Mr. J: I'm back, sorry for the wait

Danny: What took you so long?

Mr. J: I was playing assassins creed 4. it's a great game. However there is one thing that is starting to piss me off.

Renesmee: What's that?

Mr. J: They want you to do some stuff online. Heaven forbid they give you everything in the game. To upgrade the Jackdaw all the way you need to get elite everything. However to get the elite fire barrel storage you need to do an online part. So it is impossible to get 100% on the game unless you also have online. And I'm not going to pay for online stuff.

Danny: that sucks

Renesmee: yea, it does

Mr. J: Well enough about that, on with the story


On a quiet southern road the birds were singing, squirrels were scampering, the sun was shining. All in all it was a peaceful day. However soon an engine was heard and a car is seen flying over head and Dixie horn was heard and Renesmee was screaming and Danny was laughing.

When the car landed Danny stopped and turned to Renesmee, "I told you I could jump it." Renesmee was shaking with fear and anger. She pointed at Danny and yelled at him to never do that again with her in the car. Danny grinned and nodded and they drove on leaving two men who saw the whole thing standing next to a 68 orange dodge charger with an 01 on the side and a Dixie flag on top. One man said to the other that that was a jump. The other man nodded and got in the car and they drove off.


Eventually Danny and Renesmee got to New Orleans. They were amazed at the city itself. In the distance they saw the Super Dome. They went and saw Bourbon St. and the different bars in the area. They were impressed. After a few hours of visiting they headed North West to Baton Rouge.

When they got there they got a hotel and spent the night cuddling and relaxing in each others arms.

The next day they decided to go see some of the bayou to the south. On their way down the saw a sight they thought they would not see again. It was a van with green, blue and orange with Mystery Machine on the side. It was broken down on the side with Fred and everyone else leaning on the side.

Danny pulled over and they were surprised to see them. Danny and Renesmee got out and asked what was going on. Fred told them that the Van had broken down and that they were waiting on a tow truck to take them to Baton Rouge.

Danny offered to take them back since it was only a few miles and Daphne and Velma agreed and got in the car. Fred and Shaggy and Scooby would stay with the van.

On the way back to Baton Rouge Velma told Renesmee were they were staying and it happened to be at the same hotel they were at. So when they got to the hotel, Danny dropped off Velma and Daphne and Renesmee decided that she wanted some girl time which was fine with Danny.

So Danny went back to were the van was and the tow truck was there and they were hooking it up. Fred told Danny that they were going to have it towed and it would be a while a few days for them to fix it. So Danny gave they guys a ride back to the hotel.

Danny asked what they were doing in Louisiana and Fred told Danny that they were looking at a supposed haunted mansion in one of they bayous. However, with the van out of commission the investigation would have to wait a while.

So after dropping off Fred, Scooby and Shaggy, Danny called up Renesmee and told her about the Mansion and if she wanted to go check it out with him. She agreed and told him that she was at a store around the corner. So Danny went and picked her up and headed to the mansion that Fred told Danny about.


When they got there they noticed that it was in still good condition, even though it was over 150 years old. So when they got to the front door Danny pushed on it and it opened with a creepy creek. Danny got in and Renesmee was instantly at his side. This house was freaking her out.

As they went through the house Danny's ghost sense went off. This was the first time Renesmee saw it and asked what it was. Danny told her that it was his warning system telling him that a ghost was near by. Danny then transformed into phantom and looked around. His ghost sense went off again. Danny flared his powers and a ghost floated through the wall.

It was a man that looked to be in his late 60's in a nice looking suite. "Who are you and what are you doing in my home?" Danny inclined his head and Renesmee did the same.

"My name is Danny Phantom." As soon as Danny said that, the ghost was in front of him looking him over. "Oh yes, I have heard about you. My name is Tom Jones. I am surprised that you are in this area of our country. What brings you here?" Danny sat down after the ghost motioned for him and Renesmee to do the same.

"Well sir, me and my mate are on a vacation of sorts and was told about your mansion by some people and a dog." Tom nodded. "Yes I remember them looking around earlier. They look like those, what are they called hippies?" Danny nodded.

"Well they are looking into a supposed haunting in the mansion. You are here so it is confirmed, but I won't tell them that. That sir is up to you." Tom nodded his head in thanks, he preferred to deal with things himself.

Tom then turned to Renesmee and asked her what she was. Here she showed him her fangs and he looked surprised. "Vampire, I haven't seen one of your kind in a long time. About the time of my death I suppose. He didn't know I saw him but I will never forget. Anyway it is nice to see something different than a ghost or human for a while."

After chatting for a few hours Tom had a request for Danny and Renesmee. Tom was in a secret room when he passed away and his body was still there, well the bones and clothes were anyway. Tom already had his headstone next to his wife and child so all he needed was for someone to burry his body. Danny was happy to help.

Danny and Renesmee followed tom to a bookcase and Tom told Danny to pull the art of war book. Danny did and the bookcase came forward. Danny stepped in and saw a hallway with Tom waiting patiently. Danny followed tom to a room to the left and opened the door. Danny saw on a bed a skeleton with a confederate flag in his hand and a bible in the other. Tom was looking down at his body with a neutral face. Danny used his ghost powers to levitate the body and followed tom out side. Danny placed the body down and got a shovel that was in a shed and dug the grave six feet down. Danny then went and looked for a medium size tree. He then used his ghost powers to cut a coffin out of it and put the body in and lowered it down and put the dirt on it while Renesmee said a prayer while the dirt was being put on and Tom thanked her for the prayer.

After that they went back inside and Tom showed Danny and Renesmee around. He showed them his old civil war memorabilia and wanted Danny to have it. Danny then thanked him for it and opened up a ghost portal and levitated everything out of the room into his garage in the ghost zone telling Tom that he would put it away in a special room later.

Tom then led The two to another room with a safe in it with a lot of confederate money. Danny did the same thing and put it in the garage.

After a few more hours of visiting Danny and Renesmee decided to get back and get something to eat. So they said goodbye to Tom and headed to a diner and got some food and headed back to the hotel.


The next day saw Danny and Renesmee walking around Baton Rouge. They were enjoying the sights when once again Shaggy and Scooby came running around a corner and being chased by a "ghost". Again they shook their heads as the two ran by Danny and Renesmee. Danny and Renesmee just rolled their eyes and punched the "ghost and knocked it out".

Once again Fred, Velma, and Daphne came running around the corner and saw Scooby and Shaggy shaking behind Danny and Renesmee. "Man you guys are fearless aren't you?" Asked Daphne looking at the creepy "ghost". Danny rolled his eyes and reached down and pulled off the mask. Again it was someone who Renesmee and Danny didn't know but the Mystery gang did.

After the police came and took the man away Fred asked why they weren't scared. Danny told him that he grew up in Amenity park, ghost capital of the world and he could spot a fake one and real one rite away. Fred got a thoughtful look on his face and wrote something in a notebook.


The next day Danny decided that they should get a move on and head to through Texas and move on to Arizona. Renesmee agreed and they got in the car and headed west, ready for whatever would happen next.


Mr. J: sorry for the late update, like I said I was playing Assassins Creed 4. Also I know this wasn't my best work, but I owed everyone who is still reading something.

Renesmee: Its alright, at least you put something out and not go months without updating.

Danny: true

Mr. J: alright everyone, now that I have beaten AC 4 (not 100% dam bastards) I should be able to focus more and get a decent chapter out soon. Until then, take it easy

Danny and Renesmee: bye