Sherlock died
Watson cried
And Moriarty walked away
Richard Brooke
Is in the book
And paid a sum he was
Now Sherlock searches
As Watson lurches
Lost without that crazy detective
Someday Sherlock will reappear
And of Watson he should have a healthy fear

Author's Note - A continuity, and accuracy, error was pointed out that I wanted to address. Mostly this poem was inspired by the BBC Sherlock show, but beyond that the accuracy is a little off in such lines as 'Moriarty walked away'. I am considering revising it so that it makes a little more sense, as far as paralleling what happened in the episode.

The last line is rather fanciful, as Sherlock doesn't need to really fear his best friend. I was mostly referring to the fact that, knowing Sherlock, he'll most likely just think he can walk back into Watson's life. I'm kind of hoping Watson punches him for the fake suicide he pulled. Hence the last line.

Anyway, feel free to keep correcting me, please! And let me know if you'd like me to post the revised edition spinning around in my head. :)