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The Scary Trio (AU)

"Hey Randy?" I look to my right and see Mike. He looked really happy to have me here. I return the smile.

"Yea Mike?"

"I really appreciate everything man. If it weren't for you I would be stuck with just that guy." Mike glances at the monster on his right. It was Sullivan. Sullivan rolls his eyes in response to Mike's comment.

"No problem. What are friends for?"

"Well lets see…"

I get the Remote

"I said we're watching The Walking Monsters!" Mike jumps for the remote but is far too short for Sulley.

"No we're watching Falling Clouds!" Sulley tries to change the channel but it's difficult with Mike trying to get it. This would be a long night for the two OK brothers.

Horns vs Claws

"The Claws are of course a far superior race then the horns Mike."

"Where's your evidence Sul'. All the Claws do is panic and run away from the Horns. Horns are always the way to go!"

"Stop living in your delusions man! Claws are more resistant. Not like you would know anyway."

"And I doubt you would know a thing about the Claws."

Mike and Sulley would continue to argue about the clans Horns vs. Claws for a while now.


I sigh as all the stress of the day disappears. I didn't have to worry about Scaring practice. Grades. Friends. Just little me time. I know this nice hot bath and my favorite book will do me good.

I grab my book of the rug near the tub and open it up. Everything is going good until I see Sulley standing in the bathroom doorway giggling madly.

"Wow you're reading Sunlight. Dang that book sucks Mike."

"Get out!" Mike yells. Sulley rolls his eyes before closing the bathroom door.

I look down and saw that my book had fallen in the water. He always had to ruin"Me" time.

Should've Taken the Front Entrance

"Where is that bug? When I find him I'm gonna…" Javier looks through the shrub. Roy is furious. Who wouldn't be? He kinda was just hit by a balloon full of blue paint. Courtesy of Javier Rios himself.

He and his brothers always loved playing pranks on the JOX. They were so easy to manipulate.

The bug monster looks for an escape way. Roy would have easily found him if he wasn't storming about angrily. He looks to his right and sees a window open from a building. He could definitely sneak in there!

He easily slinks over to the wall and climbs up to the window. He pulls himself up and enters the window.

"Roy is really stupid-" Javier stops speaking. He takes in where he is. He is in the PNK's dressing room. They were all getting dressed. They stared at him, as if he was some murderer.