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The club was smoky and dark, the only lights coming from the spotlights that were flicking around the room. There was glowing lamps in the corners and on the counters. On the stage in the centre of the room, girls were gyrating on the poles that were strategically placed, wearing almost nothing. One girl with a silver thong and a glitzy silver scarf bent forward and gave the three young men in front of her, giving them a close up view of her artificial but pleasing breasts. They let out loud whistles and one reached out to try and touch her. She blew a kiss in his direction as she dodged his advances and backed away from him. Music pulsated through the room, adding to the tone, the bass thumping off the walls and running through the bodies of the masses. Behind the counter, a Latina was leaning forward, her head tilted toward a gorgeous guy who was flirting hard with her. Her luscious mouth was pulled in a smirk as she backed away from him, grabbing a bottle of liquor as she went. He called after her as she walked away, moving on to another patron who was waving her over. A tall Israeli girl sashayed over to her, leaning forward and whispering something in her ear, slapping her ass as she walked away. The first girl laughed and rolled her eyes at whatever she had said as she served her customer.

"Yo, babe!" The Israeli, Giselle Yashar, called from the other end of the bar. Leticia Ortiz looked over at her, pushing her wavy hair over her shoulder as she slammed two shot glasses down on the counter for the two men in front of her. "Someone's requesting you!" Letty rolled her eyes. Giselle made her way over to her, standing close to her. "He's damn hot too."

"And the man probably knows it too," Letty shot back. Giselle shrugged, hand pointed to the end of the bar. Letty made her way over, tugging at her short leather skirt as she manoeuvred around the other girls who were serving and the grabbing hands of the drunk men her were on the opposite side of the counter. Her eyes finally flicked over to the corner of the counter, where it melded with the wall, where a gorgeous muscular man with a shaved head sat. Letty stilled, a flash of emotions crossing over her face. He was watching her carefully, obviously trying to judge her reaction. Finally she settled for a half smile.

"Dom!" She hoped that he didn't hear the catch in her voice. Dominic Toretto finally broke out in a broad grin that still made her heart pound and reached across the counter for her. She leaned in to hug him as best she could.

"Hey! How come he gets to touch?" Came a shout from an intoxicated man who was wearing a black shirt with the words 'groom' painted across the front. Letty rolled her eyes at him and then looked back to Dom, who was not-so-subtly running his eyes over her body. She was as beautiful as ever, wearing a black leather skirt that barely covered her ass and a black corset, that made her waist look tiny and her boobs amazing. He wasn't sure whether it was a good thing or a bad thing that she still made her heart race.

"So what're you doing here?" Letty asked as she picked up some glasses from the counter that had been washed, drying them off with a tee towel, trying to look busy.

"I'm picking up a car, uh, a Ginetta G60," her eyes widened in appreciation. "And there's a couple parts I need to pick up, cheaper just to fly up and drive them all back than get them shipped. Plus, uh, Mia told me you were living here now. Thought I'd come see you." Letty pursed her lips and nodded, still not looking up at him, focussed on the glasses in her hands. She wasn't sure what he was expecting her to say. It had been over two years since she had seen Dom, and about a year since she had last heard from him. Admittedly, the phone did go two ways, but conversation just didn't seem to flow the way it used to, so in the end, she stopped trying. Dom's smile faltered slightly and he tapped on the wooden counter. "So do you enjoy it…Here?" He let out a short laugh as he looked at the strippers in the centre of the room. Letty followed his gaze as one made her way off stage, quickly coming behind the counter.

"It pays the bills," she replied. "And it's only a couple nights a week."

"Oh yeah? Where are you the rest of the time?"

"I have a friend who has a garage," Letty finally put down the last glass and looked up at him. "So I work with him two days a week. There wasn't a job there, so he doesn't really need me except when they get really busy."

"Letty! Letty!" The stripper who had just walked off stage had pulled a leather jacket on, although it was unzipped, her breasts still on display. Dom couldn't help but feel his eyes widen as she came up close behind Letty. "Jaxon said you can take your break." She grinned up at Dom, nudging Letty. "And who's your friend?" Dom grinned at her, unabashedly running over her breasts, and then to her lower half, where she was only wearing a thong, and her shapely legs were bare.

"Uh, Dom, this is Gina. Gina, Dom," Letty introduced before throwing down the tee towel and wiping her hands on her skirt. He smirked at her and Gina pushed her chest out slightly, giving him an even better view of her breasts. Letty raised her eyebrows and shook her head. "Look, I'm going out back for a smoke. Do you wanna come?" Dom tore his eyes away from Gina and nodded at Letty. She ducked under the counter and made her way toward the back door, Dom trailing after her. The bouncer at the back door gave her a quick kiss on the cheek before he let them through, earning a curious gaze from Dom. The door led into a back alley, which was surprisingly clean, especially for Los Angeles, only a dumpster a couple meters away from them. It was dark, the only light coming from the high windows of the club, and there was a couple making out nearby. It wasn't until the door slammed shut and they both looked up that Dom realized they were both girls. They grumbled under their breath and then moved on.

"Interesting," Dom grinned as he leaned against the door of the club. Letty didn't say anything, kicking at a stone on the ground with her purple Chuck Taylors. Dom's smile faded and he took in a deep breath. "We've missed you, ya know," he muttered, looking over her head. Letty nodded, shoving her hands into the shallow pockets of her skirt. "Nothing's the same without you…And, ya know—"

"Jesse?" Letty interrupted, her voice hard. When she looked over at him, her expression was closed off. Dom bit down hard on his lower lip, closing his mouth. He wasn't sure what direction this was meant to go in, him coming to see her, but he really didn't want to be talking about this. He knew it was going to come up, but he was hoping it wasn't going to be on the first night they saw each other.

"Yeah, without you and Jesse," he sighed. They both fell silent, the only noises coming from inside the club, the wolf whistling and cheers of the patrons, and the thumping from the music. Letty straightened up suddenly and cleared her throat.

"Do you have anywhere to stay tonight?" She asked. Dom shrugged.

"I'll just book into a hotel somewhere," he replied. Letty shook her head.

"Nah, just come stay with me—well it's me and my room mate—"

"I didn't want to freeload, girl, I just wanted to see if we could meet up while I'm here," Dom quickly assured her. Letty rolled her eyes.

"If you don't want to stay with us, that's fine. But it's cheaper than a hotel, and it comes with two gorgeous girls," she added. He finally got a smirk out of her that actually reached her eyes. He nodded slowly. "You just have to promise not to sleep with Giselle. She acts all flirty and shit, but she's got something going with this guy, and he's actually really good for her, she's just to stupid to realize that yet." Dom laughed.

"Yeah, right," he nodded. Letty nodded back before lifting her hand and knocking hard on the door leading back into the club. Dom couldn't help but notice the toned skin that was revealed across her navel when she lifted her arm to knock and subconsciously licked his lips. The door opened and the bouncer held it for her. Dom took a few steps closer to her. "Hey, Letty!" She turned around and looked at him, her rosy lips pursed together, her eyes dancing. It was always her eyes that caught him, even when she was in a good mood, laughing, her eyes were fiery, and drew him in. He pushed his lips together as he reached out and touched her elbow lightly.

"I really did miss you," he mumbled. Letty hated that his voice and his eyes still made her feel weak in the knees. His thumb caressed the skin of her arm and she took a small step toward him, reaching up an pressing a kiss on his cheek.

"Missed you too, Dom."

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