Mr. J: Hey Ya'll

Danny: Hello

Renesmee: Sup

Mr. J: So its getting close to the end, and I'm running out of things to stay

Danny: Lazy

Renesmee: Yup

Mr. J: shut up or no hugging or kissing

Renesmee and Danny: We will be good

Mr. J: That's what I thought, anyway on with the show


After a few Days later Danny and Renesmee eventually ended up in good old California.

Danny called his parents telling them that he would be there in an hour and he had company with him. They told him that he needed to hurry and that they were tired.

It turned out that the big name ghosts left the town alone most of the time, but the lesser known ghosts were keeping everyone busy. So Danny sped up and made it there in record time.

As soon as they got into town they noticed that the streets were empty except for the lesser ghosts. Then they heard a honk and turned and saw that it was Mystery Inc. The gang got out of the car and were speechless. Fred looked at Danny and asked him if this was real and Danny nodded. Velma however didn't believe it and walked up to a ghost. Danny told her to be careful but she kept walking and grabbed a ghost and she went right through it. She screamed and ran back to the others and jumped into the van and locked the door.

Danny told them that these were low level real ghosts. Danny told the gang to investigate if they wanted and that he and Renesmee would see them around.

Eventually Danny and Renesmee pulled up to Danny's parents place. Danny when they got to the door it burst open and out came Jack, Madie, Jazz and Danni.

They each greeted him and asked who the girl was with him. Danny introduced her and said that they should all go inside.

When they got inside Danny gave the full introduction of who/what Renesmee was. At first his family was upset besides Jazz and Danni.

Danny told them to calm down and that she was his mate and he loved her which got a lot of awes from Danni and Jazz who grabbed Renesmee and dragged her up to Jazz's room.

Once up there Danny told his parents that he was moving to the ghost zone but would spend a lot of his time in town and her place up in Washington.

His parents asked how he was going to pay for everything. Danny told them that the his realm provided everything for them.


After a few days latter they had to leave and had to go see her family.

So a mile out from the house Renesmee called Rose and told them that she was a mile out and to expect her soon.

As soon as they got to the house and out of the car her family was coming out of the house. Danny leaned up against the side of his car and Renesmee was leaning up against him. As her family got closer Alice froze and everyone turned to her. "The Volturi are coming, its Aro and Jane."

As soon as they said that the two came out of the tree line. Before Carlisle could ask what they were doing there, Renesmee and Jane screamed and ran to each other. Before Her family could react Jane and Renesmee were hugging and talking a mile a minute.

Her family could hardly believe it and then they heard two slaps. When they looked to see what happened, both Danny and Aro had their hands sliding down their faces.

Danny and Aro looked at each other and greeted each other which surprised the family.

As soon as Jane and Renesmee were done introductions were made. Edward tried to be a scary Dad and scare Danny away which only made Danny and Aro laugh. Edward ran at Danny who became intangible and Edward ran into a tree causing Emit to laugh and everyone else smirk.

After explanations were given things became calm again.


A few years later Danny and Renesmee wed and became ambassadors to the Ghost Zone and the Vampire world.

Mr. J: I know it isn't the best ending but it is at least a ending.

Danny: yea it isn't the best

Renesmee: oh yea it sucked

Mr. J: Suck it

Renesmee: OK!

Danny: What…?

Mr. J: Well got to go and thank you all for reading my story. I'm probably going to stick with one shots for a while. Anyway (grabs Renesmee and drags her) got to go by

Danny: Get back here (chases after them)