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'Why?' I had often asked myself, 'Why do they enjoy torturing me? Why do they enjoy my pain?'

I watched the backs of them walking away, leaving me to die.

Luckily for them, I'm pretty much invincible,so they will get to torture me much more tomorrow. In fact, it's the worst day of the year when it comes to my 'justice' as they liked to call it.

'Why tomorrow?' I don't know, maybe the celebration of Kyuubi's defeat reminds them of the people they lost on that day.

So, naturally they take it out on me.

I pulled the kunai out of my leg, and slowly stood up. 'They will get what's coming to them. I'll make them pay!' I thought darkly. You are now probably thinking 'Wait, if this happens almost every day, how are you still alive?' Well, truth is I have no idea, other than the fact that I have a rapid healing rate. I don't think about it too often, I just assume it's a bloodline or something like that. I look up at the sky, and I frowned 'I should probably hurry up and get to my house. I can tell it's going to rain soon.'

Luckily my apartment wasn't that far away, being only about 3 blocks from here. I walked with a slight limp back to my house, a drop of blood hitting the ground every couple of seconds.

As I finally approached my door I fumbled a little bit while unlocking it. When I finally did, I walked in, shutting the door and re-locking it behind me. My apartment was made up of 3 rooms, a kitchen/living room, a bathroom, and a bedroom.

The living room/kitchen had an old couch that looked like it has seen better days, a barely functioning oven, some cabinets, and a sink.

The bathroom wasn't much better, a toilet, a sink, and a shower with only cold water.

My room had a single bed, a bookcase where I kept any books I found from my searching and a closet where I put all my weapons and clothes. Despite only being 6 years old I was quite savvy with my stuff, using the most I could out of everything.

After all, when you don't get much in life you use it the most you can.

I threw the kunai that was in my body into the closet after I washed the blood off of it in the sink. I then went and took a shower, obviously cold, I looked at the scars littered all over my body before I sighed.'Are they ever going to stop?' I already knew the answer to this though.

No, they wouldn't. The never would and they never will.

I sighed again and shut off the water before drying myself on and putting on new clothes. I walked back into my room and collapsed on my bed, not even bothering to pull the covers on me.

I fell asleep very quickly,

/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\

I opened my eyes, and sat up. 'Weird' I thought, 'How did I get in a sewer? I got up and looked around a bit 'Yup, definitely a sewer.' I saw a tunnel on the other side of the room. I sighed, 'Well, should probably see where that leads...'

I entered the tunnel and took a few turns before I entered a pretty damn big room.

'What would be the point of a room this big?' I then saw a huge set of bars.

'Almost looks like it's trying to keep something out... or in...' I walked closer to the bars to see what was on the other side of it and I saw something...surprising.

A giant fox.

It just laid there, it's head on its paws staring at me, that is until it spoke.

"Ahhhh, so you finally came to visit me." It said in a deep voice. I felt calm, like I shouldn't be afraid of the fox.

For some reason I just felt like it didn't want to hurt me. I might also not be afraid because it was inside the cage.

"What are you, and where are we?" I asked, the creature chuckled at this. "Why, we are in your mind, kit."

I was a little confused when he said this. "So did you use some kind of jutsu to enter into my mind or something?"

The massive fox shook his head, "No kit, but what I'm about to tell you will probably shock you. Now we both know that your birthday is tomorrow, correct?" I nodded, not fully seeing where he was going with this.

"We also know it as the day that the Kyuubi no Kitsune was..." He paused, as if searching for the right word to say, "...killed? right?" I nodded my head, still not understanding what he meant by this.

"Now, what if I told you that instead of the Kyuubi being killed, he was sealed into someone?" It took a couple of seconds to finally realize what he is telling me. He sighed, "I am the nine tailed fox demon, or as most know me, Kyuubi."

We just stared at each other for a while before I broke the silence. "So, you are sealed into my body?" The fox demon nodded. "Why is this the first time that I've seen you?" The fox smirked,"Because, Naruto, today is the first day you have accepted darkness into your heart." I nodded, "Yeah, I guess this has something to do with me wanting to kill the villagers earlier today." I said, angering boiling inside me from the thought of them.

The Kyuubi nodded,"Listen kit, I'm pretty pissed off at them too. If I were you I would just kill them all and eat 'em." We both laughed at that, "Yeah, but I don't think that I could do that, it's not that I don't want to, it's more like I can't. No one has taught me how to fight or defend myself..."

Kyuubi's demeanor changed to that of a serious one. "Really kit?" I nodded sadly, "Well, I'm gonna change that."'Well, I don't really have a reason to not trust him... Ah what the hell' I looked at him and smiled a toothy smile, "Really? You would do that for me?" I said to the fox demon. The fox looked at me and nodded

The fox smiled back and me, but his demeanor then changed to that of a serious one,

"But know this kit, if you agree to this, there is no backing out. Are you sure you want to do this?" I nodded my head.

"Alright then kit, Your training starts tomorrow. I want you to pack a few things you want and everything you can't live without. We will be gone for a really long time...and" The fox then held a caring look in his eyes. "...you're going to have to stage your own death..."

I looked right at the massive fox demon, "I'll do it..." I said with no hesitation whatsoever. I think there was only one person in the village who might have liked me, and that was the third Hokage. He didn't attack me, but he did almost nothing to stop it, so I don't feel that bad about leaving.

"Alright kit, get packing..." The Kyuubi then grinned at me,

"You 'die' first thing in the morning..."

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