When their lips met Maura immediately let out a moan of approval. It just felt so right and she had wanted it for so long. Jane kicked into high gear at the sound of Maura's moan and let out a much deeper moan of her own.

Maura's entire body was humming from the chase and all the sexual tension finally being released. Maura was writhing under Jane, her hands roaming all over Jane's fit body, coming to rest on those sharp hipbones, and squeezing. Jane's hips grinded in Maura's body in response, needing friction. Jane pulled away and sat back a little with a whimper from Maura. Jane smirked when she heard the strawberry honey blonde vocalize her sexual frustration. Jane swung her other leg over Maura's and straddled her hips.

Maura licked her lips and reached for Jane's body, but she found her hands pinned at either side of her head. The devilish look in Jane's eyes made Maura's center ache and she bucked her hips in protest.

Jane looked at their hands together and frowned slightly. She was still wary of showing her scarred palms to just anybody, but ever the curious one, Maura got her to take her gloves off. When she asked what had happened, all Jane said in that smoky voice was, "Carpentry accident that's too gruesome for ladies' to hear." Maura didn't push and Jane eased into not wearing gloves around Maura.

Her scars weren't the reason she was frowning. There was still wet latex paint here and there on their hands. Jane moved back again and ripped off her tank top. She wiped Maura's hands clean, and then her own. When she was done, she lifted Maura's hands to her lips for surprisingly gentle kisses with a small nuzzle of a palm. "Mmmm much better."

Maura was just staring at Jane's taut stomach awestruck. She knew that her line of work demanded her to be strong, but what she saw in front of her was beyond strong. Maura figured that with that body Jane could do a triathlon. Twice. Not until her hands were kissed did Maura snap out of her body worship of the goddess above her. Maura stroked Jane's face with a sweet smile.

The next thing Jane knew, she was on her back with an imp above her. Jane blinked once as Maura took her own paint covered shirt off with a devilish smirk. Jane smirked back and ran her hands up Maura's luscious thighs, not stopping at the hem of her cut off shorts; her hands creeping up and behind to squeeze that ass like she's wanted to since she first caught sight of Maura sunbathing.

Maura hummed her approval before slipping her own hand down Jane's pants, palming Jane's warm center. Jane hissed with a gasp that could have been misconstrued for one of pain. Who knew the sweet girl next door got down to it in the bedroom?

Maura rubbed her through her underwear styled like men's boxer briefs. The thin cotton was moist and Maura hummed again, "I didn't know you'd be this wet."

All Jane could do was pant, moan, and squirm. Maura was flicking her clit and rubbing her in ways that Jane didn't know she wanted until then. Maura bit her lip, her eyes half-lidded, enjoying the power she had over this fierce woman with just a touch. Within minutes Jane was clawing at the floor, bucking her hips, and exhaling deeply right up to the very point of orgasm. When it happened, which it didn't take that long under the careful hand of Maura Isles, Jane's entire body clenched and it felt like electricity was shooting through her. All her past lovers assumed that penetration was the fastest way to an orgasm. How wrong they were. Not only was it the quickest Jane had ever come, but it was also the best feeling she could remember. Maura kept her hand just where Jane wanted it gently rubbing the now hard clit, prolonging Jane's orgasm. When she was done, she laid down on top of a limp, sweaty Rizzoli with a smile. She closed her eyes as she snuggled into Jane who then wrapped her arms around Maura still breathing quite heavily.

As Jane came down from her high, she knew her initial feeling about Maura was right; she needed to keep Maura in her life for as long as possible.

"What are you doing Saturday night?"

Maura had been drifting in the sea of bliss and the rumble of Jane's voice in her chest eased Maura out of it slowly. When she processed what Jane said, she smiled. She'd felt so connected to Jane before, then but the physical connection just cemented how she felt. What Jane said was just the logical next step.

Jane smirked as she went on, "We should go out to dinner."