AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay, folks. this is my first completed try at a Rizzles fic so please be gentle. I hope I have stuck to the characters but this is in fact an AU because I think AUs are fun. Especially since I'm a strong believer in people who are so in love or soul mates or have the perfect chemistry or whatever you call it will always find each other in each Alternate Universe. Here it goes.

This AU takes place in Boston still. Maura just recently moved back there and she is finding one member of a construction crew across the street completely fascinating. Let's take a look shall we?


"Nicky, you jack off!" Maura Isles had never heard something so beautiful. "These shingles are for the brown brick house. Last I checked we were working on the blue house."

"Don't get your panties in a bunch, Rizzoli. I'll send the others up."

"Up yours," it was uttered so matter-of-factly.

Maura Isles had just moved back to Boston after many years away. She decided to live in a neighborhood that was being built for the better off Bostonians who didn't exactly flaunt their wealth. In fact, Maura's house was the only house completely finished. Maura quickly settled in and decided to give herself a couple of week before she went looking for a job. After all, her family's wealth made sure she didn't have to work a day in her lie is she didn't want to, but Maura shuddered to think about her vast intellect going to waste.

This led to her lounging around the house with all the windows open, it being a nice summer, or laying out in the sun with a good book or medical journal. At first, the constant sound of construction around her was annoying and it threw off her balance while doing her yoga. By the fourth day, as she was getting ready to go sunbathe she reflected how it felt almost weird without the sounds. Plus, she was getting to know everybody by the sounds of their voices.

There was Vince, or sometimes he was called by his last name, he was the eldest and a good natured man who could be tough as nails but had a serious soft spot for animals. On the second day Maura was moved in, she was looking out of her second story window when the outfit of carpenters came across a skunk stuck in a rose bush. All of the others scampered off, a few screaming, but Vince slowly approached the frightened animal, untangled it gently, and to everyone's surprise the skunk wound itself around his legs. Even from her distance Maura could see how much Korsak wanted to keep it but she figured he thought it better off in the wild where it belonged.

Another person she knew, but wish she didn't, was Nicky. He seemed like a very unintelligent, crude person with no respect for women. One time while Maura was coming back from a jog he full on stopped her by grabbing her arm and told her to come for drinks with him. She politely yet forcefully shot him down. Everyone else felt the same as Maura but they had to deal with him because he was the boss's son.

Then there was Frankie who was fairly young and well-liked. He often got teased about being new to the job but it was all in good fun. He was also the younger brother of the person that captured Maura's attention the most.

Rizzoli. Unfortunately, no one seemed to call her by her first name. She was just Rizzoli to them, another worker, one of the guys. But to Maura, she was a beautiful, fascinating being that needed to be constantly studied. The elegant creature that was Rizzoli seemed to be completely unaware of how beautiful she actually was. Her common attire consisted of a tank top of either black or white, baggy carpenter jeans or sometimes shorts, with a tool belt, long white socks scrunched down to the ankles of her steel-toed work boots, and sometimes a bandana to help her ponytail hold back her mane of hair. Normally, Maura would find these clothes distasteful and grows but on Rizzoli, she almost couldn't picture her in anything else.

As the crew worked on the house across the street, Maura could almost see the sweat dripping down that gorgeous woman's neck, over that sharp but beautiful ridge of her collarbone, and down the front of her shirt into that-

Maura's elbow slipped off the ledge of her window and almost banged her forehead against the glass as a loud knock resounded through her empty home. First, she was filled with annoyance at whoever it was that interrupted her observations. But then confusion quickly overcame that when she wondered just who could be knocking at her door. Father was in India, Mother was in Europe somewhere, and she hadn't met anyone in Boston yet.

Her eyebrows knit together and her lips slightly pouted out as she made her way downstairs. This time the doorbell rang and they knocked; seems like they really needed in.

She peeked through her peephole and her knees almost gave out. Just on the other side of her alder wood door was the object of her musings, Rizzoli. She took a quick second to gather her wits and a deep breath before she opened the door with a smile. Her face went slack at the view before her. Rizzoli, having thought no one was home, turned and started to make her way back. This gave Maura a splendid view of her sculpted shoulders, curved back, long muscular legs, and a stunning derriere. At the sound of the door opening, Rizzoli turned around with a bright smile. She too went slack at the sight before her eyes.

Rizzoli had caught small glimpses of the woman who seemed to live all alone but those glimpses, as good as they were, did not prepare her for the full affect. The slightly shorter woman was wearing cut off jean shorts and a red bikini top under an open white button up with the sleeves rolled up past the elbows. That full face with the pouty lips, gorgeous gray-blue eyes, and rounded chin were almost too much for her to handle, let alone the rest of her body.

They felt like they had been staring for hours when in fact, it was only a couple of seconds. Maura shook herself out of her reverie first quickly followed by Jane. They both did the something to the equivalent of shuffling feet with a dry cough.

"Um, hi," Maura ventured in a questioning tone. She kicked herself mentally; eight years of medical training and that's all she comes up with? Even as socially awkward and unaware she was, she knew that was horrible.

Jane visibly started and put on her awkward smile and unconvincing polite, complacent tone of voice, "Hey."

She rubbed the back of her neck as she winced slightly, "I hate to bother you but I was wondering if I could use your bathroom. You see the Johnny that they gave us is disgusting and none of the plumbing in the other houses is finished and I drank a shit load of tea that went right through me."

Her explanation became faster as it went and she sighed when it was finished. Maura blinked a couple of times trying to decipher Rizzoli and eventually came to the right conclusion, "Of course, tea is a very strong diuretic often used by third century AD Chinese to clear the mind and simultaneously stimulate it. It actually has several health benefits as well. Such as, protecting against cardiovascular disease, several types of cancers, kills or inactivates viruses, and studies also show that it destroys the herpes virus in a matter of minutes."

Jane just stared at the entrancing, puzzling woman before her and dropped her shyness and slight embarrassment during that little tirade.

"Really?" Maura smiled as big as she usually did. Rizzoli didn't make fun of her or run away when she was finished. That was new and, Maura had to admit, kind of a turn on. "Soooooo, I can use your bathroom?"

Maura jumped into action, "It's just this way."

"I did build this house you know," Jane replied in a teasing tone as she gently nudged Maura's elbow with her own and a wink. Maura's energy dropped a little at the words and then she perked right back up.

"You're teasing me," Maura exclaimed as her smile came back full force, including dimples.

Rizzoli's steps slowed for a step at the oddness of the statement and said in a matter of fact tone, "Of course I was. It won't take me long at all, ma'am. I promise."

Maura followed her down the hall like a puppy follows their owner, love-struck and just plain cute. She stopped a few feet away from the door so as to not spook her off. Maura sighed yet again. She was right about where the sweat went.

When Rizzoli came out of the bathroom refreshed she found her host absentmindedly staring out of the window with a glass of something in her hand. She didn't seem to notice her reentrance even when Rizzoli cleared her throat obnoxiously loud.

She approached the beautiful woman and gently laid her hand on her upper arm, nevertheless Maura jumped almost dropping her glass.

"I didn't mean to scare ya but you seemed a little gone," Rizzoli had no idea why she even touched her but her body seemed to do as it pleased and her eyes refused to look away from Maura's.

"Gone? Oh! You mean daydreaming," Maura's brow furrowed once again but then her eyebrows almost immediately shot up when she realized Rizzoli was rubbing her arm with her thumb that was still on her arm.

Rizzoli seemed to realize it as well and her hand jumped away as they both tried to act as if they didn't miss the subtle yet profound sense of warmth and completeness. The summer sun must have been beating down too hard on poor Rizzoli's body, frying her brain.

Maura couldn't possibly explain why she couldn't tear her eyes away from the dark brown ones. She concluded that it must be because they were so expressive like the rest of her. Maura grew up learning that a lady, for a lady she most certainly was, never expressed anything in public, to complete strangers, or even at all to think of it. To be faced with all of those emotions confined in those eyes and yet completely rampant in the air around her was like coming across a wild mustang alone in the woods.

All Maura could say was, "Would you like some lemonade," as she feebly lifted the glass she was holding.

Rizzoli smirked; she then knew exactly what she was doing to this woman. She had seen it tons of times before. Still looking into her eyes, Rizzoli took the glass from Maura's hand and took a few swallows as her eyes flickered down to Maura's tongue that darted out to lick her lips. Jane closed her eyes and put the cold glass to her forehead with a groan of satisfaction.

"I was wondering…," Maura paused at the groan that sounded a lot like…well never mind.

Jane's eyes opened slowly and locked onto Maura's as she lowered her glass to the counter before she leaned against it.


Maura tried to shake off this trance with little luck but put on her determined face with matching tone of voice, "I was wondering what your first name was. No one seems to call you by it unless it is actually Rizzoli which is obviously Italian in origin and is derived from the word 'riccio' meaning 'curly.'"

Jane's almost smoldering look fell off her face, to be replaced by the "trying to play it cool even though I have no idea what you're talking about" face.

"Huh. You sure do have a Google mouth don't you? Do you have eidetic memory or something?"

Maura couldn't stop staring and smiling, "Yes! One time I wrote out the script of a movie I had only seen three times."

Maura didn't usually brag but she had this attraction towards Rizzoli that she needed to impress her and keep her in her life in some way or another. For once, Maura couldn't figure out why using science. This scared her, but she kind of liked it.

"That's actually quite impressive."

If possible Maura's smile widened. "So, what is your first name? Calling you Rizzoli in my head and it loud just doesn't sound right."

"So you've thought of me then." Jane crossed her arms as she leaned her full weight on her right hip against the counter and the sly smile slipped back into place so easily.

Maura's eyes went wide and her mouth almost made an "O' as she went to explain with a flushed face," Well, your whole team call each other by first or last names when it's not an insult of some kind. What's even more interesting is that I haven't heard your younger brother address you at all."

"You have been paying attention. I told him not to call me by my first name at the job site but he has addressed me before. Maybe you didn't notice 'cause he doesn't call me by name. I just know when he's talking to me." Jane took a sip of lemonade before placing her right hand dangerously close to Maura's left that was also on the counter. "I'll tell you my first name on two conditions." Maura didn't really care what they were as long as she spent more time in this woman's presence and nodded. "You tell me your full name and you make me some of this delicious lemonade for my break every day."

"Done." Maura didn't hesitate in the slightest. "My name is Maura Isles."

Jane held out her hand, "Hello, Maura Isles. My name is Jane Rizzoli."

"Jane," Maura said the name almost testing out how it sounded as Jane quickly let go, drained the rest of the glass, headed towards the door.

"Thanks for the lemonade. I'll see you tomorrow."

And with that, Jane Rizzoli was gone. Maura stayed where she was in thought when she heard, "Hey, Rizzoli. You fall in?"

"Nicky, why don't you go play in traffic?"

That rough and tumble voice was so different and yet so familiar to what Maura heard out of that same mouth a scant two minutes ago. It was so deep and threatening while inside towards Maura it was velvety and soft. Maura shivered at the memory of her voice.

"Jane," Maura repeated the name more firmly with a smile. This was already proving to be a good start to her life in Boston.

AN: That's Chapter 1! I hope y'all like it! There is more to come :)