The moon shined down on the rooftops of New York. It was a warm summer night a perfect night to just enjoy the peace and have a relaxing night. That was for most people the case, but not for a certain group of turtles on the rooftops of New York, they were in a furious fight with the Foot ninjas.

The four brothers all fought well.

The oldest, Leonardo, took down the ninjas who faced him down fast and with precious moves with his katanas. He didn't allow his enemies to much room to move in and finished his enemies one by one.

The second oldest, Raphael, had his own fight. he took down groups of ninjas with powerful kicks and punches and when a ninja had bad luck with his Sai.

The second youngest, Donatello, made it a rule to not let his enemies to close and to knock them out when he got the change with his bo-staff.

The youngest, Michelangelo, moved out of the way of his enemies at the last moment and taunted them, when they would drop their guard to attack with furry he made quick work of them. The youngest turtle almost danced around his enemies before he hit with his trusted nunchucks.

The four brothers fought against the ever-growing ninja army. They didn't notice the arrival of a new enemy on the battlefield. The man looked down at his hated enemies and saw the youngest working though the small army that surrounded him, and moved.

Leo took another ninja down and stared at the other ninjas, whom were standing in a circle around him. Leo looked for the next one that would attack while he listened to his brothers. He heard the small grunts from Raph, the sound of wood contacting to skin from Donnie and the unmistakeable sound from his baby brother's voice as he taunted his enemies. Leo rose his katana to block another attack as he countered with a powerful kick in the stomach of the ninja, the ninja fell to the ground without another sound. Leo glared at his opponents and watched them move a little away, Leo narrows his eyes and looks around the battlefield, it looks like the enemy was retreating, why would they do that? It wasn't like the turtles has really been winning.

Leo turned his gaze to Raphael, but Raph had everything under control. Next he looked at Donnie and saw that his genius brother was doing just fine. Leo turned around to look for Mikey, he followed the sounds of taunts and soon found his youngest brother, but the sight had Leo's eyes widen.

Right behind his youngest brother was Shredder, ready to strike him down.

"Mikey!" the turtle in blue screamed for his youngest brother, the two other brothers turned their gaze towards the youngest and gasp at the sight.

Mikey heard his brother scream and turned to look over his shoulder and saw the shredder, he jumped as fast and as far away as he could but the shredder was the close and the claws hit is left shoulder. Mikey felt back and hold his shoulder in pain, an agonising scream was heard. Shredder moved forwards to finish the work but Leo jumped with his katanas ready to strike. Shredder jumped back to escape the sharp swords.

Don sat down next to his younger brother and looked over the wound.

Shredder let out a sharp laugh, "Well, maybe just one turtle tonight. Have fun with the funeral freaks." And the shredder and the last few ninjas disappeared.

Raph turned to his two younger brothers, "Don? How is he?" Donnie looked up at his brother and sighed, "It isn't as bad as shredder thinks it is, it will require stitches but Mikey will be fine." While Donnie was talking, he put Mikey's shoulder in a temporary bandage. "We need to get to the lair. There I can treat his wounds good." The two older brothers nodded as Raph picked the turtle in orange up.

The four went back to the lair.

After Don was down with making the stitches and bandaging the shoulder up again came Leo in, "What were you thinking?! Were you even paying attention at all?" Mikey looked up at his brother, "I was paying attention!" Raph groaned, "Yeah right, you were taunting your enemies and not taking it serious. Again! one of these days you are going to get one of us killed!" Mikey let out a small sob and spoke with a soft voice, "I would never let any of you get-" Leo cut him off, "The maybe it is time for you to become serious for ones! Because as long as you aren't you are not going on patrol with us." Mikey looked up at his brother but kept quiet.

The four sat in silence when Leo broke it, "Come, we need to tell master Splinter what happened" the three nodded and the four walked towards the dojo where their father had been meditating with April. After April had moved in with the guys had been able to get a lot more training from the ninja master.

"Aaah, my sons, you have returned." Splinter looked over his shoulder and took notice of the bandages his youngest had, "What has happened my sons?"

The four bowed and sat down before their father as Leo spoke, "We were doing or normal patrol when we encountered a group of foot ninjas, they attacked us and soon reinforcement came. We got split up in the fight and where all taking care of our own ninjas, shredder made his appearing and managed to get behind Mikey, we could warn him in time to jump away before Shredder could deliver a finishing blow."

Splinter nodded and looked at his youngest, "Michelangelo? Are you okay?" the young turtle nodded and splinter sighed in relieve, "Now my son, how could it be that you did not notice the enemy?" Mikey looked at his father and thought back, at the start he had been focused he would make the ninjas drop their guards and he would strike them down, somewhere he had gotten overconfident and had paid less attention to his surroundings, only when Leo called for him did he notice the dark aura behind him. And after that it had been his quick reflexes that had saved him from the deathly attack. Mikey took a deep breath and spoke softly, "I… I… got overconfident and underestimated the enemy sensei…" Mikey heard his father sigh and heard Raph whisper a 'figures'.

"You will not train or go out on any patrols as long as you are healing, and after you healed we will work on your focus." Mikey nodded.

"Now my sons, please go to bed."

The three oldest left the room immediately, Mikey left a little slower and moved towards the kitchen to grab something to drink, he was about to enter when he heard his brothers talk.

"I can't believe he lost focus again!" that was Leo.

"We know fearless. If this keeps going he is going to be to dangerous to take him with us." That was Raph.

"Mikey should learn to keep serious in a fight. I don't want to know what would have happened if you hadn't warned him Leo." His smart brother Donnie.

"Yeah Leo, I don't want him in the team like this, it is just too dangerous." Raph again.

"Yeah, I know. Maybe it is better if he stays here, even when his shoulder is healed."

Mikey stepped back from the door and walked to his room without another sound. He sat down on his bed and looked around the room, it was messy but he know where what was. His sketchbook was lying right on his nightstand with his favourite pencil. His brothers didn't know that he loved drawing that much, sure then knew that he would draw a lot when he was bored but not more, and whenever he wanted to show them something they would say that he should do something less childish. Mikey gave a small smile, Leo was really one to talk with his Space Heroes. Mikey rose from his bed and started to pick up the items on the floor.

Choose made, He would not be a burden anymore. No matter what, he won't stand in his brothers way anymore. One way, or another.