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Red and orange flames with blue tips make up my heart and if you're wondering why I am telling you this it's because I'm half fire elemental and the other half is my witch blood.

My name is Pele (pay-lay) Selene Wynters and yes that is my full name. I have tan skin from my Hawaiian side along with my dark black hair and my eyes are from my mother's side, which are like flames with red, orange, gold, and blue mold into my pupil. Unlike, some normal witches my body temperature is 100 degrees Fahrenheit and if it gets below that then I get really deathly sick. That's why I have an amulet that my dad gave me before he was murdered by Voldemort along with my mother.

Even though my mother was a full blooded fire elemental her family were witches and wizards and my father was a pureblooded witches and wizards. My dad told me that whole families of fire elementals were wiped out a long time ago because they were used as weaapons in wars. The day of my mother and fathers' death was tragic and I was a small but smart three year old at that time so i remember it all.


I remember my mom and dad telling me to get dressed because we were having dinner with my uncle Remus for my fourth birthday. When I got to my room and started looking for some clothes I am wearing a pair of black jeans and blue t-shirt. I grab and pull on a pair of my fancy shoes and a silky sweater. I heard the door down stairs burst open. I shrug it off then I hear a loud pop and then I see my dad shutting and locking my door. He picks me up and I hear my mom scream then my dad opens a door that is behind my closet.

"Daddy, where is momma and what was that noise?" I ask with my eyes wide as he sets me in the room with my big doggy, Lena (link on profile) , and my red blanky.

"Lena, protect Pele no matter what." he turns back to me with tears rolling down his face. "Just remember my sweet daughter that we both love you and you can never take this protection necklace off. And stay quiet until you can hear a family member's voice." He puts the necklace on me (Link on profile) and I feel it's warm surface heat up on my skin.

"Okay, daddy, but where are you going?" I ask as he shuts the door and Lena curls up with me in her side. I then heard my door being slammed opened and I hug Lena's neck.

"Tell me where your daughter isss Marcus and I will spare you." A snake-like voice asks my dad. I look at my fingers to see my flames actign up again and I start doing my calming breaths to get rid of them. My flames go back into my skin and Lena licks my cheek to calm me down.

"She is far away from here and you will never find her, Voldemort." My daddy says in a calm , but shaky voice and I hear something growl.

"That'ssss a very poor choice for you. AVADA KEDAVA!" the other voice says and I hear a dull thud as I start silently crying. "Now, Nagini let ussss leave this place to find the one who can kill me." I hear a hiss and a pop then you can only hear the dead silence that fills the house.


"OH MY MERLIN! BELISAMA! MARCUS! YOU CAN'T BE DEAD!" I open my eyes to what sounded like my uncle remus yelling and then I hear someone running up the stair. Lena whimpers at me and I open the door to see that it has gotten darker than earlier. I peak my head out to see my uncle remus crying.

"Uncle remus? Is that really you?" I whisper and I see his head snap up to me then he runs over to me. He picks me up and twirls me around while Lena is barking happily, but sadly at us. "Uncle remy, who is Vol-day-mort and why does he want me?"


Now, I am not like any other pureblood woman who only cares about status and if you insinuate that about me i cannot be responisble for your injuries. I don't care for status I care about love and friends. Now this is MY story and I must warn you I am a very smart pranker my signuature prank is turning people's skin blue and purple with spiderwebs on the viens. I also sign my very wonderful and genius pranks with, 'Burning Lilly' and a white lilly with flames surrounding it.