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"Magnus! Get your sparkling ass out here!" Jace shouted as he banged on the door of the warlocks home.

When no reply came, Jace gritted his teeth as he stepped back then with all his strength, Jace lifted his foot and slammed it against the door. The door banged open, revealing an angry-looking warlock.

Magnus looked the same as before. His hair was spiked with colorful ends, his clothes were still outrageously embarrassing looking in Jace's opinion. Only the high warlock of Brooklyn could think leather pants and a rainbow glittered shirt worked as clothes.

Magnus yellow cat eyes were narrowed, his arms crossed as he glared at Jace. "If you waited another two seconds, I would have opened the door." he said in a bored voice.

"I'm sure you would have." Jace said sarcastically. "I need your help."

Magnus raised an eyebrow. "Really? What else is new."

Jace took a deep breath, restraining himself from attacking. "Listen warlock. I'm not here about Alec. I'm here for Clary."

At the mention of Clary, Magnus's angry expression softened slightly. "What happened?"

Jace felt some relief that Magnus might be willing to help. "She's gone and I need you to track her."

Magnus looked momentarily surprised. "Gone? As in kidnapped?"

"No. She left by her self."

Magnus's face had the ghost of amusement. "I'm sure its new territory, but I'm sure her leaving was a subtle hint that she's no longer interested in you."

Jace clenched his fists, he could already feel his skin turn into a blinding fire. "Will you help or not? I could really do without the commentary." He hissed.

Magnus pursed his lips. "What's in it for me?"

"What's in- by the angel, don't stand there and pretend that you don't care about her. You practically knew her all her life! Don't you think you owe it to her to help her?!"

"How is me tracking her going to help her? It seems like I would be helping you stalk her."

Jace ran a hand through his curls in frustration. "She's been different since the 'incident' last night."

"How much different?"

Jace told Magnus everything. From Clary running for a while - early in the morning, her fast healing, her temper (excluding the pink smoothie being poured on his head), the fact she understood Romanian, her new weapon of a sword that burned Isabelle leading to Clary disappearing without a trace and how Clary was persistant on leaving alone to do something important.

Magnus had listened without interrupting, his lips pursed as his cat eyes stared straight at Jace.

When Jace had finished speaking, Magnus frowned before turning around and leaving Jace in the entryway of the place.

"Should I just wait here?" Jace asked, before following Magnus anyway. He knew he wouldn't get a response.

Before Jace could enter too far in the room, the warlock appeared in front of him like he had been placed there suddenly. He had a book the size of a gravestone in his hands with a blue cover. Jace couldn't make out the tarnished gold lettering on the front.

Magnus was flicking through it, searching for something. Jace was confused as he was sure Magnus didn't need a spell to do a simple tracking spell.

"Is this the sword?" Magnus asked, turning the book so Jace could see the page.

Jace studied the image of a golden sword with a blazing fire around it. "Yeah, that's it." Jace said frowning. "What does that mean?"

Magnus was also frowning as he turned a page and a group of white cloaks, the one in middle holding the sword from the page before. The opposite page was inscribed in what Jace presumed was a demonic language.

"The sword belongs to the leader of the 'Angeli autem velum'." Jace nodded as he easily understood Angels of the veil. He couldn't read the Latin in the book however. He also had no idea what angels of a veil had to do with Clary. "The angels are tasked with helping souls cross over to find peace." Magnus said, his index finger following what he must be reading off the page.

Jace felt his whole body tense up. "If their job is to help souls, what has that got to do with Clary?" he asked.

Magnus looked up from the page. "Last night, when I healed Clarissa from the demon poison, she should have woken up. But I figured I was too late and she had stopped living." There was sadness in his eyes. Jace wondered what it was like living for years, knowing every life you talked to would one day die. How could anyone survive an eternity of that?

"So you're saying...Clary died last night and that she met these angels? If she died, how is she still alive?" I hope...

Magnus returned to the page. "It says here that when a persistent soul refuses to cross over, an angel may take pity and offer a deal if they determine the soul worthy enough."

Jace could feel his heart plummet. He had no doubt in his mind that Clary would refuse to die if she had the option to live. But if what Magnus was saying was true, what deal had Clary made? What was so important that she couldn't tell him?

"What kind of deal do these angels make?"

"It doesn't say. But it does say that they are not to be trusted."

"Yeah...that sounds like someone Clary would make a life changing deal with." Jace muttered as he began pacing. "Anything else?"

"Yes, but I don't think you want to know." Magnus said, snapping the book closed.

Jace stopped pacing to glare at the warlock. "If it helps me find Clary, I do want to know."

Jace and Magnus stood still, Jace glaring and Magnus seemingly to size him up before sighing. "The angels were not created to be angels. They were all once mortal."

It took Jace a moment to process the fact. "Is there a chance that's related to the deals the angels make?"

Magnus scanned the book before turning his cat eyes on Jace. "Have you anything that belongs to Clary? I can't track her without a personal belonging."

Jace nodded before handing over Clary's favourite paintbrush which he had run all the way to her room to grab. He handed it over to Magnus who clutched it in his hand before a golden hue formed around the brush, followed by a loud bang and an explosion that pushed Jace and Magnus off their feet and flying into a wall.

Jace had the unfortunate luck of colliding with a mirror hanging on the wall. Under different circumstances with a different crowd, Jace would make a joke about how the mirror was jealous of his looks and tried to kill him. But since it was only Magnus who was removing himself from the rubble of wood, Jace didn't think the situation would uphold his humour.

"What just happened?" Jace asked, shaking his head in hopes of removing any small shards of mirror from his hair.

"There's a block on Clary. I only caught glimpses of her surroundings which is unusual for the tracking spell." Magnus frowned as he stared at the paintbrush which now lay on the ground.

"What did you see?" Jace insisted.

"A girl, but she didn't look like Clary. She was in front of the empire state building."

"What did the girl look like?"

"Short gold hair with a purple streak, grey eyes, porcelain skin and runes covered her arms meaning she's a shadowhunter."

Jace narrowed his eyes. "Was there a golden rune on her arm?"

"I didn't see." Magnus shrugged. "Why? Do you know her?"

Jace started walking towards the front door of Magnus's home. "I think it's Clary in disguise."

I'm not entirely happy with this chapter, but as I said above, it's a re-starter chapter! I wanted to write a Jace POV, mainly it's dialogue...I'm not good with a Jace monologue! It always annoys me when I make him seem so...aggravating I guess is the best word I can use...

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