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On their way to Arizona, Renesmee was thinking about all of the things that they have seen on their trip. They have met Mystery Inc, made friends with the Volturi, watched a PBR event, (still excited that J. B. Mauney about wining the PBR Championship in October) and all of the other places they have seen. All in all it has been a great trip. But one of the things that she had wanted to see was what Danny has been talking about in the Ghost Zone.

Danny had been driving and thinking about the Ghost Zone as well. He hasn't been there in a while but had been wanting to go for a while. He looked over to his beautiful girlfriend and decided that if they were going to be together that he should show her everything. (giggidy)

So after a while of driving and came to a gas station to gas up Danny asked Renesmee if she wanted to go to the Ghost Zone. She immediately agreed and jumped on him hugging him and pushing his face further into her breasts which made Danny and little Danny happy.


After their little break they got in the car and Danny opened up a portal to the Ghost Zone and put the peddle to the metal and hauled ass into the portal.

After passing through the portal they came upon a nice looking house. Renesmee was wondering were they were and Danny answered her unasked question.

Danny told her that they were at his house in his realm in the Ghost Zone. She asked what he meant. So Danny told her that each ghost had his or her own realm unless they were married or mated then they just lived with each other.

So after saying that Danny told her that she always has a place here. He wasn't always in the Zone but when he was he was either here or visiting friends. Renesmee gladly accepted got out of the car with Danny.

When they did they heard barking followed by sounds of hard footsteps. Renesmee got scared for a second thinking that it was Jacob or another of the pack but was surprised when a green dog jumped on Danny licking him on the face causing Danny to laugh.

Danny explained to her about Cujo. She petted the dog and Cujo loved it. He barked and followed them to the house.

Once in the house Renesmee got a naughty Idea and got a sexy grin that got Danny's attention. She asked Danny to show her their room first which he did.

The house was a nice two story with fifty or so rooms. There were libraries that were full of books, game rooms with pool tables foosball tables, dart boards and video games, movie rooms, music rooms, guest rooms, bathrooms, playrooms for kids if any visit (Kid Blood)

And meditation rooms. Danny also had a huge pool, and a few gyms for weights and some for martial arts. He also had a few garages. For now he only had his Charger and Harley but he was planning on getting more and was happy to get a car for Renesmee.

But when they got to the bedroom Renesmee disrobed down and got naked and motioned for Danny to do the same. He did and she pulled him into bed.

(remember this is T rating so that's as far as this story will go)

The net morning Danny was showing Renesmee around the house and she loved it. She would get some stuff to add to their house. That's right she told Danny that it was now their house which he agreed.

So the rest of the Day they spent in a movie room watching….well movies in their robes.

Danny also told her of every ghost he has met and he was royalty. He was the King. The king of ghosts. This impressed Renesmee and now there was no way she was leaving him. Hell screw being a princess, being a queen is better.


They spent a few Days there and decided to get back to their families and face what is coming together. Once they got back to the Human world they decided to go to Danny's family first and see what is going on there and then go to her family knowing that that would be a bit more of a challenge and may get really violent.

So Danny called up his sister Jazz and told her to tell their parents that he was on his way with Renesmee. Jazz was excited about finally being able to meet the girl who won her brothers heart.

Renesmee Then called up Rose and told her the same thing but they would be there by the end of the week. Rose was also excited and went to go tell everyone.

So they began the drive to California and to their new situation with their families.


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