This is our third and final Flowers story. Well, this will be the last major story, there might be some oneshots (like Burning Flowers (alternate Timeline) Escaping Flowers (just playing around), and Longing Flowers (entry for Gratus Week)). But this is the last, and you will find out why.

This was a combination of NamikazeMia's idea and it's mixed to fit the Flower Series. I'm still using the same plot, but with many changes. Most of this will be from the anime, but I will pass on the battles.

For those who are just joining us, here are the summaries of the other two (so don't read if you want to read them). Both of them happen at the same time, using the same timeline.

Freezing Flowers: Gray comes back to the guild from his two month long mission. He learns of Natsa's disappearance and has fallen into a depression. Two years later he visits her grave, only to be greeted by Natsa herself.

Wilting Flowers: Natsa has awoken up in a strange world after fighting Elfman who turned into the Beast. While there, she finds the guild and has to fit in, while breaking hearts. Two years later, Loke and Lisanna appears with Happy; they get taken by the kingdom so Natsa and Edo!Gray has to help them. It ends when Natsa returning to Earthland and unite with Gray, sharing a kiss.

Changes from the original story:

Natsu is a girl named Natsa. Natsa replaced Lisanna on her trip to Edolas. Gray has always had feelings for her and they are finally together.

Lucy is just a background person, she a part in the overall master plan, but she doesn't have any scene time since I'm using Lisanna. Juvia is happy for Gray, so she going to be with Lyon.

Okay, sorry for such a long beginning, I just didn't want anyone to be left behind. Also, I used the dialog from the anime so it's not mine, nor is the characters.

The Grand Magic Games are held once a year; guilds complete against each other to show who's the strongest. For the last seven years Fairy Tail has been in last place; within these seven years, Fairy Tail has lost their best mages.

They were on Tenrou Island, fighting against each other to gain the S rank. A black dragon, one unlike the rest of it's kind, came upon the tiny island in the middle of nowhere. The island itself, was suppose to be hidden from others, let Acnologia came and would have killed all of the Fairy Tail members on it. Would have; the First Guild Master came and blocked the attack for the Third and his mages.

They have been reported dead for the last seven years; never to be found again. But, out of no where, the island rose out of the water; the mages were on the little piece of land. Unlike how they were suppose to be, they were alive and they haven't aged in the last seven years.

They were back, and ready to kick some butt!

All of those who rested on the island came back to their downgraded guild and trained for the next three months. Well, let's not call it training since someone decided to go to a different realm and party within these preious periods of time.

Their three-month training camp was over so they returned back to their home, their guild. The groups, they separated for training, has finally met face to face after so long. Each has accomplish their own training; whether it be conquering fears, increasing accuracy, eating a certain dish, reading a novel, advancing their magic, or training on the mountainside.


Master stood on top of the small staircase, overlooking everyone in the small hunt that they called a guild. "Alright, I'm going to announce the five members who'll participate in the Grand Magic Games as our representatives."

The guild silence as they listened to Master's words. Each were waiting for their names to be called, so they could show their strength within the Games.

"Natsa!" Master choose the pink-haired girl.

She made a fist and smiled. "Yeah!" she exclaimed. Now she could finally kick some butt after all of these years!

"Gray!" Master choose the male who stood next to the pinkette.

He just closed his eyes, and wrapped his arm around Natsa. "Naturally," he said in a superior tone.

Natsa didn't even think about the extra limb on her; she was use to it since she's been in Edolas.

"Erza!" Master choose the red-haired who's in armor.

She smiled at him, "Leave it to me."

"Well, of course those three would be chosen," stated Mirajane with her usual smile. She knew that Master has been keen on keeping the three childhood friends together ever since Natsa disappeared; they wouldn't want her to leave again.

"Two left," added Lisanna. She was standing in front of Elfman, next to Natsa and Gray. She was practicality on her toes, hoping she could be chosen for the Games.

Elfman flexed his over large muscles. "Being chosen like that is a Man!" he used his famous catchphrase.

"The remaining two..." started Master. He was waiting, making it seem more important than the rest. "...are Lisanna and Wendy!"

Lisanna fell, hitting her bottom against the floor. She wasn't suspecting to actaul be chosen out of all of these people; she was just hoping. Let, now it became true. She was going to be in the Games! "Yay~!" she cheered; holding onto Natsa's shoulder for support.

Elfman was surprised. His sister was chosen, let he wasn't. What type of Man was he?

Max itched his head, "So this is how it shakes out..."

Wendy was in denial. She was chosen?! Why her?! Why not someone else!? "I can't do this! You could choose Laxus or Gajeel instead!" she pleaded to the Master.

He shook his head, "Well, after all, they haven't came back yet!"

"Master has based his decision on teamwork..." she was referring since most of them were childhood friends, except little Wendy who counts as a small sister to them. "...more than individual power. And since we're chosen, let's do our utmost."

"Of course!" agreed Lisanna. She was agreeing for Natsa and herself.

Wendy turned around and looked at Erza. Her hands clasped together, "Yes! I've to do my best!"

"To make a serious grab for the win, I really wanted to have Gildarts or Laxus, I thought.." Master mumbled to himself.

"BUT YOU'RE SAYIN' IT!" said Natsa and Gray in unison. They both looked at Master with the same expression.

"Everyone! These Grand Magic Games are the perfect chance for Fairy Tail to regain its reputation! We'll beat Sabertooth, the strongest guild in Fiore, and Fairy Tail will be become number one guild in Fiore!" Erza gave the members a inspiring speech.

They all cheered, for victory!

"I'm all fired up!" exclaimed Natsa. She just couldn't wait to fight these mages who dare to take the title of number one.


The five of them, and Master, plus others, arrived at Crocus. The blooming capital of the kingdom of Fiore. This was the place for the annual wizards' festival, the Grand Magic Games. Wizards, spectators, and even pets, come to Fiore just to witness the Games.

The city is a large landscape, with the king of Fiore's castle, the Flower Light Palace or Mercurius, in the center of it. It's surrounded by numerous houses and shops, making this piece of land into a blooming city. The arena for the Games, is in the western mountains.

"I've never been to a city this huge before," stated Nasta.

"Me neither!" agreed Happy.

"It's bigger than Edolas' castle town," she added.

"It is?" asked Lisanna. She was inside of the castle, but she was running away for her live that it all passed by her.

Someone walked wards the group of five. "So you've finally made it..."

"Master!" greeted Erza. She was surprised by his sudden appearance, as was the rest.

He was walking with the others, with the toddler on his head. "I took care of all the entry paperwork. You better show me the power of Fairy tail!"

Some bystanders heard, "Hey! Fairy Tail, he says!"

"Those chumps?!"

"The perennial last place losers?!"

That erupted some laughter.

That annoyed Natsa; she turned to the group of bystanders, sending them a glare. "Who just laughed?!" She was daring someone to answer that so she had an excuse to crash someone.

"Stifle it," demanded Erza. This would earn bad rep if she would harm one citzen without a good reason. It was bad enough they were the laughing stock, they didn't need to lower their status so soon.

"They'll come in last place this year, too!"

"Sabertooth is sure to win," he gave a thumb up.

Natsa was so close to unleashing her fiery onto these guys.

"Anybody that wants to laugh, let 'em," stated Master. He wasn't going to let his children cause a ruckus for laughing at them.

"Then I won't hold back.." he said. Happy took this chance to giggle at Jet and Droy. During the last seven years, plus three months of training, these two became...wimpy. Droy weighted ten times more than he use too, and he also aged unlike those who disappeared for seven years. Jet has became skinny and so unlike his first appearance.

"DON'T LOOK AT US AND LAUGH!" yelled the two of them.

"Listen! I've got 30 million jewel..." Master stopped himself, and started again. "I mean, do your best to aim for the number one guild in Fiore! The way that things are now, we can't face the First, who saved our lives!"

They all agreed to that.

"Well, the competition begins tomorrow, but I have no idea what it is!" He settled the small girl on the ground.

"Fairy Tail's been in this a number of years, though, right?" asked Natsa.

"So shouldn't we know something?" asked Gray.

Asuka ran over to her father, asking him to pick her up. He obeyed, "The competition changes every year."

"For instance, one year that we weren't in it, they had a shooting contest.." Bisca said, picking her gun up to show off.

"The year I wasn't in it, they had a race.." added Jet. He ran in place to emphasis his point.

"The team with the greatest cumulative points over a number of events is the winner..." stated Droy. He, out of nowhere, was eating chicken; adding to the weight he already has.

"I looked at the past records, but it seems there's no consistency with the events." Levy was looking at the others, a bit sadden that she couldn't dig up some information on the Games.

"Well, then we'll just play it by ear," grinned Natsa. She made a fist and crackled her knuckles. "I hope it's a battle!"

'Every year, when the Games are held, we sense a strange force.'

"Erza!" stated Master.

She was in a daze before Master called her. Within moments a brown book was placed in her hands. The title was, 'Rule Book'.

"Read the rulebook by tomorrow," Master ordered her.

"Read this...?" questioned Erza. She held up the thick book in her hands.

"Leave it to me! I got Windreading Glasses!" exclaimed Levy. She was pride to finally be some help to the group. Droy and Jet were making gooey faces behind her; they were in a trace by her.

"Awesome~! You're always ready, Levy-san~!" exclaimed Lisanna. She smiled at her guild member.

Soon Levy was using her glasses to read through the book. She read page after page. "To put it in a nutshell, there are three important things. A guild Master can't participate."

"That makes sense," said Master. Who would let the leader of the guild in? That would not be fair for others.

"Anyone who doesn't have the guild emblem can't participate, they're counted as a spectator only."

"That's a pretty obvious one, too," remarked Gray. If this was a contest between guilds, then that would be no one from outside of the guild can join.

Levy flipped a few more pages into the book. "And to maintain secrecy, the rules for each event won't be revealed until right before the event starts."

"It doesn't have much useful information there," remarked Erza.

"Oh! There's a warning at the end," added Levy after a moment of silence. She was at the back of the book now as she read the lines. "All participants have to be back at their designated inn by midnight."

"Midnight?" questioned Erza. That was such a strange rule to place on the Games.

"It must mean tonight, right?" questioned Carla.

"Back by midnight... It's like that story with the princess and the glass slippers," stated Gray. He didn't remember much about the story, just that it was something about midnight and pumpkins. When he stated that, he pulled Natsa closer to him.

"If it's midnight, we still got plenty of time!" exclaimed Natsa. "It's not every day you get a chance to visit a huge town! Let's go exploring!"

"Aye, sir!" agreed Happy.

Natsa left with Happy, and Gray was close behind them. He really wished to hold hands with Natsa, but she was already a mile ahead of him. He needed to catch up before he looses her.

"Hey! Do you even know the inn we're staying at?!" yelled Erza. She was standing in the same place when they left her and the others behind.

"Honeyphone?!" answered, or asked, Happy.

Gray just answered for them since it seemed like he was the only one who heard. "Honeybone."

"Come back before midnight! Got it!?" she questioned them.

"AYE!" Happy shouted happily.

Lisanna giggled at the two. She just turned and went her own way; she was suppose to met up with Elfman when she first gotten there. He was going to be panicking if she didn't get there in time. While she was walking through the streets, she stopped to sniff the flowers. "These are so great~! And they are all over the city~!"

Wendy left the group, going her own way with her cat, Carla. They were going to do their own type of exploring.

Erza was the last one left of the group of five. She was the only one who wasn't going off; she was heading to the inn. She needed to check the room. If what Jellel said was right, the Games having a strange force; then the kingdom could be involved. If they were, then nothing was safe. Not even their rooms in the inn.


"A fight!" Natsa told her two followers. She turned her head to the direction of the noises, "You can't have a festival without a fight! Where is it?!"

"Anywhere you're," Gray said. It was true; whenever Natsa went, a brawl would commission, ending with them losing their reward.

She followed the noise, with Gray and Happy close behind. Gray came since he didn't want to leave her side; he didn't want her to disappear again like last time.

"This is what I'd expect with all the guilds of Fiore gathering here," Happy stated. He flew close to Natsa as she ran through the streets.

A scent whipped it's way within Natsa's nose. "This smell..."

Happy turned his head and looked at Natsa with worried. "What's wrong?" he asked his partner.

"It smells similar to a dragon..." she said. Within a moment, it hit her, "Don't tell me..."

She ran faster, running to the crowd that watched a fight. Something about this came from within that area...

"Natsa! What is it?!" asked Gray. He ran again to keep up with the Fire Dragon Slayer. One moment she was looking for a fight, and now she was looking fro something.

The pink-haired pushed her way through the crowd. "Move it! Move it! Move!' she ordered, trying to get through the crowd of people.

The winner stomped his foot on one of the losers' face. "ANyone else?" he asked with a boastful smile.

"These guys are beneath us, literally, oh yeah," said a brown cat. He crossed his arms, priding himself for being one of the winners. Of course they would have won, they were superior than everyone else. It only made sense for the underlings to be stepped upon.

"Fro thinks so, too," said the green cat. She was wearing a frog costume; it was pink with a tail on it. Her hand poked one of the losers; just the same as if someone was dead.

Natsa grumbled, she couldn't get pass the front rows of watchers; and they were blocking her way. Like a normal person, she crawled on the ground to get pass them. Gray sighed at her behavior, she couldn't wait for nothing.

"What the...?!" Natsa said. She looked up at the winners: two males and two cats.

The blond turned around; his fur blue clothes swished at the movement. He was shock at her appearance, "You!"

The other turned around; his pupils were small at her appearing. "Natsa Dragneel!" he stated her name instead of just saying, you. His appearance was like a goth; he wore black, and his hair was also black as the night. His pale skin made a contrast with his black clothes.

Happy's wing disappear as he walked in the middle of the clearing. He walked in front of the two other, "Cats?!"

The brown up stretched his arm out, pointing at Happy. "What's up with this stupid-looking cat?"

Fro also pointed at the blue-furred cat. "Stupid," she repeated the other' insult.

Happy looked at them then gasped. His hands came to his cheeks, "They talk!"

"This shouldn't even be surprising," remarked Gray. They seen weirder stuff than cat's talking, thanks to Happy himself, and these didn't changed anything.

Natsa was still on her knees when she addressed the two winners. "Who the hell are you guys?"

That got the crowd going. Who hasn't heard of these two?

"Hey, haven't you heard of Sabertooth's Twin Dragons, Sting and Rogue?!"

"They are the cornerstone of Fiore's strongest guild!"

Gray walked pass the crowd; he was staying behind it since he didn't want to cause a fuss. "So these are the strongest? Doesn't look like it..."

"Sabertooth, huh?" questioned Natsa. She couldn't remember, but she remember that name was similar to something.

Sting stepped wards Natsa; he towered over her since she was still on her knees. "Rumor has it you're gonna be the Grand Magic Games. Is that true?"

"You know about me?"

"The Dragon Slayer who couldn't even slay a dragon...Acnologia..." He gotten closer to her face with a prideful grin. "Are you sure you should keep calling yourself a Dragon Slayer?" He withdraw and gestured with his hands. "You know, I used to look up to you. Same with this guy, he with Gajeel-san."

Rogue bowed his head and closed his eyes. "I was just interested as a fellow Dragon Slayer."

Then it clicked for Natsa. This was why is smelled so familiar in the first place. "Dragon Slayer?! Both of you?"

"Maybe you oughta call us true Dragon Slayers... We would've beaten Acnologia."

"As soon as he sees Acnologia, he would've been running," commented Gray. That dragon was different from the others. That dragon was also the one who dismantled their best made, Gildarts.

"It doesn't matter if we seen the dragon or not. We wouldn't be running. The point here is the difference in our aptitude as Dragon Slayers."

"I'll explain," said Lestor. He grinned as he could unleash his knowledge, while putting down the First Generation Dragon Slayers, like Natsa herself. He told them about Sting's and Rogue's power; how it far surpassed Natsa and the last generation's powers. They have Dragon Lacrima implanted in their body; and they also learned from Dragons. They were the Hybrid Third Generation, the greatest over the other two.

"The dragons who taught us Dragon Slaying Magic, were slain by our own hand, so we could become true Dragon Slayers..." added Rogue.

"Humans killed dragon...?" questioned Happy.

That pushed a point in Natsa. "You murdered your own parents?!"

Rogue turned away and left the question unanswered, but it was clear that they killed them. "Let's go. I"m not interested in the older generation."

Sting smirked, "Let's make a wager, then. If your guild loses, Natsa-san joins Sabortooth."

"What type of deal is that?!," commented Gray.

"What's wrong? Afraid you're going to lose your babe?" Sting asked him.

"What if we win?"

"That won't happen."

"Fairy Tail will beat your asses!" thundered Natsa.

"Yeah, yeah.. We will be seeing each other soon, Natsa-san," Sting said and left the three. He kept Rogue waiting for too long.


All of them came back to the inn, with the late appearance of Lisanna and her brother, Elfman. The only one who was missing was Wendy, the fifth member of the group.

Elfman walked into the room with drinks; while Lisanna had treats. "Tomorrow's the big day~!" she exclaimed to the others of her group.

"Finally you've made it," commented Erza. Now, they were just waiting for Wendy to join. It was almost nearing midnight so she was running out of time.

Natsa walked to Elfman, "Are you gonna watch the Grand Magic Games, too?!"

Elfman nodded his head, "Yeah. To be honest, I wanted to be in it myself and show off for Lisanna and Nee-chan, but instead she gotten in without me. But giving up is also a Man!"

"Good timing. Can I ask you a favor?" asked Erza.

"What is it?" asked Elfman.

"Wendy hasn't came back." Since they couldn't leave the room, it was up to Elfman to find Wendy, the last member of the group. If she wasn't found before midnight, then what would happen to her?!

"It's almost midnight!" exclaimed Lisanna. She had no time to get back here before it was midnight.

*Dang* The clock ticked and it was midnight.

"What's gonna happen?!" questioned Lisanna. This was now the part that they didn't know about.

"Everyone in the guilds who have gathered together for the Grand Magic Games...Good morning!"

"Outside?" said Erza. That was where the voice was coming from. She opened the door and ran out, with the others following behind her.

"What the hell is that?! It's huge!" shouted Natsa.

"It's 3D image!" gasped Lisanna. She was amazed by the figure in the sky. It wore a huge green hat, matching cape, and striped gown. It was doing the jug in the middle of the sky.

"A pumpkin!" yelled Happy. He was the only one who wasn't frowning, he was smiling at the over large pumpkin in the sky. It moved as it talked about the games.

"Now this is getting more and more like that princess story," commented Gray.

"Beginning now, we're going to take 113 participating teams into elimination to have eight teams."

"Elimination round?!" questioned Erza. She hasn't thought they would do such a thing so soon in the contest. 'Couldn't they have noified everyone beforehand about an elimiation round? Strange behavior... Too many guilds... Mysterious power... Is the sponsor the one we should be suspicious of?'

"Every year, the number of participating guilds increases and it was pointed out that the events were getting stale. This year, there will be only eight teams competing in the official games. The elimination rules are simple!"

"What the..?!" started Gray. They shook and stumbled as the inn raised in the sky. The inn, as well as other buildings, were getting farther and farther away from the ground. "What is this?!"

"The inn's transforming!" exclaimed Natsa. It was making her stomach whirl as the inn moved. This was like a form of transportation for her.

"Look! It's the same with the others!" shouted Lisanna. She was pointing to the other buildings that rose from the ground. It was the buildings that housed other guilds, the ones they were complete with.

Elfman looked a bit too pleased. "Transforming is a Man's romantic fantasy!"

The pumpkin pointed in the air. He was smiling; yes, he did have a mouth and eyes. "All of you are going to race each other. The goal is the Games arena, Domus Flau. The first eight teams to arrive there will go on." Wooden steps appeared in the sky, each connecting to a guild's inn. They were raised up they would go move above the ground.

"We have to take the path?" questioned Gray. This was getting more crazy as the day went on.

"You're free to use your magic. There are no restrictions. But remember, only the first eight teams to get to the goal will survive this round. However, all five members must arrive together or it doesn't count!"

That caused Fairy Tail's group to gasp; they were still missing the last member, Wendy.

"And lastly, we take no responsibility for any lives lost in the labyrinth."

"Labyrinth?" That part confused Natsa. She didn't see any labyrinth. That's when a odd shape appeared above the 3D image. It was shaped like a circle with buildings pointing out.

"The Grand Magic Games elimination round! Sky Labyrinth begin!

This is the most I've ever written. Don't think the other chapters will be this long. I skipping the battling, I'm mainly just doing the things that happens outside of the arena. If you didn't notice, I was using Gray and Lisanna to fill up Lucy's lines (I don't have anything for her to do in this story so I'm replacing her with Lisanna who played a big role in the second Flower story).

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