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Last time on The human Phoenix:

"I mean I can't be with one of you without losing the other and Heaven knows I can't lose either of you. We are part of one big team and I can't break that team, but I can cut myself out of it." I say as I start sobbing and I run out of the Hall and into the beautifully cold end of December snow that is gracefully falling on me and sadly evaporates.

"Pele! Wait!" I hear somebody yell after me and I push myself even farther through the peaceful snow. I feel my flames consume me as I run away from the boys, no men that I have fallen in love with and I leave my family behind with confused faces probably. It feels like hours pass me by as I keep running through the dark forest until I trip over some roots and I fall on the ground with my flames wrapping me in a cocoon.

"I can't do this anymore." I sob out as I let my flames out and I actually feel the cold even more than I usually would. I turn my head to the snow and cry my phoenix tears as I feel my heart breaking over and over again. My tears sizzle as they meet the frozen ground as the crescent moon bathes me in its depressing glow. I let them burn my cheeks not even caring that the heat hurts me now. "Why (SOB) did you do this to (SOB) me, phoenix? (SOB) Why did you let me fall (SOB) in love with the (SOB) two boys (SOB) I can't bear to (SOB) lose? Why are they (SOB) my mates?"*`*

Phoenix's (Lyra's) POV:

As my hosts' mind shuts down from the extreme snow along with the broken hearts that she caused by running away and I carefully unwrap my wings and put them back in my skin. I open my eyes and I notice that my temperature is significantly lower than what it is supposed to be. I slowly and carefully sit up and I shakily blow into my light blue and white ice covered hands to get some feeling back into them. I look around see that it is considerably darken and that Balthazar has taken upon himself to be my guard pup. He looks at me and lowers himself so that I can get on his back. I slowly get to my feet and gently climb onto his back letting his warmth envelope me.

"Balthazar, Hospital...wing quick." I rasp out since she destroyed our vocal cords because she has cried so much and I lay my head between his shoulder blades to get some heat from his scales.

I feel him start running faster and I close my eyes. Then I feel two very sharp pinches at my hearts and I bite my (Probably blue) bottom lip. I feel it again but ten times as worse and I groan like a little hatchling. "Why does she not realize that she did not only break Fred and George's hearts she also broke ours?" I whispers and I hear him whimper. I kiss his ear flap and I bite my lip again. -This will hurt.- I think to myself. I conjure all of my strength that I have left and I make a small blue flame phoenix. "Tell the old wizard with snow white hair and the woman that smells like cat that, 'Lyra, the ice phoenix flies with the poppies.'" I send her off and I fall into the dark void that is calling me by name as I feel as I am being burned and frozen all at the same time.

Third person POV:

As the fire salamander and the phoenix swiftly run towards the Hospital Wing the weasley twins are awake with disheavled looks. Fred looks over at George to see his hair pulled more than one way and his eyes are red from the tears. George does the same thing and sees the exact same thing all because of one Hawaiian/Bulgarian girl. Fred is on his bed laying down and looking up at the ceiling trying to figure out a way to talk to his twin and George is on the wind sill looking outside over the snow covered forest.

"When did you start liking her, Georgie?" Fred asks quietly, so he won't wake Lee.

"I have always like her from the first time she pranked the Slytherins' first year." George replies with his eyes closed. He looks over to Fred with a heartbroken glint in his eye. "What about you, Freddie?"

"Same time, but I have always hidden it, but this year, this year is different. She looks more like a flame this year and when she came back with her god-children that night over summer I felt like I was breaking then too." Fred says as he rubs his chest.

"So what are we going to do?"

"For once, I have absolutely no idea, Georgie. She even said that she can't choose between us, so that she won't lose either of us." Then the both flinch as their hearts start hurting as if they are being burned from the inside out. Just as they hit the floor Ginny comes bursting in wearing light green flannel bottoms and a gold tank top.

"Fred, George. It's Pele. Dumbledore and McGonagall just found her on the back of a Fire Salamander nearly frozen to death." She quickly spews out and she starts running out of the Gryffindor tower with the twins and Hermione on her heels. The four Gryffindors quickly run through the halls and just as they open the doors Pele starts screaming in pain.

"Professors what's wrong with her?" Ginny asks with tears running down her face as she looks at her sister in all, but blood.

"We think it's because she has not been wearing her temperature necklace to keep her heat in control and the fact that she was in the snow for who knows how long." McGonagall says as she holds down Pele's arms, so that she does not use her flames unconsciously. "Madam Pomfrey hand to cut her hair because it was frozen together."

"I know where it is, be careful with my big sister please." Ginny says and she quickly runs back to Pele's dorm to get the necklace that she left behind on her night stand.

"What will happen if she doesn't get her necklace back on her?" Hermione pets Pele's now very short hair and her screams quiet down to nothing, but shivers that are racking her whole body.

"Her insides will be burnt because of the excess heat or she will freeze to death because of the cold gettign to her system." Dumbledore says ominously and the twins visibly blanch.

"Can you do anything to save her?" They ask and they grab her hands rubbing meaningless circles into the back of her hands. She then sighs and smiles then opens her eyes. Instead of them being their usual red, orange, gold, and blue that look like flames instead they are a light and dark blue mixed, lined with black, and gold near the pupil.

"All you two can do to save Pele and I is to show her that both of you are not broken." Lyra says as she lets Hermione get up from her side and stand up. "Thank you so much for the help, Mione but all of us need to talk alone." Hermione kisses her cheek and walks back to the tower just as Ginny comes running back holding Pele's necklace high.

"I've got her necklace. It was on her nightstand." Ginny says breathlessly and hands it to the now conscious Pele.

"Thank sis. I'll talk to you later." Lyra says for Pele and Ginny smiles as she hands over her necklace then gives her a hug. "Go back to bed you need it." Ginny kisses her cheek and heads back to sleep in the tower.

"What did you mean by 'Pele and I'? Aren't we talking to Pele right now?" Dumbledore asks and she turns her eyes to the old wizard as she puts on her necklace again.

"No you are not. Every Fire elemental has another person inside of them when their burning days come about and we have our own names, personalities, and thoughts. My name is Lyra, the phoenix inside of Pele and she needs these twins by her side or else she will turn to the dark side." Lyra says and the twins lay their heads down on the bed to sleep.

"Will you ever let Pele come back to the surface?" Dumbledore asks as the twins lay their heads on the bed near Pele/Lyra to sleep and she looks over to the old wizard.

"Yes, after our temperature is back to normal and she will only remember what happened up to the point of passing out in the forest, so that she doesn't have any burden to accept them into her heart again." She says and she lays back down on the pillows. "And please no one is allowed to disturb me or my mates while we are in here asleep." they nod to her and she closes her eyes to sleep. Once they know that she is asleep McGonagall turns to Dumbledore.

"Albus, is she the Human Phoenix?" She asks with a slight tremor in her voice.

"Yes and her Lyra has chosen her mates." He says with a soft tone as he puts blankets over the twins. "Let us just hope that Pele comes to her senses or if she tries to reject them again it will be the end of all three of them." They walk out and as they close the door a white light comes from the twins and slowly trickles into Pele's body.

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