You walk up to your red, 1968 Chevy Chevelle, seeing a familiar figure. Castiel was leaning up against the side of the car. There was a small layer of fog hovering between the trees, small patches of stars peeking through.

"I missed you, (Y/N)," he moved away from the car and wrapped his arms around you.
After he had fully recovered from his injuries he had duties he needed to attend to. This was the first time you had seen him in two weeks.

"I missed you too" you replied, breathing in the familiar smell of his trench coat.

You tilted your face up to him and your eyes met. His hands lightly rested on each side of your face and he pressed his lips against yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck and played with the bottom of his hair.

"Cas, can I see your wings?" You asked, looking into his blue eyes. His eyes met yours as he pondered his response. After a few seconds he stepped back and closed his eyes. Light appeared behind his eyelids and slowly spread through his whole body.

Once the light faded, you turned towards him and there were his wings, long and black. They were beautiful. They seemed to shimmer in the moonlight and each feather looked artfully sculpted and each unique. Castiel studied your face but stayed completely still.

Slowly, you walked up to him and reached a hand out. Gently, you moved your fingertips along the feathers. The wing twitched under your touch but Castiel didn't move. The feathers were unbelievably soft and seemed to slip between your fingers like water.

Castiel reached over and grabbed your hands, pulling you close to him. His wings moved, wrapping around you. He looked down at you and moved a strand of hair behind your ear.

"I've never shown a human my wings before, fully manifested" he whispered in your ear.
You tilted your head sideways and kissed him, warmth spreading throughout your body despite the chill in the air. His wings moved and in a glow of light, they were gone.

Cas put his arms around your waist and pulled you against him. He lightly pushed you against the car and ran his hands through your (h/c) hair. You buried your head in the crook of his neck, breathing in his familiar scent. He lifted your chin up and kissed you, his breath warm on your face.

Cas reached around you and opened the backseat door. He lifted you up and set you down, while he crawled in and closed the door behind him. He snapped his fingers and the car radio turned on quietly. The moonlight came through the windows just enough to be able to see.

He leaned in and kissed you, his tongue tracing your lips. His hand rested on the small of your back as he lowered you down onto the seat. You linked your arms around his back and continued kissing him. His lips moved from yours down to your neck, until he pulled away. He looked down at you and could see the moonlight shining in your (e/c) eyes. "I love you" he said as he laid next to you and hugged you to his chest.

You played with his tie until your eyes got heavy. Cas took off his trench coat and laid it over you like a blanket. "Goodnight, (y/n)" he said kissing your forehead. Lying with your angel was exactly where you wanted to be. You felt safe under his wings and you wished you could stay like that forever.