Mikey slowly wake up by the rays of the sun that shined though the cracks of the boarded up window. The rays shined on his cheek and it slowly warmed him. Mikey turned around a little before opening his eyes, staring up at the old wooden ceiling. Mikey sat up in his pillow and blanket nest he had made the night before and checked his surroundings. Only now he was truly awake did he realize just how stupid he had been to walk into some old building that could fall apart any given moment.

Mikey closed his eyes and listened to the sounds from the building, checking if he was alone. No sounds were heard and Mikey slowly stood up and walked to the door from his small room. Ones outside of it he let his eyes wander the room. Yesterday's thoughts had been correct, he was in matter of fact in an old apartment building, and by the looks of it, it wasn't to bad, which was a big luck on his side.

The young turtle started to make his way out of the apartment when he felt his muscles protest, Mikey made his way slowly though the other apartments, making sure to not overuse his legs after the day they had yesterday. Mikey looked though all the rooms for anything he could use and brought it all back to his temporary room. Ones he was done with every room he returned and started to look over what he had found.

Most of the building had been empty and cleaned out, though he had found some old first-aid kits and some new blankets and clean beddings. However, the most priced thing he had found were for one the cans of food he had found, one with canned fruit, another with soup and the last with bacon. The other great price had been a pair of old sneakers, Mikey had looked them over and even though they were old, but they seemed okay, the stuff humans threw away.

Ones back in his room he tried the two shoes on, they were a little bit too big and he put them next to his bag. Mikey took the beddings and started to rip it in tapes. The work only kept his hands busy and felt him free to think. The turtle's thoughts turned back to his family. He wondered with his family was doing now that the sun was up. He knew they had found out that he was gone. Mikey halted in his movements and stared at the ribbons he had made. He picked the first one up and started to put them around his feet and heels, his thoughts ones more returning to his family.

Mikey tried to concentrate on the ribbons, but his kept thinking about his family, he was already regretting leaving. The orange-banded turtle lifted his right hand and slowly touched the scar on his right left shoulder. He knew his reason, and he would stick to it. Though it would be so much easier if his father had not been reaching for his spirit the whole past day and past night.

Mikey stared at his now tape covered feet and ankles as he thought back to his dream.

The young turtle stood in a white space. Mikey looked around confused, he knew this had to be a dream, because he remembered he was in that old building, that and the fact that it was an endless white space was a pretty good give away.

As Mikey realized that there was nothing around him he started to walk. The silence pushed on him as he made his way over the white space, not knowing where he would end or what he was doing, just walking.

He walked for what felt as a long time even though he was not sure about it. The turtle looked at his legs and wondered why they were not hurting. After what he had walked, he expected some kind of pain. Nevertheless, he would not question it now; it really would not help his case now. Mikey got the feeling he was being followed, and would look behind him multiple times just to see a whole lot of nothing. Time went by and Mikey's uneasiness grew. When he was about to snap he heard a gentle voice. "My son." Mikey stopped mid-step and stared, who had his father found him already?

"My son." The second time Mikey couldn't stop himself and turned around, his father was there, standing in the light, a small and relieved smile on his face. "It is good to speak and see you my son." Splinter held out his hand, silently asking Mikey to come to him.

To come home.

Mikey wanted to let his whole plan go and just run towards his father, he hadn't even been gone for a day and he already felt like he hadn't seen his family in months. Mikey took a step before stopping himself and looking down at the ground.

"My son? What is wrong?" his fathers voice was concerned as Mikey just stared down he opened his mouth to say something but nothing came out. Mikey looked up shocked, why couldn't he use his voice here? Mikey felt panic coming up but his father noticed his sons distress and was fast to calm him down, "Don't worry my son, it is normal that you can not talk here yet. This is a spiritual place and only went enough practise you will be able to talk here. it will come with time." Mikey nodded, but how? How could he explain why he did it like this? How could he explain to Master Splinter that he missed home already but needed to do this? Different emotions took Mikey over and Mikey noticed that the white space reflected it, he felt his own emotions coming from the walls as an ego.

"Talk with your emotions my son." Splinter looked at Mikey with a small reassuring smile. Mikey took a deep breath and let his emotions run free. Sadness, helplessness, uselessness, determination, the deep pain from when he left, he went though all of them, all of the emotions he had felt from the moment he decided on his plan.

The ninja mastered concentrated on his son's emotions as he tried to understand where they could have come from.

Mikey stared at his fathers face and could see that his father didn't understand what he meant, it was frustrating.

"My son, I am sorry but I don't understand, please come home. We miss you." That hit a spot in Mikey's heart, a pang of guilt for bringing his family in distress. But he made his choice, and he would stick to it. Mikey sadly shook his head, gave a small wave and pushed himself away from his father's spirit, to a dreamless sleep.

Mikey blinked the tears away as he pulled on his shoes. Mikey looked though the crack in the boarded up window and say that the afternoon sun was still pretty high.

Mikey looked at his stuff and nodded to himself, he would use the rest of today to look though the other buildings and use tonight to rest. Tomorrow morning we would move on.