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Last time on the Human Phoenix:

"Okay, your make-up is done." Ginny says and as I go to open my eyes to look at my make-up, (All links are at bottom unless specified) but she gently blindfolds me. "No looking yet, Mione still has to do your hair." I sigh and I wandlessly turn on my radio. "Okay, you will have to teach my that." She says as I feel Mione brushing out the minuscule knots in my hair and Kelly Clarksons' song, 'Since U Been Gone' comes on and we all start singing as Mione does my hair. (-(About and hour and a half and twenty or so songs later)-)

"Okay, you are done." Mione says and she helps me off my butt. She helps me put on my shoes which are just a simply silver heel (On page it won't let me put the link at the bottom) and she clasps them. "Alright on three after I take off this blindfold you can look." I feel her take it off and she moves me somewhere. "One...Two...Three." I open my eyes and I am shocked at my reflection.

-We look so amazingly stunning. The girls did an stunning job.- My phoenix says as we check ourselves out in the mirror.

Pele PoV:

We walk out of my personal dorm after I re-ignite my flames that are going to be flowing within the channels that Ira put into the dress along with my shoes and I take my necklace off just for tonight and set it on my nightstand. * -It's only for one night, right? I can't do that much damage without it and I can control my own heat.- I see Neville in his dress robe waiting for Ginny. I look in his eyes and see adoration mixed with complete and utter awe at Ginny's appearance. I smile as I see Ginny gain some pink to her cheeks and I look at Neville to see the same thing for him. I smile at their innocence and I see Neville put a corsage made from pink orchids and a black ribbon on Ginny's left wrist which makes me mentally, 'Aw' at his adorable gentleman-ly-ness (A/N: I don't think that is a word though, but oh well it's MY story and no one elses).

"Since her many older brothers are not here (Thank the gods for that) to talk to you then I will do it because she is family to me. I hope you two have fun tonight and although I know that you can't hurt her, let alone hurt anyone or anything. I give you guys my blessing, now go to the ball you crazy kids." I say with a small smirk that is in both my eyes and on my lips. I wave them off and link arms with Mione. "Are you ready to see my cousin Mione?"

"Umm, sure." She says as Neville and Ginny walk in front of us. "Do you think that he will like me in this dress sissy? What if I make a fool of myself? What if I trip on my heels? What if I step on his toes as we're dancing?" she says as she starts spitting off, 'What ifs?' I stop dead and turn around to see that her nerves are getting the best of her and they are turning her into the shy insecure bushy haired little eleven year old girl that I met in the muggle station. I grab her by her shoulders which makes her calm down and look into my fiery annoyed eyes.*

"Hermione Jean Granger, you are going to knock him and everyone dead in anything that you wear and it is not just because of your looks." **She looks at me with happiness in her eyes and I take a breath in. "You're gonna because you let yourself shine through and that makes you beautiful. That is going to make shine over all the fake girls that will be in that room. If you keep your confidence up then the one guy that you were hoping to ask you to be his date will see it and weep because he is not here with you basking in your glow." I say and I see her inner confidence start glowing in her eyes and her face.

"Thank you, sis. I really needed that pep talk." She hugs me tightly and I hug her back with just as much force. (Song up to here was Braveheart theme instrumental soundtrack)

"Your welcome, little one. Now let's go flaunt what those wannabes have always craved." I say as we pull away from each other and start walking towards the Great Hall. She laughs at me and we hold our heads high as we near the Hall and see the Christmas decoration on the floor and the walls. I hear McGonagall talking to Ron and Harry.

"Now, I need you all to line up in the procession, please. Oh!" McGonagall and I hear her scurry away as we peek out from behind the wall. We link arms again and walk out after Mione has collected her breathe and thoughts.**

"They look very beautiful!" Pavarti says as she looks up at us and Viktor and the twins look up which causes my heart to jump at their adoring and loving looks. Then I look away to see everyone start turning their heads towards me and Mione.

I hear Harry say, "Yeah, she does. Wait what?" and then he turns around and slowly, but surely his jaw drops to the floor.

"Harry, pull your jaw off the ground or your going to be catchin' more than a cold." I say with a teasing smirk and Mione giggles as we reach the second to last step and I see Harry blushing at my comment.

"Yeah mate. You have your own bird, go look at her." Fred says as he walks up and holds out his hand to me as he bows to me. "Milady, you look absolutely wonderful."

"Thank you, dear sir are thee ready to dance?" I ask as he kisses my knuckles and I see George standing next to a girly-fied Angelina wearing a strapless dark blue dress that makes her skin tone stand out even more, but he is staring at me with love in his eyes.

"Lady Wynters, are you and Mr. Weasley ready to dance?" McGonagall asks me and I look at her with a confused look.

"Of course." Fred says and I glare at him.

"As long as it's not ballroom dancing." I say with hope in my eyes and McGonagall just slightly smirks at me.

"It is ballroom dancing and the Triwizard Champions get to dance first." She says with a small hint of a smirking tone and I groan at her while burying my face in Fred's shoulder. She walks away from us and I hear Fred laughing at me. I move away from his shoulder and punch him on the top of his arm which makes him yelp. I laugh at his pain and he pretends to glare at me.

"I thought that you loved dancing, princess?" He asks as he rubs his now bruising arm and we start walking to where Pavarti and Harry are standing behind Viktor and Mione.

"I do, but not when it's old time Ballroom dancing. I suck at ballroom dancing it's way to stiff there is no way that you can modify it without someone yelling at you." I say with a pout on my lips as we stand in line waiting for our cue to go in. He leans into my personal bubble as we start walking out in a line and my phoenix purrs in happiness for some reason.

"If you fall I'll catch you." He whispers in my ear and we walk into the Great Hall to the sound of cheering which makes my heart melt. We walk to the opening and get into our positions to start our dance.

***After our very agonizingly slow waltz that he would not let me ditch for anything I even bribed him with some of my spells that I made for pranking, they started playing more of the songs and everyone started getting into it. Fred pulls me flush against his and puts his hands on my hips. We start moving as one and he puts his head in the crook of my neck. I smile as I feel my phoenix purring in ecstasy and it rumbles in my chest along with the rhythm of the music. We keep on dancing as the songs change and so far we are not getting tired. He nuzzles my pulsing vein in my neck and I giggle out in happiness because of my phoenix. I spin around and he picks me up and spins me which makes me giggle in giddiness. He sets me back down on my feet and a slow song comes on.

"Would you like to grab a drink this song?" he asks as he pulls off his long dress robe and he puts his arm around my waist. I lean into him and I can smell his scent of parchment, cologne, and a hint of some fireworks' gun powder.

"Yes. I am so thirsty that I could drink the black lake." I say as he picks me up and sets me in a seat.

"While thee rest thy aching feet Milady I shall get thee some refreshments." He says in a very theatrical old time voice and I laugh as I take off my shoes and rub my feet.

"So how vis your dance, little vlyer?" I look to my left and see Hermione and Viktor sitting down holding white ice cups filled with punch or some kind of liquid. I feel my head start to become very fuzzy and I just shake off the feeling as I knead fingers into the arch of me foot to relieve some of the pain in my foot.***

"So far it is and it helps that we are such good partners." I hear my voice say with a small smile, but I know that my phoenix is in control of me now and I see Hermione smiling at me.

"Is your phoenix in control of you right now?" Victor asks with his right eyebrow raised at me and I smirk at him.

"Yes, of course I am. This night is going to be fun for both of us as long as she doesn't try to ruin my plans." I hear her say and Fred walks up with two light blue cups filled with a dark blue liquid.

"Here you, princess." he hands me a cup and I start drinking from it as it hits my tongue I start to taste the tart blue berries and fire-whiskey in it. I push my phoenix back into my mind as he starts drinking his punch and obviously I win control of my body back.

"Looks like someone was able to sneak in some fire-whiskey into the punch bowl." I say as I quickly down the cup and the liquid hits my throat, it burns my throat a bit then it starts tingling.

"Cousin, have you figured out the egg yet?" Viktor asks in our phoenix language.

"No not yet. But I'm going to." I say as I pout. "Can you give me a hint?"

"Let's just say that it is the opposite of what we are." He smirks at me and he finishes his drink. He stands up, holds out his hand to Mione and they go back out on the dance floor with a little bit of a buzz.

"Are your feet feeling better?" I raise my eye brow at him. "I saw you rubbing your feet when I was getting you your punch." He puts his cup down and grabs my foot then he starts massaging it.

"That feels really good. When did you learn how to do this?" I ask as I look over at him and he smirks at me.

"I have always been good with my hands." I giggle at his dirty joke and he laughs with me. Another slow song comes on and he puts my shoes back on. "Now I would like to slow dance with you will you get mad at me for that?" He smirks at me and pulls me to my feet. I look into his turquoise eyes and I see a glint that I haven't seen in his eyes except for when George, him, and I were dancing at the Quidditch World Cup.

"No, I wouldn't." I say and he smiles at me. We walk over to the dance floor and I place my hands around his neck and he places his hands on my lower back. I feel my heart pinch and I hold back my flinch.

"So have you figured out the egg yet?"

"No, not yet." I pout and he chuckles at me.

"I have a feeling that you will. You always figure stuff out and it always comes out right." He says softly and I look into his eyes.**** He cups my chin and we start inching towards each others lips. "If I do this promise you won't run?"

"I promise." I whisper as our lips brush up against each other as our eyes close and at first it was only for a couple of seconds. I feel my heart break on one side but the other side is ecstatic and I am torn. We pull away and we look into each others' eyes then I swear that something ignited in us and we crash our lips probably bruising our lips. At first it was slow, soft, and passionate as my hands go into his hair slightly knotting themselves in his hair. ****His hands hold him to me to his sculpted chest and I feel my heart *`*break in two. -No way. It can't be. It's impossible.- I open my eyes and see off to the side George is looking at me with a broken look on his face. I look away from him and I pull away from Fred and I look down at the floor. "Fred, I can't do this to the both of you. You two deserve better than me." I say as I push away from him with tears in my eyes.

"What do you mean, Princess?" He asks with bruised lips and lust in his eyes. I feel my heart breaking again and I can feel and see my flames start sparking out of control.

"I mean I can't be with one of you without losing the other and Heaven knows I can't lose either of you. We are part of one big team and I can't break that team, but I can cut myself out of it." I say as I start sobbing and I run out of the Hall and into the beautifully cold end of December snow that is gracefully falling on me and sadly evaporates.

"Pele! Wait!" I hear somebody yell after me and I push myself even farther through the peaceful snow. I feel my flames consume me as I run away from the boys, no men that I have fallen in love with and I leave my family behind with confused faces probably. It feels like hours pass me by as I keep running through the dark forest until I trip over some roots and I fall on the ground with my flames wrapping me in a cocoon.

"I can't do this anymore." I sob out as I let my flames out and I actually feel the cold even more than I usually would. I turn my head to the snow and cry my phoenix tears as I feel my heart breaking over and over again. My tears sizzle as they meet the frozen ground as the crescent moon bathes me in its depressing glow. I let them burn my cheeks not even caring that the heat hurts me now. "Why (SOB) did you do this to (SOB) me, phoenix? (SOB) Why did you let me fall (SOB) in love with the (SOB) two boys (SOB) I can't bear to (SOB) lose? Why are they (SOB) my mates?"*`*

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