Snow had fallen over the city that is called New York. families sat inside, enjoying the warmth.

Under the ground, down in the sewers sat a rat who was busy meditating. In search to find the energy of his youngest child. Ever since the youngest of his four children had left, had the rat been keeping track on his youngest with his mind. At first his child had reacted to him, he would reach for the connecting he shared with his father, but that had ended. The youngest had started to close himself off, and now had the father lost all contact he had had with his child.

Master Splinter sighed as he tried again. He wanted his youngest back and safely at home. And now with that snowstorm, he wondered if his youngest had found a place to stay.

The night they all realized that he had gone was burned into their minds.


The morning was early as always, The Master ninja sat in the kitchen enjoying his morning tee. As any other morning he was soon joined by his oldest child, Leonardo. "Good morning master." The master rat smiled "Good morning Leonardo, how was the patrol?" Leo looked down as he sat on his chair "Not so good father…" Splinter looked at his son "What happened my child?" Leo sighed "There are so many Foot-ninjas out lately. They just keep on getting more and more… it gets harder to do are thing every night and the Kraang is working together with shredder now… and…" splinter lay a paw on top of his son shoulder. "Take a deep breathe my son. We will find a way to fight this evil." The turtle in blue nodded and smiled "If you say so father."

Soon after that, were the two joined by Raphael and Donatello. Michelangelo didn't seem to come join them for breakfast that day. They had had is before that the turtle in orange didn't have breakfast with them. At first they would go drag him out of his room but now they just let him.

After training, the three turtles took their turns in the shower while the master rat trained April. By then it was five in the afternoon and everyone was just relaxing. Master splinter walked into the kitchen, seeing that no one was there, which was very unusual, normally the youngest would be running around the kitchen trying to cook a new idea he had. Splinter went to start with dinner while he called to his oldest "Leonardo?"

"Yes master?" came the direct reply, the master heard his second oldest repeat the oldest in a mocking tone. "Could you go check on Michelangelo for me?" the oldest replied with a 'Of course' and went to the youngest room.

The turtle in blue opened the door to the youngest of the house "Hey Mikey, master splinter-" but the rest of the sentence was lost as the oldest looked around. The room was empty except for a clean bed, desk and many packed boxes. This confused the oldest of the turtles "… Mikey?" the turtle in blue walked into the room and took another look around. Everything was clean, nothing on the ground, the walls were bare, the desk wasn't covered in paper and pencils. The only thing that wasn't cleaned up completely was the nightstand, on it lay one notebook and pencil.

The oldest stood in shock as he looked around. Was this some kind of joke? The oldest run out of the room and started to look around the lair. He looked at all the normal hiding places. Soon he was stopped by someone, Leo looked up straight in the face of the second youngest "Leo… what are you doing?" Leo looked around the room "Have you seen Mikey today?" Donnie shook his head "No, what do you mean? isn't he in his room?" Leo shook his head and went back to searching. The turtle in purple, always curious walked towards the Mikey's room and entered the now bare room.

Don looked around and saw the gear on the bed, folded and tied with the orange mask. It felt like a punch in his stomach "Leo! Did you try the bathroom yet?" Leo's reply told him he had. "Why does Mikey's room look like this?" Donnie turned around to face his other brother, Raph stood in the door opening and looked confused at the clean room "Donnie?" Don could feel tears coming up "Mikey is gone… we can't find him…"


After telling their sensei what was going on they all went to search the youngest. Leo left to check the sewers, Splinter looked for contact with the youngest mind, Donnie and April went to check any cameras and the T-phone chip and Raph went to search Mikey's room for any hints.

After opening many boxes, except for the one on which PRANK STUFF was writing, had Raph sat down on the bed. Right now, he was looking at the notebook that lay on the nightstand. After a while Raphael picked it up and opened it, the first page was a drawing, it showed the tree in the dojo and there was a date written on it, 26 October 2011. Raph turned to the next page, another drawing with another date, start 27 October 2011 end 29 October 2011. Raph continued to look though the notebook and at the drawings, every drawing getting closer to today's date.

At almost the end of the notebook was there one drawing, it was dated to almost 4 days back and the drawing was almost like a picture of them. Out of the notebook fell a small note. Raph put the notebook down and picked up the note.

*Dear Guys,

When you are reading this I will be gone.

Sorry for… well… everything…

I didn't mean to be childish,

I didn't mean to be annoying,

I didn't mean to be a danger to the mission,

But most of all…

I didn't mean to be a screw up…

A burden…


But don't worry, I will make it all right!

You will see.

I won't stand in you guys way anymore…

This is… goodbye I guess…

So… Bye…


Raph stared at the small piece of note, just one thought in his head 'What have we done?'


After that night they had gone looking for the youngest but they hadn't found him, that night was almost half a year ago. Many things had happened but a part of their mind was still on the youngest of the family. Somewhere, out there…

Splinter rose from his place and walked towards the kitchen were his oldest child sat. "Leonardo?" Leo looked up from the table "Yes master?" splinter smiled sadly at his son "I have just lost the last of my contact with Michelangelo's spirit" Leo looked up at his father, crushed "You mean that… Mikey is… gone?" "No!" Master splinter and Leo both turned towards the shout, Raph stood by the door shaking his head and glaring at Leo "don't you DARE say that! Mikey is alright! He has to be!" the red banded turtle didn't wait for a reply and left the lair.

Splinter sighed as he turned towards the turtle in blue "I lost the contact with your brother, but it could be possible that he just pushed himself away, I was planning on learning you more of meditation in the hope that maybe you could reach him." Leo nodded and followed his father and master to the dojo.


Donnie heard the lair's door slam shut. So much had happened since Mikey had left.

First of, the Foot-army just seemed to get stronger by the day.

Second, the Kraang seemed to be working with the Shredder now.

Third, Spike had gotten mutated and had gone on a rampage.

Fourth, mister O'neil had gotten mutated and April wasn't talking to them anymore.

And that were just the obvious changes, the guys themselves had changed too. Raph had gotten more angry, but sometimes just seemed to lose his will to be angry, Leo was more serious and a lot more unsure with himself, and Donnie? Don smiled and shook his head, he felt colder, like he didn't really care about what happened above anymore. The lair had grown cold and lifeless.

To the genius it was obvious, they needed the youngest.


Raph run over the rooftops in the cold winter night. Though he didn't really feel it anymore. He felt numb and it wasn't because of the cold. His little brother, his BABY brother was somewhere out there in the cold and he would not stop searching until he found him. Raphael knew that Mikey was most likely not even in the city anymore, but that wouldn't stop him. Raph would look for him until they had the knucklehead back at home.

Raph jumped from rooftop to rooftop and looked down in every alleyway in the hope to see the youngest of the family. He did this for the next half hour until he heard some noise coming from a parking lot, hope filled him as he jumped towards the building next to it. the moment the turtle in red looked down he was disappointed. The only ones on the parking lot were a few purple dragons breaking into a few cars. Raph's disappointment turned into anger but before he could jump down and kick some serious ass some shadow jumped one of the gang members with a loud Goongala.

Raph stared at the figure as it started to fight with the six gang members. The turtle in read couldn't see much of the teenager except that the kid was wearing some kind of hockey mask. Raph rose from his place on the rooftop about to turn around and continue his path, but he heard a cry of pain coming from the lot behind him. Raph turned and saw the kid lying on the ground, one of the purple dragons had a pipe in his hand.

Raph jumped from the rooftop and kicked said purple dragon in the stomach before any of them could react. The rest of the fight was only a haze for Raph. Before he knew it he stood before six unconscious purple dragons and one stunned looking kid. Raph didn't even look at the teenager as he started to walk away.


Raph heard the teenager talk to him but kept walking.

"What was that for?! I had it under control!"

Raph just kept walking but answered "Not from where I was looking kid."

"Just who do you think you are freak!"

Raph ignored the kid, he had heard worse and he didn't really care of what the kid said, he had more important things to do.

"yeah! Run! You wouldn't be able to take me on anyway! You freak! Just disappear back into the hole you came from and leave my city alone!"

Raph stopped. He didn't understand why he stopped. He had ignored worse things, but somehow that hit in nerve and in almost a blink of the time he stood in front of the teen, having the teen pushed against the wall. Raph glared at the hockey mask. "Who are you to say who can and can not live in this city? What gives you the right to send me away from my home? To say that I am not allowed to walk over the streets in my own damn city! It is because of people like you that we are locked away, people like you are the reason we struggle to survive." Raph dropped the teen to the ground, he hadn't even noticed when he had lifted the boy up.

The two stared at one other as Raph started to walk away again.

"I challenge you to a fight" Raph ignored the kid as he spoke.

"Tomorrow night, right here, at midnight we will fight. and if you don't make an appearing you are just scared that you will lose"

Raph stopped, gave a small nod and jumped up a building again and started running again.


"You what?!" Leo stared in shock at his younger brother "I agreed to have a fight tomorrow with someone on a parking lot to make him shut up." Raph said back fatly as he ate his sandwich.

"Why… why would you agree to it?!" the turtle in blue asked. Raph shrugged as he took another bite "you aren't stopping my."

"I know" Leo replied and sighed "but Don and I are coming along to make sure you don't kill the guy."

Raph nodded "understandable."


The three brothers jumped to the ground. It was five for twelve, they had finally arrived at the parking lot Raph had been talking about.

The three looked around "See? I already told you the kid wouldn't come"

"Who says that?!"

The three looked up at the noise and saw a teen arriving, he wore a hockey mask and a bag with hockey sticks.

"I guess he has a death wish…" Don said in a matter of fact voice.

The teen glared at the tree turtles "So what?! You couldn't take my on like a man and had to bring backup?!"

Raph shook his head "My brothers aren't here for my help, they are here to make sure I don't end up killing you."

The boy rolled his eyes, grabbed a stick, he shouted goongala and attacked. Raph stood his ground; he muttered a small Booyakasha as he caught the stick and throw the teen over his shoulder against the wall. Leo and Don both smiled a little at the term but said nothing about it.

The teen stood up from the ground again "Booyaka-wha? That is that for stupid word." Raph let out a small growl as he run straight at the teen and hit him full in the face. The mask cracked as the teen was thrown back at the wall again by the force. Raph wasn't done however, he kicked the teen in the stomach. Before Raph could attack again four hands held him back.

"Okay Raph, that is enough" Leo ordered.

"Shut it! I am going to break him!" Raph growled out as he looked murderous at the teen who had sunk to the floor holding his stomach.

"Come on Raph, he isn't worth it…" Don muttered. Raph seemed to calm down and nod "You are right, he isn't worth it…" Don let go of Raph and moved over to the teen to check for injury. The teen tried to move away but Don had a good grip on his shoulder "Good news, the kid will live." Said 'kid' glared at the turtle in purple but Donnie just ignored him "Bad news, you bruised his ribs with your kick."

Raph nodded "I figured, I meant to break them but I stood just a little to far of for a full blown kick." Leo looked disapproving at Raph but Raph ignored his leader.

"I mean, we are going to have to take him to the lair so I can wrap it up" now both Raph and the teen shouted a "WHAT?!" Raph glared at the teen "Why should we help him!" Don rolled his eyes, expected the angry reply "Easy, we can't just let him go to the hospital, or else he would have to say what happened to him, and I think that hearing that he gat attacked by giant mutant turtles isn't going to end well."

The other two stayed quiet before the one in blue nodded "good point Don." Leo walked up to the teen "Can he walk?" Don shook his head "Be careful with his ribs" Leo nodded and lifted to teen up and put him over his shoulder "Let's go."

The three started to go back to the lair, all ignoring the murderous treats from the cursing teen.


Ones they finally had the teen back in the base they had to keep him still while Don worked on him. ones they had finally taped him in Leo had left to talk to their father and Don was checking over the cameras.

That left Raph to watch over the teen in the living room.

Raph stood by his punching bag and attacked it with numerous hits while the teen looked around.

"… sooo… cool house?" the teen tried to start a conversation but Raph ignored him "You know, I really think I should go home…" Raph kept ignoring him "Well, I will be going-" the teen started to rise "if you even dare to stand up from your spot I will be sure to break your ribs the next time I kick you." And the teen sat back down "Why are you people… things… keeping me here!" Raph didn't turn from his punching bag "Because Don said you had to stay put until the tape is hard enough so we can lead you out though the sewer so that you won't know the direction." Raph stopped the punching bag and looked over his shoulder "Anymore questions?" the teen shook his head "Good." And Raph went back to hitting.


After a little while Don walked out of his lab and told Raph it was safe to take the teen out of the sewers.

Raph lead the teen though a lot of tunnels before the climbed up a ladder. Ones topside Raph checked if there was anyone close and helped the teen back to the surface, just as Raph was about to go down again they were shot it.

Raph took out his sais and stared in the direction the shot had come from "You have weapons!" Raph looked at the teen "Of course I have." That moment a group of man in suits walked out of the shadows. Raph growled at them while the teen looked confused. "Kraang sees one of the ones called turtles standing by one called human" the teen watched in shook as the turtle with the red band attacked the man in the suit. He was even more shocked when it turned out to be a robot with some kind of brain alien thing inside of it.

Raph took quick care of the three robots by ripping them limb by limb. Ones done he looked over his shoulder at the teen "What are you still doing here?"

"You just… that were… what is going on?"

Raph grinned "A lot more then you would expect… see you…" Raph started to walk away

"The name is Casey… Casey Jones"

Raph stopped in front of the manhole before he answered "Raphael… bros call me Raph." And Raph jumped down the sewer.

Casey nodded and started to walk back home.


Mikey felt warmth…

He tried to open his eyes but his head hurt to much. He heard Klunk purring, meaning that she was close by…

Mikey managed to open his eyes, everything was blurry and his head hurt. Something cool was placed on it and he sighed in relieve. A soft nice voice spoke softly "Shhhh, it is okay, you are safe… go back to sleep"

Mikey couldn't stop himself from following the words as he fell back into a dreamless sleep.