The Grand Magic Games are held once a year. Guilds complete to prove who's the strongest. For the last seven years, Fairy has gotten last; but this year their star members returned to them. This year they finally won and held the title of the strongest in the land.


People were partying throughout the inn; Honeybone. Everyone was happy; even small injured Happy was happy. The three siblings feasted with Natsa and Gray. Mira clicked her cup against Natsa's and took a slip. The pink-haired gulped her drink down and LIsanna refilled it.

"I still can't believe I missed it all," moaned Natsa. She leaned back in her seat and groaned. She miss all of that fighting.

"Then don't go trying to save the world in the middle of the night," remarked Gray.

"How would you feel if you are being stalked by Edolas Me?" she questioned.

"I don't stalk," muttered Surge at the other end of the table.

"I would be glad," Gray gulped his drink. "Another."

Lisanna poured more into his cup. She leaned in and whisptered into his ear, "You have it?"

He nodded his head. His hand went inside of his pocket and rested on a small box. Lisanna elbowed him. He gotten the message and grabbed Natsa's hand. "What?" she questioned as she was pulled away from her seat. Lisanna sat down giggling at her. Gajeel muttered something. Laxus didn't care. Erza was more focus on a blond cat she found in the match; it kept chanting Sting's name. Lyon rested his head on Juvia's shoulder. No one paid attention to the exiting mages; or did they?

Gray opened the door. The last thing Natsa saw before entering the night was Surge's smile. That felt wrong...

'Give your love to our Earthland selves,' echoed through her mind. Her body tensed as she stood under the moonlight. Her mind went back to last night; this was exactly the same as before.

Gray pulled out the sacred object in his pocket. He gotten down to his knees and pulled her hand inside of his large one. "Natsa Dragneel. A girl who brought fire into my world, traveled through time and space, only to come back to me. A girl who loves me for me even if I have a weird personally in other worlds. A girl who opened my view onto the world. A girl who I could never live without.

Whenever she's near, I feel kindness, cheerfulness, and even warmth. Natsa, will you do the honor of marrying me? Always be on my side?"

Natsa just stared at the raven-haired as he pulled on her ring. It twinkled in the moonlight. A single tear came out of her eye and she wiped it away before grabbing the raven-haired, "Yes~! freakin' Iceblock!"

"Iceblock? Right after he asks her?" muttered Max from the window. Behind him were others in the guild; all staring out on the couple.

"No privacy at all..." Gray muttered under his breath.

"Good job, Gray," smirked Loke.

Natsa was too busy looking at her ring to noticed.

Surge just smiled at the two of them. He was truly happy for his Earthland self. He was...unleash of all of the feelings he felt throughout the years.


Mavis opened the door with her ghostly fingers. She looked at the pale boy standing on top of the inn. "You're free."

"What?" Surge turned around and asked.

"Your connection with Natsa has finally been broken. You are now free of all of the burdens you placed on yourself."

"Free? Free to do what?"

"Free to go onto the other side."

It took Surge a couple of moments to understand what she meant. She wasn't thinking about Edolas; she was talking about a whole different world. "...but I'm not dead."

"You were graven with guilt, with duty to protect Natsa, your Natsa or even this Natsa. It's too much of a chance that you were the only survivor of your guild. Your mind brought along fake memories and you concluded you were still alive. You draw blood from the pain you felt before your death."

"So...I'm a ghost?!"

"Yes, if not, you wouldn't have noticed me. Those who don't bare the mark of my guild could not seen me, except you, a fellow ghost. A free ghost."

His fingers started glowing. "Rest in peace, Gray Surge. This Natsa is protected, as you seen, but you have your own Natsa to protect from above. We will all remember you."

His body became lite as air and he started floating. His skin sparkled with dust and he vanished within thin air as he traveled into the sky.

"Goodbye Surge."


"Gray-kun?" questioned a ghostly figure.

"NATSA-CHAN!" squealed Gray-san as he raced over and groped him. Behind her was the others. Whose who been dead for years and those who just pass recently. The newer dead ones were more lively than the ones who been dead for longer, like Natsa and Master. They were the two palest out of the group.

"Come on, Gray-kun! We still have a grand adventure to go on!"

"No more stealing!"

"We don't have to be the enemies of the kingdom anymore!" added Mirajane. She walked next to Natsa. Her neck was lined with marks and bruises. Gray-san looked down at his body. It was unharmed but a patch of red on his chest.

"It's the live we always wanted," Lisanna chimed in.

"The live without hiding!"

"Without fear!"

"With everyone we hold dear!"

Gray stared at his family. All those who died. He couldn't help but smile. His eyes started tearing up. This was it. This was what he wanted.


The train loaded up with the members of Fairy Tail. It was packed that normal citizens had to take the next ride; which Fairy Tail didn't mind. They were too busy in their own world to notice the citizens' admiring eyes. The train horned and pulled out of the train station; a black-haired boy ran behind the train yelling Gajeel's name; in which everyone ignored.

"Been awhile since I rode a train," uttered Gray. He looked outside of the window at the moving shapes. Everything about that moment felt it happened before. People were partying. He was feeling warn as a madman. Partying was heard throughout the train. Yes, he knew this feeling.

He was coming home.

Not as Gray, but as Gray Fullbuster, husband of Natsa Fullbuster.

He smiled at that. Finally, he achieved his dream of always staying at her side. He even had a huge wonderful family; with Happy as his son.


"Gray! Look! I found a dragon egg! Natsa shouted. Her grin was huge and one of a kind; she was proud of her discovery. Her clothes were baggy, boyish; her pink long hair dripped in sweat. He breaths were ragged.

"Why would I care, Flamehead?" he asked with a cold tone; but this was the way he always talked to his rival.

Natsa stuck her tongue out at him, "Meanie!" She then sulked away.

That shocked Gray for a moment since Natsa didn't edge him onto a fight. He just stood there in the middle of the guild, at the direction that she left in. He didn't really know what to do, but he felt like he had to do something.

Something touched his shoulder and he looked around; Mirajane. She had a belt-thingy around her neck, dark cloths that never covered much. She was sucking on a sucker, she popped it out of her mouth. "That was mean~" she remarked.

"Yeah, so?" he questioned with annoyance.

She took a step, "Natsa ran all the way here to tell you, baka. And all you did was complain. No wonder she left..." Her head tilted to the door that swung closed.

Gray looked at Mira, looking for a sign that she was lying to him again; but then he remember the sweat on Natsa's forehead and her panting. Now all that Gray felt was guilt. "No way..." muttered Gray as he turned around and ran out of the guild. He couldn't believe that Natsa would run all the way from that place just to tell him about her finding.


So much has changed since then. So much. Now he was sitting next to his beloved as she puked her guts out. He couldn't ask for nothing more. Now when she was wearing the ring he had given her.

They were engaged.

That was something he never thought would happen. He always found himself thinking about friend-zone or even worst, family-zoned. Now, he was her equal, not a rival.

It took nine years and five months just for this one moment. If he was told this would happen, he would have double over laughing at the idiot. Now he couldn't even believe it.

The train brushed pass trees. Lisanna held Natsa's head. Happy swung from one seat to the other as he tried flying with his injured wing; Carla and Lily just watched him from their own seat. Erza smiled and looked at her metal-covered fist and Natsa's stomach.

"Shall I?" she asked.

Natsa looked up with wide eyes...but Erza punched her in the gut before she could protest. Lisanna let go of her head, and Natsa ended up laying on Gray's shoulder. He gave a panicked look at Erza; who just shrugged.

The four friends grinned at each other.

Maybe things hasn't changed as much as they would like.

The end.

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