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The movements were slow and tender, soft moans and gasps filled the room. Two bodies moved together as though they were made for each other, despite the swollen belly which separated them. Dom's movements were careful, his mouth buried between her legs, one hand hooked underneath her thigh and the other resting on her pregnant stomach, caressing the skin tenderly. Letty's head was thrown back on the green and white pillows, her eyes squeezed shut as her boyfriends tongue flicked over her most sensitive places. Her body shuddered as she neared her orgasm, her hands fisting the bedspread as Dom's hand dropped from her stomach to apply pressure to her clit.

"Oh, god, Dom," Letty gasped out, her body revelling in it's release and her vision clouding as her juices spilled inot Dom's mouth. He pulled away, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand before collapsing on the bed beside her. Letty's breathing was still adjusting as his hand returned to her swollen stomach, his fingers tracing patterns on the skin. "Mmm," Letty purred, stretching contentedly as Dom's hand sent sparks through her overly sensitive body.

"Just one more month," Dom murmured, dropping a kiss to Letty's shoulder. Letty felt a dopey smile spread over her face as she looked down, taking in Dom's head resting on her naked shoulder and his hand gently rubbing her stomach. He had fallen head over heels—just as she had—with their baby, and with eight months of her pregnancy completed, the countdown was on.

"Oi!" There was a sharp rap at the door. "Oi! Sex rabbits! Quit defiling the mind of my niece and get your asses down here!" Dom's eyes narrowed at his sisters words and shouted back,

"Or nephew!"

"Or niece!" Mia called back gleefully, her voice sounding further away as she made her way downstairs. Dom realized what he had said and quickly turned back to Letty, who was regarding him with raised eyebrows.

"Not that it matters if it's a boy or a girl," he quickly added with a sheepish smile. "As long as baby's healthy."

"That's what I thought," Letty replied as she swung her legs over the edge of the bed and pushed herself off the mattress to her feet. Dom knew better than to help her before she asked him, he had made that mistake one too many times. He stayed laying on the bed, watching his naked girlfriend waddle around the room, pulling on a dark coloured dress that was so short in the front due to her enlarged boobs and belly that he could almost see the black lace panties she wore beneath. Dom slid off the bed, still naked, and took her in his arms, a flare of arrogant pride flickering through him as she pressed against him. He dropped a kiss to her lips and Letty pulled away, giving him a sideways look.

"You've got that look in your eyes again," she stated.

"What look?" Dom feigned innocence.

"That 'I got this chick fat and I'm so proud of it' look," she replied.

"Damn straight," Dom grinned, kissing her again. "I really wanna keep those," he added, staring down at her cleavage. Letty rolled her eyes and pushed him away, crossing her arms.

"That's because you don't have to walk around with them!" She snapped.

"Oh, I would if it I could," Dom smirked as he pulled on a shirt and jeans. Letty rolled her eyes again but linked hands with the Cuban and followed him down the stairs. Their senses were assaulted with the smells of the barbeque in the back yard. Dom released her hand to join Brian and Roman by the grille, snatching a beer out of the chiller as he went past. Letty made a pouty face as she regarded the icy bottle in her boyfriends hand.

"Oh stop making that face," Mia laughed, coming up behind her and slinging an arm over the Latina's shoulder.

"Hey, you're still in the early stages. You wait a few months," Letty advised and Mia dropped her eyes to her own stomach, her pregnancy only just beginning to show. Suddenly someone was between them, pushing them apart and throwing arms around both of their shoulders.

"Ew, baby talk going on over here," Giselle grunted unceremoniously. Letty punched her in the arm lightly.

"It's your turn next, babe," she teased. Giselle rolled her eyes.

"No way. I have no idea how you guys look so good pregnant. You've put on no weight anywhere except your boobs and belly," she nodded down at Letty. "And you, Mia, haven't had any morning sickness of bad symptoms. Knowing my luck, I'll get the worst of both words." The girls rolled their eyes at each other, before Giselle grinned and shrugged. "Nah, I'm going to be the cool Aunty Gi who's going to get them all hyped up on sugar and overtired and then give them back."

"And then you're going to have two overtired, over hormonal mums chasing after you—and I know for a fact that Letty has kicked the ass of men twice her size," Mia warned. To her credit, Giselle looked a little subdued. Letty moved away from her two bestfriends in the direction of the barbeque, the smell of marinating chicken and garlic bread calling to her.

"How much longer on dinner, daddy? Baby's hungry," Letty smirked up at Dom, giving his ass a squeeze. Dom took a step away from the barbeque, his arms going around her waist and giving her a hug.

"Not too much longer," he murmured, leaning his face against her hair and breathing in her scent.

"You two are getting in your old age," Brian joked, earning a glare form Dom a slap over the back of the head from Letty. He pulled the fingers at them playfully before turning to face the rest of the team. "Aight, people, grubs up!"

"Thank god," Mia sighed as she came over to the table. "Mumma's hungry."

"You two are always hungry," Roman replied, a wide grin spread across his face. The two pregnant woman stopped in their tracks and turned to face the dark skinned man. The smile promptly fell off his face. "And you cannot tell—you're both absolutely ravishing—"

"Man, shut your mouth before you dig yourself a deeper hole," TJ advised, wincing at his friends attempted cover up. Roman's mouth snapped shut and he sent a glare at TJ. "Ladies," he pulled out two seats for them, bowing his head forward slightly.

"Always a charmer," Mia rolled her eyes at him as he gave her a quick kiss on the cheek.

"Oh I see how it is," Giselle crossed her arms in mock annoyance. "Pull out chairs for the pregnant chicks and forget about the last one." Han came up behind his girlfriend, kissing her on the cheek before leaning forward and pulling out a chair for her. Dom was sitting back in his seat at the head of the table, a small, contented smile on his face as he regarded the people around him. Letty was still standing, talking with Roman, her hands resting on her lower back for support. TJ, Brian and Mia were laughing about something, and Giselle and Han were hugging and whispering undoubtedly sappy words to each other. There was still a slight pang in his heart for the boys who were once such a large part of their lives and who were now missing, but the pain was fading, it was a dull ache. He was snapped out of his daydream as two slim arms were slung around his neck and Letty rested her chin on his shoulder.

"Got room for me, papi?" She murmured in his ear. Dom tugged gently on her elbow so that she moved from behind him and sat down his lap. His arm rested comfortably on her waist as everyone took their seats, joking about who was going to say grace. "You look a hundred miles away, Dom. You got somewhere better to be?"

"No," Dom replied, his arm tightening around her waist. "Absolutely nowhere. Everything I need is right here in this back yard." He saw her cheeks flush slightly and she tried to cover it up by rolling her eyes.

"You are getting sappy in your old age," she teased. Dom didn't care, pressing a kiss to her temple.

"Everything is perfect for the first time in a long time," he murmured. He raised is eyebrows as he noticed Roman smuggle a piece of garlic bread off the plate in the centre of the table while everyone was talking. "Rome has grace!" Dom announced and TJ shot him a smirk. As they all bowed their heads and linked hands, Letty settled back into Dom's arms.

She agreed with everything Dom had said.

They were home, and they were a complete family again.

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