"DAMN FUCKING OWL! NO I do NOT want you to repeat everything! Stupid little shit, it's a trick, you mash the A button and then the very last fucking option – B. Fuckers. "

"And your mother doesn't think you're a lady, wonder where she gets that notion, what with you're eloquent speaking abilities."

"You're just jealous you're stuck in the water temple, stupid." Arya sat in front of the TV cross legged carefully pressing the buttons so she wouldn't have to sit through the tenuous torture of the owls pointless speech for a third time.

"Shut up, it's because you never let me have a turn once your greedy little hands get the controller." Gendry popped another piece of popcorn in his mouth as he reclined against the foot of the couch.

"This is the only part of Ocarina of Time I can honestly say I hate." Arya let a sigh of relief escape as she watched the annoying bird fly off into the distance.

"That and the Well when you stayed up past curfew when this game first came out. Scared the daylights out of me when I heard the walkie talkie go off at like 3am, only to hear that fucking creepy Well music until you spoke." Gendry wore a smirk on his face as he egged Arya on.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Arya kept her eyes glued to the screen as she made Link run across Hyrule field.

"Don't play dumb – "

"Well at least I only have to play dumb… you on the other hand…"

"Oi watch it. Anyways what was that you asked? Oh yea, 'Gendry can you look out your window to the living room? I think something's out there..."

"Never happened." Gendry began to smile as he saw her jaw lock.

"And being the gallant knight I am, even snuck out of my house to come check on you."

"GALLANT MY ASS! You took it upon yourself to scare the life out of me! Who the hell throws shit at the window after a little girl calls her friend to check on her!?"

"Don't forget the last part." He began out right laughing as her cheeks were glowing red and he imagined he'd see steam streaming out of her ears if that were possible. He loved teasing her.

"HOW COULD I!? You ducked down with the walkie talkie acting like you were in your room and started to sound panicked saying there was some creepy looking monster outside!"

"How could you believe that?!" He started throwing popcorn at her, the game momentarily forgotten.

"I WAS 7!" She lunged at him. "IT WAS 3 IN THE MORNING AND THAT MUSIC IS SCARY AS FUCK!" She jumped on him and started throwing punches as he crouched into a ball laughing, annoyingly un-phased.

"It was brilliant!" He started to try and crawl away from the relentless beating his back was receiving.

"You (punch) STUPID (punch) OAF!" Arya went for one last hit, but Gendry turned around faster than Arya thought possible and pulled her close with his strong arms, pinning hers to her sides. Her face was pressed against his heaving chest as he laughed, and she couldn't help but relax at the smell of his aftershave.

"Well, try all you like, but I think I've won this round." Arya could just imagine the smug look on his face as he held her, and she began to thrash the only part of her she could move, her legs.

"Ah well, resistance is futile m'lady, try all ya like." He picked her up as if she were a ragdoll, ignoring the kicks to his shins, and made his way to the couch. Arya figured out the situation and tried to shout, only to be muffled by his muscular chest. He carelessly flopped on the couch with her pinned underneath him. She saw her chance.

Arya mumbled out a very convincing ow, and stopped moving, she started to ask Gendry, nicely, to get off her. She never asked nicely.

Gendry, as confused as he was, moved off her quickly to make sure she was ok.

"Ar, you ok? I didn't mean to hurt you, what's wrong? I know I'm fucking giant I shouldn't have, I'm sorry – " Arya almost would've felt bad when she looked at his face, concern etched across it, his deep blue eyes searching hers for forgiveness. She couldn't help it, she felt her act crumble before her as she felt the grin slowly make it's way on her face.

"Oh you little shit!" He dove back on her, gently, still pinning her to the cushions in a fit of laughs due to the frenzy of tickles wrought upon each other. Slowly they quieted down as they tried to catch their breath, and Gendry stared at the woman beneath him. Her hair was every which way in curly tangles and knots, her cheeks flushed from the laughs and struggles, and she still wore that rare and dazzling smiled he loved so much.

"Truce?" He pushed some stray hairs away from her face, aware of the stormy grey eyes watching his every move.

"Now why would I need a truce when I can beat you whenever I please?" She had that mischievous look that made his stomach flip, for multiple reasons that is.

"Do you not remember the past fifteen minutes? If I recall, you were quite helpless. Actually I would say you're quite helpless right now." He raised his eyebrows into the fringe of unkempt black hair, smirking like he knew everything.

"Gendry, never forget I can outwit you whenever I want. I could be out from underneath you in seconds if I felt like it."

"So what you're saying is, you don't feel like moving from underneath me, seeing how you're still here? I'm flattered quite frankly." His blue eyes were dancing as he continued to hover over her, obviously pleased with himself. Arya couldn't even try to hide the blush, which she was sure had made its way to her ears by now.

"Shut up! That's not what I meant!" She made a move to head butt him, granted it was a little excessive, but she could care less about that, as embarrassed as she was.

She wasn't ready for his retaliation though.

As she motioned to throw her head forwards, he met it, with his lips on hers.

She froze, unsure what to do, but Gendry's lips were definitely against hers, his hands moving up her arms. Slowly she moved her mouth, matching his rhythm. Her hands found their way up his neck, and she leaned her body back into the cushions as she pulled him down to follow her, not wanting to break their movements.

Gendry was surprised, he didn't think about what he was doing when he went to kiss her, he just did it. Technically this wasn't their first kiss though. That happened when they were younger and Gendry saw Arya in a dress for the first time at one of Sansa's birthday parties. He had called her beautiful, and meant it, and she lunged up towards him, and planted a kiss on his cheek, followed by a swift, and surprisingly powerful punch, to the gut. He was on his knees, hands clutching his stomach, as he heard her say, "Never say that again!" and ran off. That was years ago, and the two pretended it had never happened, but there was no denying the change between them, the new tension. The past few weeks it seems to be building though, with Arya back from college and spending most of her free time with Gendry like old times. And here he was, with Arya willingly underneath him this time, worrying his lower lip with her teeth.

He groaned and pressed his hips harder into hers, moving his tongue like it were a skilled dance. He'd wanted it for so long, and by the way she was canting her hips upwards into his, she had wanted this too.

He began trailing kisses down her neck and over her collarbone, following the seam of her v neck shirt downwards like a guide. He mumbled her name, like a prayer, across her skin, granting him little moans and grasping hands in his hair. His hands however, were all over the place tracing along her body trying to memorize every curve and line.

Arya wrapped her legs around Gendry's torso, desperately trying for more friction. She was once again back to kissing his lips heatedly, when she heard the lock on the front door click.

Faster than the blink of an eye, the two flew apart. Gendry just rolled off the couch with a thud and Arya bolted upright, straightening her shirt. She heard Sansa and her friend Jeyne's voices fill the kitchen and her eyes darted to the controller.

"Psst. Gendry! Throw it here." He followed her eyes and threw the controller into her lap and she unpaused it just as Sansa walked into the room. She began pressing buttons as she slashed her way through the zombies surrounding her, as if nothing else had happened.

"God's Arya! You look a mess, all red in the face! It's just a dumb video game."

"Zelda is NOT dumb!" Gendry and Arya yelled in unison, albeit Arya seriously and Gendry with a grin.

Sansa just sighed and walked back to Jeyne in the kitchen. The two exchanged glances and burst out laughing as Gendry moved next to Arya on the couch.

She was so focused on the game that she didn't even notice when Gendry's arm made its way around her shoulders.

Or so he thought. He couldn't see the little smile he just caused.