Hey guys, Advanced Faith here, bringing you an update as to where I've been, what I've been doing, and what I'm planning to do, and hopefully, get some feedback from you guys. It has been around a year since I published this story, and in that year you guys have been absolutely incredible, this story is, without any shadow of a doubt, the most popular and well received fanfiction I have ever written! The statistics for this story, as I write this, are as follows:

Words: 41,781
Chapters: 7
Reviews: 69
Views: 11,293
C2s: 1
Favourites: 55
Alerts: 31

I would like to give my most sincere thanks to absolutely EVERYONE who has read, reviewed, favourited and alerted this story, your kind words and just generally showing support and love for this fanfiction have given me hope and happiness in a time of my life where I have been struggling mentally and physically.

Since I have concluded this story, I started a collaboration fic with Ashura Satoshi, another fantastic writer on this site, but unfortunately I had to stop writing that very abruptly and it is currently sat unfinished midway through Chapter 6, bugging the hell out of me. I have spoken to Ashura and explained what has happened, and one of my aims is to get that collab finished. The story is called "Crawling," and can be found on Ashura's page.

Now as to where I have been, unfortunately 2014 has been incredibly shit for me, and is only now – half way through the year – starting to look up. What I am about to discuss is not me attention seeking and although any sympathy would be appreciated, I am not telling you all of this to gain said sympathy, I am purely telling you all so you are all aware of why I haven't been posting.

About midway through January I found out that my girlfriend of three years had been cheating on me, and soon after me finding out, she broke up with me, and unfortunately, I – not for the first time – slipped into depression. It was not two weeks later that, after visiting the doctors about back pain, that I was informed that I had a cancerous cyst on my Kidney. As you can imagine, I was in a very bad way at this point in my life, fortunately, I have a very amazing group of close friends, and they stuck by me through all of this.

I had the cyst drained, and was cleared from medical attention. But that didn't last long, with my back pain flaring up once more, I returned to the doctors, who informed me that I had two more cysts.

And since then, up until a couple of weeks ago, I have been under medical attention almost daily, often caused by blackouts, spontaneous bleeding, and regular medical visits for treatment.

Through all of this my friends stood by me, and I am now delighted to say that I am now at the best physical and mental state that I have been at in 2014.

I have also recently been accepted onto a Broadcast Journalism course at Wolverhampton University, so will be moving across the country from where I currently live in England, which is on the South-East coast.

I will also be returning to writing after my abrupt and enforced hiatus, and need your help.

I will be completing the collaboration with Ashura Satoshi, but after that, I'm a bit stuck. I would gladly accept and appreciate any story - be it oneshots, twoshots, short stories, long stories – requests that you guys may have. The only thing that I would be reluctant to write would be Pokeshipping stories or Contestshipping stories, but since I favour Advanceshipping, I feel that I wouldn't be able to put in the same quality that I did for If You Could See Me Now.

I have also been toying with a Sequel for this story, and have a question for you all.

Would you like me to write a sequel to this story? It would be less emotional, but would still cover difficult issues, like depression and insanity, and would be more action based. Would you guys be interested in that?

I would also love to finish The Pokemon Leagues Unite, but it has not been that well received, and I feel I would be putting my limited energy into a fruitless endeavour.

That's about it from me, but I would like to reiterate my gratitude to everyone who has supported this story, you're all incredible and have given me hope in my darkest hours.

Until the next time,
Advanced Faith.