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Ah demon hunting. There was no better thrill, thought Clary as she walked the unusual empty streets of Manhattan with Jace, Isabelle and Alec.

The demons seemed to have increased in numbers in certain areas. Clary wouldn't mind, but she knew who was behind it.

Her brother. He had left a note, he was coming. Clary knew who he was coming after. Her.

She shook her head from her thoughts. Now wasn't the time to think about her brother. Now was time to listen for demons and decide how to fight them.

Jace had it easy. With his heavenly fire, all he needed to do was increase his heart rate than any demon that touched him would burn. Clary hoped the silent brothers found a cure for him soon. She missed being able to kiss him and being held by him. She refused to believe that there was no hope.

"Did you hear that?"Said Alec, stopping in his footsteps. They all stopped and listened. Clary heard it.

There was heavy breathing, and a foul stench.

Clary took out her throwing knives, Jace had recently bought her. Isabelle unwound her whip, Alec pulled out arrows for his bow and Jace held a seraph blade. The noise was getting closer.

Clary saw something move in a nearby alley. It came close, revealing itself under a street light.

It looked like a large scorpion with monkey hands and a much wrinkled face. Clary would have laughed at how ridiculous it looked, but its long barbed tail made her freeze with horror with what was drawing nearer. She screamed inside, she was paralyzed unable to make a sound.

It came closer to her. She could hear someone shouting her name. She was unable to move her eyes away from the creƤture in front of her.

Suddenly she felt someone push her to the side. Sense came back to her and she immediately stood up. Isabelle had pushed her; Jace was looking for a way to strike with his blade.

Alec rushed over to her, and then started surveying their surroundings.

"What is that?" Clary asked. She was glad it was dark, so no one could see her crimson cheeks. How could she be so stupid? She just stood there while a demon advanced towards her!

"Scorpios demon. Never fought one before, but I saw them in a book in the library." Alec said, his eyes narrowing.

Clary was about to ask how to kill it, but a scream stopped her. Isabelle was slumped next to a wall, clutching her stomach. Jace had somehow stabbed the demon.

Clary's best guess was that the demon had swiped its tail at Isabelle (which was what caused her bleeding stomach) and Jace had stabbed it while the main threat had been distracted.

Alec and Jace then ran towards Isabelle. Clary took out her stele. She could make a strong iratz for Isabelle.

She was jogging towards the other three, when Jace looked up at her. His eyes widened and he quickly stood up, shouting her name.

Clary was confused, but turned around just in time to see another Scorpios demon behind her, its stinger making contact with her shoulder.

Clary collapsed, her vision going. The last thing she saw before her eyes closed was an arrow stabbing the demon in the face.


Jace was checking Isabelle's wound. Alec was drawing an iratze, and her stomach was already healing.

He turned around to look for Clary. He saw movement behind her and saw another demon. He shouted at her to move while bouncing to his feet and running towards her.

She turned around and Jace watched as the demon struck her with its stinger. He saw her collapse to the ground and heard an arrow whizz past his head, connecting with the demons head.

As the demon was distracted in pain, Jace jumped and landed on its back, stabbed it with his blade and it disappeared before it stung him.

Jace ran to Clary. Her breathing was ragged. He turned her on her back, panicking on what to do. He couldn't let her die. They had gone through so much! He felt tears fill his eyes. He kept repeating her name, hoping she would wake up.

"JACE! Magnus is on the way!" Alec said shaking him to get his attention.

Jace looked up and saw Isabelle leaning on Alec shoulder. They were both pale and shaking. Jace nodded for them to interpret that he acknowledged what Alec said.

"How long till he gets here?" he asked quietly. She was barely breathing.

"I'm here. Show me the patient!" Shouted a sparkly warlock. He froze when he saw the state they were in. he rushed over and immediately set to work. Sparks flew from his fingers.

Jace wanted to shout at him to stop. Clary's breathing was becoming slower and fainter.

Eventually Magnus stopped what he was doing. His forehead was a glitter clumped zone.

"There's something wrong. She should be waking up!" he said unsure.

Jace pressed his fingers to her neck as he couldn't hear her breathing. There was no pulse.


Clary felt like she was floating but felt heavy at the same time. It was like she was being weighed down with a suit of iron, and was falling through clouds.

She couldn't open her eyes. They were glued shut. Why would she want to open them? She was in no discomfort. She felt at peace.

She sighed in content. She did feel at peace, but there was something missing. She tried to remember something. What was missing?

She heard her name. She felt herself smile as she realized what was missing. Her angel. Where was Jace? Shouldn't he be with her? She tried to call out to him, but no sound escaped her lips. She tried as hard as she could to call out to him, but to no avail.

She started thrashing. She wanted Jace! Where was her angel?!

The weight that was pushing her down seemed to get heavier and heavier. It felt incredibly heavy that she couldn't breathe. She didn't feel like she was floating. She felt like she was being crushed.

What the hell was going on?!

She then remembered something. A demon. She had fought a demon. Or was she watching a demon? All she remembered was a demon advancing towards her, and then a flash and she could see a stinger connecting with her shoulder.

Clary finally opened her eyes. She was lying on her back in a street. She sat up and looked around.

Isabelle and Alec were standing over Jace and was it Magnus? They had their backs to her. What was going on? Shouldn't Jace be leaning over her? She didn't know if she was hurt or not.

She stood up on shaky legs and walked over to them. She pressed a hand to Isabelle's shoulder, but her hand went through. Clary gasped and pulled back her hand. Isabelle didn't seem to notice her!

She tried to get Alec's attention, but the same thing happened again. How did her hand go through them? Maybe it was a trick of the light? She tried shouting at them to get their attention, but she couldn't make a sound.

She was severally freaked out.

She ran around them to get Jase's attention. He wouldn't ignore her. She wished she hadn't walked around.

Jace and Magnus were huddled over someone. Jace had worry, fear and pain in his tearful eyes. Magnus looked sad and confused.

Clary looked down at the person they were surrounding.

It was her.

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