for Randall. We're completely out of antiseptic," Hershel said, breaking the silence between them.

"Fine," Adrianne grumbled, not liking the idea of going, but he was like a second father to her, so felt the need to be compliant, "I'll go."

"I need another favor for me then," he began.


"Stay alive."

His words stuck to her like glue. Slowly, she shook her head. "I can't promise that," Adrianne said quietly, the fear showing in the tone of her voice.

"Yes you can, and you will," Hershel replied sternly, resting his hand on the counter.

She sighed and ran a hand through her hair. She never understood his faith in her, but it always boosted her confidence and helped clear her mind of worry.

"I guess I'll be on my way," she said, laughing nervously as she pushed herself from the counter and made her way to the doorway. She took a few more deep breaths before looking up from the floor, seeing Maggie sitting on the couch once she got onto the living room. Maggie glanced at her then got to her feet, holding a backpack in each hand.

An idea popped into Adrianne's mind as she was reaching out for the backpack.

"Hold on a second," she told Maggie, "do you know where Will is?" she asked her.

"Yeah, the boys went outside, why?" Maggie responded, her eyebrows furrowing together in confusion. Adrianne didn't offer an answer before she sped past Maggie and made her exit onto the porch.

Will was in the campsite, playing with Carl - Will looked like he was trying to teach Carl how to juggle the soccer ball. Adrianne smiled as she hurried down the steps toward them. Will glanced over at her when she heard her footsteps and rolled his eyes.

"Hey, gentlemen," Adrianne greeted with a warm smile, "remember what Dad told you about rolling your eyes?" she chastised Will. He nodded slightly and dropped his gaze to the ground.

"Hi, Adrianne," Carl replied in a friendly tone, ignoring the mother-son moment.

"How're ya feelin'?" she asked Carl, looking him up and down.

"I'm a lot better than I was," Carl answered, touching the spot where his wound was.

"How's it healin'?"

"It's mostly healed, Hershel took out the stitches already," he answered, pushing the brim of his hat up so he could see past it.

"Good," Adrianne smiled, then turned to her son, who was kicking the ball between his feet. "Will, I'm gonna head into town," she told him; he didn't look up at her.

"Okay," he grumbled like he was trying to get rid of her. She shifted her weight as she sighed.

"Do you want to come with?" she questioned, inclining her head toward him. He stopped kicking the ball and looked over to her - he was only a few inches shorter than her, which was surprising since she was about five-feet-eight inches tall. He'd grown a lot since the beginning of the outbreak. That fact alone told her that she didn't spend very much time with him at all; now she was going to change that.

"I'll teach you how to drive," she offered, setting her hands on her hips.

Will's mouth dropped open. "Really?" he asked, stifling a smile to seem cool around his younger friend.

"Uh huh. Now go get ready before I change my mind," she replied, shaking a finger at him and returning a smile. She was already beginning to regret this but she thought it would be important to teach them to drive, just in case they were in a hurry and he was the first one to the car. Will sped past her, heading for the house; her eyes followed him.

"You already changed your mind, didn't you?" Carl asked her, causing her to turn back to him.

"Ah-hah, you got me," she laughed, shooting him an uneasy smile. Carl laughed in return. "I'm gonna go now. See ya," she said as she waved at him and turned to stroll to the house, seeing Maggie in the screen door.

"Whattya doin'?" Maggie hissed once Adrianne got through the door, "you're lettin' Will come with?" she demanded as Adrianne strode past her to stand by the stairs.

"I'm teachin' him to drive," she explained, shoving her hands into her pockets. There was a knot that was developing in the pit of her stomach; she never had to think about teaching her kids to drive and since she was teaching Will early, it made her uneasy.

"Teachin' him to drive?" Maggie echoed. "He's barely fourteen!"

"Maggie, he needs to learn," Adrianne hissed, keeping her voice hushed, "what if we get in a tight spot and he makes it to the car? He might just have'ta leave me or you or both of us behind. And it's 'bout time that he sees what it's like out there."

Maggie's expression softened as she nodded slowly. "Alright, fine," she gave in, holding her hands up.

"Wait here, I'll be right back," she told Maggie as she turned on her heel to stroll to the utility room in the back of the house.

She found a tool bag and emptied it out on the floor temporarily, pawing through the pile for anything that could be used as a weapon - Adrianne put a hammer back into the bag. She moved to the backdoor, and with one last quick scan for anything useful, she opened it and stepped outside, making her way to the shed. Once she stepped inside, she glanced over at Randall, who was laying on an old pull-out couch bed; he was completely motionless.

Adrianne turned her attention back to the tool bench against the wall opposite of the pull-out bed. She picked up a hatchet that was on the bench and set it in the bag, along with another hammer. After looking around some more, she couldn't find anything else that would be useful besides a sledgehammer, which wouldn't fit in the bag. She picked it up and exited the shed, closing the door behind her, and hurriedly made her way to the car, popping the trunk from the inside and throwing the bag and the sledgehammer inside.

After closing the trunk, she skipped up the steps of the porch and went back inside, meeting Maggie back at the stairs.

It only took a few moments before footsteps came running down the stairs - they turned their attention to Will, who was hurrying down, carrying backpack from school. Adrianne smiled at him.

"All set?" she asked as she set a hand on his shoulder.

"Yup," he answered and they walked to the door in a single-file line, Maggie at the front and Will in the back. Without question, Maggie gave the keys to Adrianne once they got to the Hyundai and she climbed into the backseat. Adrianne climbed into the passenger's side and waited for Will to get into the driver's seat. Maggie handed Adrianne a backpack, which she set on the floor before sticking the keys into the ignition.

"Put yer seatbelt on," she told Will, who immediately did what he was told. There were three clicks from each of their seat belts and Adrianne took a deep breath. "Alright, now turn it on," she instructed, pointing at the ignition. Will's shaky hands reached for the key and twisted it partially, which turned the radio on, but not the engine.

"What do I do now?" he asked, sounding confused since the engine wasn't running.

"You have to twist it all the way," Adrianne laughed and took hold of his hand, bringing it back up to the ignition and showed him how to properly twist it. The engine purred to life in response - Will smiled in triumph.

"Okay, what now?" he question, gripping the steering wheel with both his hands. He sat up tall, peering out of the windshield with a focused expression.

"Now put your foot on the brake and put it in reverse," she answered him, pointing to the shifter. Will grabbed it and attempted to pull it back to the 'R', but it wouldn't budge. "Sweetheart, you need to hold that button there," Adrianne laughed, showing him the button on the front of the shifter. He nodded and pulled it back into reverse, then stepped on the gas pedal, causing the car to jerk backwards - everyone in the car jerked forward. Then, out of panic, he slammed on the brakes, causing them all to lurch back.

"Woah!" Maggie cried from the backseat.

"Will, easy!" Adrianne exclaimed in a loud voice, her eyebrows furrowing together.

"Sorry!" he cried back, glancing under the steering wheel to look at the pedals, trying to figure out why the car had such a dramatic reaction.

"You don't need to press on the gas, just let go of the brake, okay?" Adrianne told him, tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear.

"Okay," Will answered, sounding nervous to try again. Adrianne looked out the windshield, seeing that they had gathered an audience. Hershel, Patricia, Nick and Jimmy were standing on the porch, watching them intently. Jimmy had an amused look on his face while everyone else looked concerned.

Adrianne looked out the back window, seeing that Rick's group had also gathered to watch them.

"Okay, Will. Try again. And make sure you turn the steering wheel to the right so we can turn around," she told him, gesturing to the right so he understood. "Now, nice and easily, let go of the brake," she said in an eased tone; Will did just that and slowly turned the steering wheel, his hands still shaky.

It took a lot of reassuring words from Adrianne to tell him that he could do it and a lot of time before they finally were turned around.

"Okay, now brake!" Adrianne exclaimed as the car began to roll backwards on the driveway, toward the house. Will, in panic, slammed on the brake once more, stopping only inches away from the house. "Will! The brakes are really sensitive, all it takes is a small tap and the car will stop," she informed him, her hand clutching the door handle. "Also, keep an eye out for your surroundings - when you're backing up, make sure you're looking out of the back window. And these," she tapped on the rearview mirror and pointed to the side mirrors, "are your best friends. Check them often."

"Okay," he nodded, his hands glued to the steering wheel.

"You'll be fine," Adrianne reassured him, "put it in drive." Will obeyed with a look on his face like he wanted to just give up and let Adrianne drive.

Adrianne looked over at the group that was watching them; most of them looked amused. When she glanced back to the porch, she could tell Hershel was not liking the idea of teaching Will to drive - the look on his face was a mixture of worry and anger, like he was ready to kick Will out of the car after nearly crashing into the house.

Will gently took his foot off the brake and the car slowly began rolling forward, building speed the further it went.

"Slow down," Adrianne warned softly as they approached the turn that led to the outside of the fence. Will put his foot on the brake, a little more cautious this time but the car still jerked to a dead stop. "Okay," Adrianne sighed, her hand clawing for the door handle so she wouldn't lurch into the dash, "slowly push on the pedal. And you only use one foot." Will gave her a questioning look, then looked back through the windshield. He took his foot off the brakes and steadily turned the steering wheel as the car started forward. He wouldn't let either of his hands let go of the steering wheel as he turned.

Adrianne stared out the windshield, letting Will know every time he was swerving too far to a side. Maggie stayed completely silent in the backseat; when Adrianne looked back at her, she saw that Maggie was holding onto the door with one hand and her other hand clung onto the edge of her seat. Adrianne hadn't seen her this terrified since they went on the scariest roller coaster at the carnival when they were teens.

Will turned right, onto the road, seemingly more comfortable with driving.

"Good job," Adrianne praised as he sped up after the turn. "Keep goin' straight until we get to the next turn and go left," Adrianne instructed him; he was nodding along to her words to ensure that he was listening.

"I don't mean to be a pessimist, but what do we do if the town's still overrun?" Maggie piped from the back.

"We clear a path," Adrianne answered flatly, rubbing her forehead in nervousness.

"With what, our fists?" Maggie demanded pointedly.

"There's some stuff in the trunk," Adrianne replied with a sigh, leaning her head back on the headrest. At that point, Adrianne noticed how fast Will was going - she looked at the speedometer, seeing that he was nearing sixty miles an hour. "Woah, you little speed demon, take it easy," Adrianne scolded, pointing to the speedometer. He listened, taking his foot off the gas just as a turn came into view and he twisted the steering wheel to the left. She murmured to him to make sure he keeps an eye on that, as well as his mirrors.

The town square emerged as soon as they turned the corner - there were no walkers in sight. Adrianne let go of the breath she was holding in relief, then told Will to stop in the middle of the road - after turning around first - and leave the car running.

She put it in park for him and took a quick scan before opening her door and stepping out. Maggie followed Adrianne to the trunk, which she lifted open once Will popped it, and reached inside for a weapon. Adrianne took the sledgehammer while Maggie took the hatchet, leaving Will with a hammer. He didn't seem satisfied with what he was left with by the look on his face.

"You want the sledgehammer?" Adrianne asked emphatically.

"Yes," Will obliged, handing her his hammer then reached for the sledgehammer.

"Careful, it's heavy," Adrianne warned him as she let go of the handle - Will jolted down from the weight, nearly dropping it. "You want the hammer back?" Adrianne laughed, feeling like she proved her point. Will nodded in defeat and took back his hammer with a shameful look on his face.

"We're headin' to the pharmacy, right?" Maggie asked Adrianne, gazing over at the pharmacy that had a sign that read 'take what you need and God Bless'.

"Yeah, we'll go there first, but I think we should check out some of the other stores, just in case," Adrianne replied, beginning to walk to the pharmacy door. She glanced behind her to make sure Will was close behind, then set her hand on his back, ushering him in front of her so she could keep an eye on him.

Will ventured to the shelves where the pills were, shoving every bottle into his bag without even reading the label.

"Will, we don't need all'a that," Adrianne called over to him as she looked through all the stuff scattered around on the floor.

"We might later on," he said back in an annoyed tone. Adrianne shook her head and let him, continuing looking through the stuff on the floor after she leaned her sledgehammer against the counter. She managed to find a thermometer and a small bottle of acetaminophen, which was surprisingly intact, on the floor behind the pharmacy counter. It looked like it was hidden away, since they were neatly placed, but she didn't really care at the moment.

"Adrianne, look what I found," Maggie called after a laugh. Adrianne met her at the front of the store; Maggie was reading through a book titled 'How to Find God'.

"What?" Adrianne demanded, glancing from the book to Maggie in confusion. Maggie laughed again before showing Adrianne the page she was reading, her finger pointing out the lines she should read.

Although God created sex, he did not intend us to have it before marriage. That is because he created sex to be a means by which a husband would grow closer in their relationship. He did not create sex to be something cheaply enjoyed outside the bonds of marital commitment-

Adrianne didn't finish reading the last sentence. She brought her hand up and knocked the book out of Maggie's hands as she scoffed, her eyebrows furrowing together. Maggie flinched as the book flew upwards before falling to the floor, her face full of shock.

"Funny," she hissed, pulling a face at Maggie. "You shouldn't talk, you did it, too," Adrianne added.

"Well, at least I didn't get pregnant," Maggie retorted, keeping her voice low so Will wouldn't hear.

"Hey!" Adrianne exclaimed, her own voice's loudness startling her. "I married Adam. And we stayed married for thirteen years."

"You only married him because my dad talked you into it," Maggie argued, crossing her arms over her chest. Her expression was a cross between frustration and amusement. She brought up that subject way too much; she thought it was hilarious to tease Adrianne about it, even though that is what caused her parents to disown her.

"Maggie, hush," Adrianne vexed, glancing over to Will, who was trying to zip up his overflowing backpack.

She started for him, shrugging the backpack off of her shoulders and held it out to him from the other side of the counter. "Here, put some in here," Adrianne offered.

"No, I got it," Will replied, struggling with the zipper - with one final tug, the zipper closed most of the way. Adrianne shook her head as she looked around the store, looking for a dark brown bottle or any type of antiseptic.

"Maggie, did you see any hydrogen peroxide or somethin' 'round here?" Adrianne asked Maggie, who was pawing through what was left on the shelves. Will walked out from behind the counter and searched through more shelves.

"I think I took the last bottle last time I was here," she replied, glancing over at them for a moment before returning to her search. Adrianne cussed under breath and threw her backpack on the counter.

"What 'bout this, mom?" Will called from behind her; when she turned to him, he was holding a small blue box that had a picture of a bottle on it. She started from him and took the box out of his hand - it was a bottle of surgical wash. Hurriedly, she tore the box open and opened the bottle inside, seeing the protective seal still intact. After staring at it for a moment, she smiled at her son.

"This is great. Is there more?" she said, moving to get her backpack on the counter, tossing the bottle inside.

"No, that's it," Will told her after he glanced behind him.

"This will have'ta work for now, let's get outta here," Adrianne, slinging the backpack onto her shoulders, then picked up the sledgehammer by the counter.

"We should go check out the food mart before we go," Maggie suggested, zipping up her backpack.

"Okay, let's go," Adrianne agreed, waiting for Maggie to get her backpack onto her back, then looked to make sure Will was still at her side. She scanned around outside the glass windows before she pushed the door open and started for the food mart kitty-cornered from the pharmacy. Adrianne gazed over at the car, which was still on, spewing exhaust - after Hershel told her about the people they ran into at the bar, she was worried someone would come along and take the car.

Maggie made it to the store first, holding the door open for Adrianne and Will. Adrianne took off her backpack and strolled straight for the vitamin section at the back of the store, just in case anything was there. By the looks of it, no one was in a rush to get vitamins, since most of them were still there.

"What do you want vitamins for?" Maggie demanded, her footsteps approaching Adrianne from behind.

"I dunno, they're good for you," Adrianne explained simply, shrugging as she spoke, "try to find ginger root." Maggie threw her a questioning look, but Adrianne didn't explain herself. Adrianne glanced behind her in search of Will, who was weaving up and down the cash registers, no doubt looking for candy.

"Here's some," Maggie announced as she reached for a small, dark green bottle that was on the top shelf.

"Cool, put it in," Adrianne said, holding out her backpack to Maggie. Something loud clattered at the front of the store, jolting both of the women's attention to the noise; Will was standing next to a stack of wire shopping baskets that were knocked over.

"Careful, now," Maggie laughed. Will's face turned red, though no one else was around, then turned back to a magazine he was looking at. Adrianne laughed and shook her head, looking back to the vitamins.

The store fell completely silent except for the sounds of their footsteps whenever they would move. It was unbelievably hot in the store; sweat trickled down Adrianne's temple as soon as she would wipe it away with the back of her hand.

Adrianne set down the sledgehammer because her arm felt like it was going to fall off, but kept her hand on it just in case she needed it. There were staggering footsteps to the left of her as she was reading a bottle of fish oil.

"Will, what're ya doin' now?" she inquired; she thought maybe he lost his balance and was trying to regain his footing. Her eyes drifted over to the sound when Will didn't answer, meeting the face of a rotting, gnarling walker. She cried out in surprise as the walker grabbed at her, biting at the air in front of her face as it knocked her to the ground. "Maggie! Help me!" Adrianne cried, her hands pushing on the walkers chest, using all her strength to try to push it off.

She managed to bring up her knee, putting some distance between her and the walker. She heaved her arms up as hard as she could, getting the corpse at arms length, but was unable to push it off. The bastard was stronger than she thought it would be - she was holding her breath as she looked away, searching for Maggie. Maggie was just standing there, her hatchet in hand, gaping in horror. "Maggie!" Adrianne screamed, sucking in a much needed breath.

Adrianne was losing strength in her arms and the snapping walker was inching closer and closer to her. "Maggie! Kill it!" Adrianne yelled through gritted teeth. Finally, the walker went limp after it's rotted blood splattered out from it's head where the hatchet pierced it.

Adrianne heaved in air as she pushed the corpse off of her and let her arms fall limp beside her. Maggie offered a hand and Adrianne took it after a glare. "What the hell, Maggie?" she spat as she got to her feet.

"Sorry, I froze," Maggie piped, her expression blank. Adrianne could only sigh and pick up the sledgehammer that had fallen next to her. Will sped over to them from the front of the store.

"Mom, we need to go," he rushed, pointing to the door. She didn't see anything, so she strolled to the window, gazing out at the street. When she turned to the left she saw a herd of walkers stumbling their way down the street.

"Get to the car," Adrianne commanded both of them, pulling the door open and letting them go ahead of her. The walkers were way too close for them to go unnoticed; the familiar footsteps were coming up behind them. Adrianne warily looked back, seeing a few walkers approaching them. "Go!" Adrianne urged, shoving Maggie out the door and grabbing Will's arm, pulling him with her outside.

With a struggle, Adrianne slung her backpack on one of her shoulders so she had a free hand for her sledgehammer. A walker that was only a few feet away snarled at them, stumbling toward them as fast as it could. Adrianne momentarily let go of Will to swing the sledge hammer, striking the walker at the temple - it crumbled to the ground, it's head a rotten mess on the concrete.

Adrianne brought Will in front of her just as two more walkers began making their way over to them, their eyes wild at the sight of fresh food. She pushed him ahead of her as they started for the car. Her eyes darted around the car, searching for any clue of Maggie; she was nowhere in sight.

"Maggie!" Adrianne yelled in a panicked voice - she yelled so loud that she hurt her throat. "Maggie!" she screamed again. She turned around, her eyes falling upon the brunette, who was battling off two walkers with her hatchet in front of the hardware store.

Acting quickly, Adrianne grabbed hold of Will once more and sprinted to her cousin. She struck the walker closest to her with the sledgehammer in a stabbing motion, causing it to stagger away from Maggie. Once it was in swinging distance - and after Adrianne shoved Will out of harm's way - she hit in the face with the hammer and it stumbled back once more before Adrianne hit it one more time.

"Adrianne, c'mon!" Maggie cried from behind her and she whirled around, jogging up to Maggie.

"Where's Will?" Adrianne asked as her eyes bolted around - Maggie didn't say anything. "Maggie? Where's Will?" Adrianne exclaimed, staring at the walker that was making its way to them, growling and snapping it's hungry jaw.

"I dunno! He was just here!" Maggie cried, her expression and movements frantic.

"Will!" Adrianne screamed, louder than she was screaming for Maggie. She did a full spin, scanning the area for a boy wearing a gray t-shirt and that had a backpack slung on his back.

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