You had been hunting for a couple years now. At first you were hunting with a friend, Tom, until one hunt went wrong and your partner didn't make it out alive. The next year was hard, hunting by yourself, grieving the loss of one of your best friends. After a while, you got used to the loneliness because you had a hard time finding another hunting partner.

You were hunting an angry spirit in a small town just outside of Washington. You had tracked it to an abandoned building. It was a cold night and there was a breeze. You wandered through the building to where the bones were under the floorboards. You crouched down and started working at the boards to get them up.

"Police. Freeze!" You heard someone yell. Great, the police, just what you needed.

You turned around and saw two men, casually dressed, pointing guns at you. You stood up with your hands out to your sides.

"You aren't cops" you said as you noticed they were holding sawed off shotguns.

The shorter one looked confused for a second "yes we are" he said.

"Why would police officers be holding sawed off shotguns, which are illegal" you said noticing as they dropped their guns slightly.

All of a sudden, the spirit came out of nowhere and rushed towards you. You braced yourself for impact and you felt it just not in the way you were expecting. A few seconds later you heard a gunshot.

Someone had pushed you out of the way. Standing next to you was a man in a tan trench coat. The other two men ran over to the floorboards and ripped them off, seconds later you felt the heat of a fire and saw the ghost burst into flames. The trench coated man helped you up, looking into your (E/C) eyes with the most beautiful blue eyes you had ever seen.

"You are hunters" you said as they all turned towards you. The taller one looked at you and nodded "I'm guessing you are one as well" he asked. You nodded in return.

"I'm Sam Winchester and this is my brother Dean. Oh and our friend Castiel." He said receiving an angry look from supposedly, his brother. Castiel, what a strange, but beautiful name.

You didn't know who they were but they just saved your life and trusted you with their names, so you gave them yours "I'm (Y/N)."

You turned to the man named Castiel and thanked him, which he nodded and gave an awkward smile. It made your heart flutter, realizing just how attractive he was.

The men walked you out to your car and in the parking lot you saw a black 1967 Chevy Impala. "Is that yours? Nice car" You asked. Dean, turned around and smiled, with a proud look on his face. "That's my baby" he said. Sam pulled his brother to the side, they were obviously arguing about something. You could see Castiel staring at you from the corner of your eye. Sam walked back towards you.

Sam looked at you, a look of concern on his face "are you by yourself?"

"Yeah. I have been for quite some time" you said, the pain of a memory, etched across your face.

"It's dangerous for solo hunters, actually I'm surprised you're still..."

"Alive?" Finishing Sam's sentence.

"Exactly. My brother and I were talking and were thinking maybe you could tag along and join us on some cases" said Sam, nervously, shifting his feet.

You stared at him in shock, never thinking you would find a group of hunters, willing to take you in. You wanted so badly to join them but was afraid that you would be a burden on them. "I couldn't, I would just hold you back" you said.

"That's ridiculous. Join us. We could both use the extra help" said Sam. Castiel was staring at you with hope in his eyes.

"Well I guess I could for a while" you replied.

"I'm going to need to get some things" you said. Castiel looked at you "I will take you" he said as he put a hand on your shoulder. Instantly you were in your small apartment.

"How did you do that?!" You yelled.

"I'm an angel of the lord. Teleporting is among one of my powers" he said.

You looked at him in shock. "You are an angel? I didn't even think angels existed."

"Yes" he said simply. You walked around, so many questions running through your head. "Ok. I'm ready" you said tensing up. "Relax" said Castiel as he put a hand to your shoulder and you were back by your car.

Sam, Castiel and Dean drove the Impala while you followed in your car. You drove to a motel and got a room, Sam had already found a new case.

Over the next couple of months you followed them all over the country to different cases. You started to become like family with Sam and Dean and the attraction between you and Castiel grew, until finally you two confessed your love for each other.

It was a rainy night and you had just started a case involving an angry spirit. You were in your motel room, getting ready for bed, when you heard a rush of wings behind you.

You turned around and Castiel was standing behind you, walking closer. Your breath caught in your throat and your heart skipped a beat.

"(Y/N), every time I am near you, I feel fluttering in my stomach and when I am not with you, I want to be. I can't get you out of my head. What is going on?" He asked as he stepped even closer.

You could feel his body warmth and he smelled like rain. "That is called love, Cas" you answered.

He tilted his head and stared at you "do you love me?" He asked.

"I think I do" you replied, your face getting warm.

He reached out and touched your cheek and then gently ran his hand along your (H/C) hair. "I think I love you too" he said as he wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you close.

Your faces were so close and you could feel his breath on you. You stared into his beautiful blue eyes as he leaned in and his lips met yours. It was a soft and gentle kiss but it sent chills through your body.

"Get some rest, (Y/N)" he said.

You slid under the covers and he sat on the edge of the bed.

"Stay with me" you whispered, not waning him to leave.

He smiled and took off his trench coat and suit jacket and draped them across the chair. He laid down next to you and you put your arm over his chest and slept in his arms.