Naps are Highly Underrated

"Booth!" Her eyes snapped open as she tried, unsuccessfully, to roll away. He'd already slid a wide warm hand across her mid section and tucked it underneath her waist on the other side. She was captured, but not surrendered.

"What?!" He said defensively with a sinister chuckle as his knee insinuated itself between hers. He rocked her side to side, his other knee joining the first, his other hand slipping underneath her as well. He grinned exuberantly, his eyes crinkling in the corners.

"Aren't you tired? How can you have any energy after what we did today?" She whimpered and stared into his eyes.

"It's not so much the energy, it's just you're so cute laying there all soft and cuddly – with your hair all over the place and your eyes all beautiful and sparkly. I can't keep my hands off ya'!'"

"Well, can you just restrain yourself until after my nap?" She said in an exaggerated whine.

"Ha! Why would I do that?" He asked her, the absurdity of her request evident in his tone.

"Because. I'm exhausted!"

"You don't have to do anything, Bones. I'll do all the work!" He insisted. "You're always saying I need to get better at compromise, right?"

She rolled her eyes and covered her face with a pillow.

Booth sank his nose in her clavicular notch at the base of her throat and began painting ticklish hearts across her chest with his tongue. She groaned through the pillow. He knew he'd landed a blow to her resolve.

"You know I'll end up getting just as worked up as you," she garbled through the pillow.

"And in exchange, I'll put an enormous satisfied grin on your face." He waited for that resolve to disintegrate completely. When she neither moved nor said anything, he played his final card. "I'll make it worth you while ... " he taunted, nuzzling a nipple with his nose, then grazing the perimeter with his teeth and tongue.

She opened her eyes. She couldn't hide the goosebumps popping up all over her chest and neck. When she couldn't resist it anymore she began to squirm. She was sunk and they both knew it. Her lips puckered into a thoughtful bow as she allowed a gleam to slip into her eyes.

"Yes," she said coyly, as she slipped her fingers into his hair, playing with the softness of it. She gently pushed his nose down past her belly button with a throaty chuckle. "Yes, you will make it worth my while."

"With pleasure," he said, planting noisy kisses across her belly and on the crest of each hip on the way down to the inside of one silky soft thigh.

"Hmmmm," she moaned in falsetto, throwing the pillow aside and allowing her head fall back. "Slow and steady wins the race, soldier, and makes for a phenominal oxytocin nap." She released a lengthy, high-toned sigh and melted back into the mattress as her fingers lazily tooled through the silky hairs of her lover's crown. "You know," she sighed again, "naps are highly underrated, I've always said."

Um. Yeah. What did you think?
*Covers face with hands and moans awaiting response*